Avengers (I) (Alt YA)
Avengers (I) (CtrEarth2)
Avengers (I) (Earth MiniM)

Alternate version of: Avengers (I)
Member(s): Captain America (Steven Rogers) (Earth MiniM), Elephant Steve (Earth MiniM), Giant Girl (Earth MiniM), Giant-Man (Henry J. Pym) (Earth MiniM), Hawkeye (Clinton Francis Barton) (Earth MiniM), Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner) (Earth MiniM), Iron Man (Anthony Edward Stark) (Earth MiniM), Quicksilver (Earth MiniM), Spidey (Earth MiniM), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth MiniM), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) (Earth MiniM), Wolverine (James Howlett) (Earth MiniM), Yellowjacket (Henry Pym) (Earth MiniM)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth Mini Marvels

Exiles (I) 99
Fantastic Four and Power Pack (I) 4
Fantastic Four and Power Pack Digest TPB: Favorite Son 1
Free Comic Book Day 2008 (Marvel Adventures Iron Man and Hulk and Spider-Man) 1
Giant Size Mini-Marvels: Starring Spidey 1
Hulk Omnibus (HC): Planet Hulk 1
Hulk Omnibus (HC): World War Hulk 1
Hulk and Power Pack 4
Incredible Hulk (III) 102
Iron Man and Power Pack 1 - 4
Iron Man and Power Pack TPB Digest: Armored and Dangerous 1
The Irredeemable Ant-Man 9, 12
Marvel Adventures The Avengers 6, 14, 16 - 18, 21
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 25
Marvel Adventures Hulk 4 - 5, 8
Marvel Adventures Iron Man 2, 5 - 8, 10
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (I) 20
Marvel Comics Digest (Archie Comics) 2
Marvel Universe Doctor Strange Digest TPB 1
Marvel Vault of Heroes Hulk: TPB Biggest and Best (IDW Publishing / Marvel) 1
Marvel-Verse GN-TPB: Black Widow 1
Marvel-Verse GN-TPB: Iron Man 1
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Rock, Paper, Scissors 1
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Secret Invasion 1
Mini Marvels GN-TPB: Ultimate Collection 1
M.O.D.O.K. TPB: Head Trips 1
Spider-Man Family (II) 1, 3
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (I) 19
Super-Villain Team-Up/MODOK's 11 5
World War Hulk: Aftersmash 1
World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker 1
X-Men: First Class (II) 7, 9

Giant Size Mini-Marvels: Starring Spidey 1.FT
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Secret Invasion 1.FT
Uncanny X-Men (I) • X-Men (I) 379.FT

Avengers (I) (Earth TV)
Avengers (I) (HouseOfM)

Alternate version of: Avengers (I)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth House of M

House of M Sketchbook 1.FT

Avengers (I) (Lego)
Avengers (I) (M2)
Avengers (I) (MAdvent)
Avengers 1959
Avengers (II) (HouseOfM)
Avengers Academy
Avengers Academy Staff
Avengers Academy Trainees

Student(s): Finesse, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, Striker, Veil
Student(s) at/of: Avengers Academy

Avengers A.I.
Avengers Compound
Avengers Crew
Avengers East-Coast
Avengers Honory Members
Avengers Initiative (1959)
Avengers Mansion
Avengers of 20XX
Avengers Resistance
Avengers Tower
Avengers Unity Squad
Avengers West-Coast

Gender: ♀
Member of: Mystery Men


Individual of: Inhumans


Avery Allen
Gender: ♀
Member of: Order (II)

The Order (II) 2 - 3, 6 - 10

Awesome Android
Awful Flight

Spoof of: Alpha Flight (I)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Whattheverse

What the -- ?! 7

Axe of Violence
Axis Mundi

Erin Cicero
Gender: ♀
Created by: Origins Corporation
Member of: Gamma Corps Black
Powers taken from: Zzzax


Gender: ♀
Alias of: Her