Marvel Comics (80th Anniversary Special) (2019)

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10002019/10T Marvel Unlimited$9.99
BkCr:AsiEd-Shannon Andrews Ballesteros   AsoEd-Alanna Smith   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Chester B. Cebulski   ChiCreOff-Joe Quesada   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pres-Dan Buckley   Mastermind-Al Ewing   Bullpen-Sue Crespi, Anthony Gambino, Carlos Lao, Nick Russell   Proofreading-Jacque Porte, Elissa Hunter, Kristin Zelazko, Daniel Toy   SVP Talent Relations and Associate Publisher-David Bogart   Director Talent Relations-Rickey Purdin   Talent Management-George Beliard, Emily Newcomen, Dan Edington   Talent Payment Team-Charles Meyer, Angie Nuñez, Aquaisha Milligan   VP Print and Digital Publishing-David Gabriel   Legal-David Althoff   Conan Properties International Coordinator-Mike Jacobsen   Conan Properties International President-Fred Malmberg   Conan Properties International Executive Vice President-Jay Zetterberg   Conan Properties International Chief Operation Officer-Steve Booth   Lucasfilm Creative Director-Michael Siglain   Lucasfilm Senior Editor-Robert Simpson   Lucasfilm Story Group-Pablo Hildalgo, Matt Martin, Emily Shkoukani   Lucasfilm Art Department-Phil Szostak
Rm:Each page of this issue features a story or a pin-up for one of the 80 years of Marvels. To keep the sequence in order, the pin-ups are mixed with the stories as "splash pages".
In 20 random copies of this issue there is an original sketch drawn by Carnage co-creator Mark Bagley on the inside of the back cover.
Front coverAlex Ross
UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00011 / Marvel Preview
Variant cover(s)

Variant coverWrap-around cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00091 / Marvel PreviewJoe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan, Richard J. Isanove2$9.99
Variant coverDaredevil / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00031 / Marvel PreviewGabriele Dell'Otto1$9.99
Variant coverVenom, Spider-Man / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00051 / Marvel PreviewInHyuk Lee1$9.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00061 / Marvel PreviewJeffery Scott Campbell1$9.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00016 / Marvel PreviewEd McGuinness, Val Staples1$9.99
Variant coverCollage variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00026 / Marvel PreviewMR Garcin1$9.99
Variant cover40s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00017 / Marvel PreviewMark Brooks1$9.99
Variant cover60s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00018 / Marvel PreviewMichael D. Allred, Laura Allred1$9.99
Variant cover70s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00019 / Marvel PreviewGreg Smallwood1$9.99
Variant cover80s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00020 / Marvel PreviewJulian Totino Tedesco1$9.99
Variant cover90s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00022 / Marvel PreviewRonald Lim, Scott Hanna, Israel Silva1$9.99
Variant cover00s variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00029 / Marvel PreviewMark Bagley, Richard J. Isanove1$9.99
Variant coverDecade variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00028 / Marvel PreviewKaare Kyle Andrews1$9.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00023 / Marvel PreviewClayton Crain1$9.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00024 / Marvel PreviewJen Bartel1$9.99
Variant coverYoung Baby Variant Cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00025 / Marvel PreviewSkottie Young1$9.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00027 / Marvel PreviewGreg Hildebrandt1$9.99
Variant coverHidden Gem Variant Cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00071 / Marvel PreviewGeorge Pérez, Gene Day, Jason Keith1$9.99
Variant coverHidden Gem Variant Cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00041 / Marvel PreviewStephen J. Ditko, Jesus Aburtov1$9.99
Variant coverBlank Cover Variant / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00021?1$9.99
Variant coverB/W Variant Cover; Wrap-around cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00081 / Marvel PreviewJoe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan2$9.99
Variant coverVirgin Variant Cover / External linkJeffery Scott Campbell1$9.99
Variant coverMickey Mouse congratulating the Marvel heroes / Marvel PreviewHumberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado1$4.99
Variant coverEmma Frost (I) (normal)Stanley Lau1$9.99
Variant coverEmma Frost (I) (diamond form)Stanley Lau1$9.99
Variant coverVenomGabriele Dell'Otto1$9.99
Variant coverRyan Brown1$9.99
Variant coverArthur Adams, Jason Keith1$9.99
Variant coverHulk, Captain AmericaInHyuk Lee1$9.99
Variant coverTorpedo Comics variant coverRobert Liefeld, Romulo Fajardo Jr.1$9.99
Variant coverDiamond Galleries variant cover; Marvel Comics no.1 Homage CoverMatt DiMasi1$9.99
Variant coverComics Elite variant coverRyan Brown1$9.99
Ti:Eight bells1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Steven Epting   I/F-Steven Epting   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Frank G. D'Armata
Rm:1939 - The Human Torch debuts in Marvel Comics #1.; There are two additional pages with credits at the end of the issue.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The operative and the X Men1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Patrick Zircher   I/F-Patrick Zircher   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Frank G. D'Armata
Rm:1940 - The Three Xs appear in Mystic Comics (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The other door1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Leonardo Romero   I/F-Leonardo Romero   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jordie Bellaire
Rm:1941 - The Thunderer is created in Daring Mystery Comics #7.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The loop1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Joshua Dominick Cassara   I/F-Joshua Dominick Cassara   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rainier Beredo
Rm:1942 - Citicen V first appears in Daring Mystery Comics #8.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Fight for love1
Cr:W-Jeremy Whitley   P/L-Irene Koh   I/F-Irene Koh   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Felipe Sobreiro
Rm:1943 - Miss America debuts in Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #49.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Mark Waid   P/L-John Cassaday   I/F-John Cassaday   L-Christopher Eliopoulos   C-Laura Martin
Rm:1944 - The Captain America movie serial hits the big screen.; Splash page
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Patsy Walker: Hellcat and Six tips for selfie success!1
Cr:W-Kathryn Immonen   P/L-Stuart Immonen   I/F-Stuart Immonen   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Stuart Immonen
Rm:1945 - Patsy Walker gets her own self-titled comic book.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Calling frequency X1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Ron Garney   I/F-Ron Garney   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Richard J. Isanove
Rm:1946 - The All-Winners Squad first appears in All Winners Comics (I) #1.; Splash page
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Deep dives1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Leonard Kirk   I/F-Leonard Kirk   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Frank G. D'Armata
Rm:1947 - Namora premieres in Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #82.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The Black Rider1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Philip Noto   I/F-Philip Noto   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Philip Noto
Rm:1948 - The Black Rider debuts in All Western Winners #2.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Make mine a Manhattan1
Cr:W-Kurt Busiek   P/L-Cameron Stewart   I/F-Cameron Stewart   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Cameron Stewart
Rm:1949 - Tessie the Typist ends it run with #23.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The last stand of the Dark Avenger1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Gabriel Hardman   I/F-Gabriel Hardman   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matthew Wilson
Rm:1950 - Marvel Boy is introduced in Marvel Boy (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Dr. Strange: Spin cycle1
Cr:W-Joe Hill   P/L-Michael D. Allred   I/F-Michael D. Allred   L-Michael D. Allred   C-Laura Allred
Rm:1951 - Strange Tales (I) premieres.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The journey1
Cr:W-Kieron Gillen   P/L-Douglas Braithwaite   I/F-Douglas Braithwaite   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Diego Rodriguez
Rm:1952 - Journey into Mystery (I) debuts.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The return of not Brand Ecch1
Cr:W-Jeph Loeb   P/L-Tim Sale   I/F-Tim Sale   L-Richard Starkings   C-Tim Sale
Rm:1953 - Marvel's first parody series, Crazy (I), is introduced.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Ken Hale in The Membrane1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Cory T. Smith   I/F-Cory T. Smith   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Laura Martin
Rm:1954 - Gorilla-Man first appears on Men's Adventures #26.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The guild of strange science1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Chris Weston   I/F-Chris Weston   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Richard J. Isanove
Rm:1955 - The Black Knight is introduced in The Black Knight (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Rebels and judges1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Eduardo Risso   I/F-Eduardo Risso   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jordie Bellaire
Rm:1956 - Jimmy Woo first appears in Yellow Claw #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Dennis Piper's last heist1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano   I/F-Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rainier Beredo
Rm:1957 - The The Black Rider Rides Again premieres.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Strange worlds1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Klaus Janson   I/F-Klaus Janson   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Richard J. Isanove
Rm:1958 - Jack Kirby brings sci-fi to Marvel with Strange Worlds #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The last word1
Cr:W-Alex Ross   P/L-Alex Ross   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Josh Johnson   C-Alex Ross
Rm:1959 - The Hulk's longtime home Tales to Astonish (I) is introduced.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The interview1
Cr:W-James Monroe Iglehart   P/L-Oscar Martin   I/F-Oscar Martin   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Oscar Martin
Rm:1960 - Groot first menaces the world in Tales to Astonish (I) #13.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Till you die1
Cr:W-Saladin Ahmed   P/L-Steve Rude   I/F-Steve Rude   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Steven Legge
Rm:1961 - Fantastic Four (I) #1 is published.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Professor Cold Call1
Cr:W-Phil Lord, Christopher Miller   P/L-Javier Rodríguez   I/F-Álvaro López   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Javier Rodríguez
Rm:1962 - Spider-Man debuts in Amazing Fantasy (I) #15.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The Invincible Iron Man1
Cr:W-Walter Simonson   P/L-Walter Simonson   I/F-Walter Simonson   L-John E. Workman Jr.   C-Laura Martin
Rm:1963 - Iron Man is introduced in Tales of Suspense (I) #39.; Splash page
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:A Midwinter Night's Dream1
Cr:W-Gerard Gorman Duggan   P/L-Christopher Samnee   I/F-Christopher Samnee   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matthew Wilson
Rm:1964 - Captain America is revived from the ice in Avengers (I) #4.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Little Blackagar in Slumberland1
Cr:W-Desmond Lethem, Everett Lethem, Jonathan Lethem   P/L-Paul Hornschemeier   I/F-Paul Hornschemeier   L-Paul Hornschemeier   C-Paul Hornschemeier
Rm:1965 - The Inhumans first appear in Fantastic Four (I) #45.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:One heart1
Cr:W-Christopher James Priest   P/L-Brian Stelfreeze   I/F-Brian Stelfreeze   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Brian Stelfreeze
Rm:1966 - The Black Panther is created in Fantastic Four (I) #52.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Joe Bennett   I/F-Ruy José   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Paul Mounts
Rm:1967 - Adam Warlock is introduced in Fantastic Four (I) ##67.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Seven things you can count on1
Cr:W-Kelly Sue DeConnick   P/L-David López   I/F-David López   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Nathan Fairbairn
Rm:1968 - Carol Danvers first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes (II) #13.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The farmer1
Cr:W-Ryan North   P/L-James Harren   I/F-James Harren   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-James Harren
Rm:1969 - The origin of Galactus is revealed in Thor (I) #169.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Of kings and sinners1
Cr:W-Ralph Macchio   P/L-Marco Checchetto   I/F-Marco Checchetto   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Marco Checchetto
Rm:1970 - Conan joins the Marvel line in Conan the Barbarian (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Invisible no more...1
Cr:W-Jimmy Gomez, Benjamin Jackendoff   P/L-Jeffrey Veregge   I/F-Jeffrey Veregge   L-Travis Lanham, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jeffrey Veregge
Rm:1971 - Red Wolf headlines in Marvel Spotlight (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Blade week1
Cr:W-Jim Zub   P/L-Nicholas Bradshaw   I/F-Nicholas Bradshaw   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-John Rauch
Rm:1972 - Tomb of Dracula (I) is launched.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Because of her1
Cr:W-Gerald F. Conway   P/L-Greg Land   I/F-Jay Leisten   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Frank G. D'Armata
Rm:1973 - Gwen Stacy breathes her last in The Amazing Spider-Man (I) #121.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Enter -- stage center1
Cr:W-Roy Thomas   P/L-Rod Reis   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rod Reis
Rm:1974 - Wolverine is introduced in The Incredible Hulk (II) #180.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:We are what we are1
Cr:W-Matthew Rosenberg   P/L-Leinil Francis Yu   I/F-Leinil Francis Yu   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Sunny Gho
Rm:1975 - The Punisher's origin is revealed in Marvel Preview #2.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Heirs of the Tiger1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-George Pérez   I/F-George Pérez   L-Christopher Eliopoulos   C-Laura Martin   Dedicated to-Bill Mantlo (Thanks for everything)
Rm:1976 - White Tiger gets his own series in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (I) #20.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Red four1
Cr:W-Charles Soule   P/L-Terry Dodson   I/F-Rachel Dodson   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Terry Dodson
Rm:1977 - Star Wars (I) #1 becomes the first Marvel comic since the Golden Age to sell over a million copies.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Blind justice1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Carlos Pacheco   I/F-Rafael Fonteriz   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Marcio Menyz
Rm:1978 - James MacDonal Hudson debuts as Weapon Alpha in X-Men (I) #109.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Nighttime in the city1
Cr:W-Tobey Whithouse   P/L-Alan Davis   I/F-Alan Davis   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-[N.A.]
Rm:1979 - Night Raven is introduced by Marvel UK in Hulk Comic (Marvel UK) #1.; Text story with art
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Rainbow Rowell   P/L-Kris Anka   I/F-Kris Anka   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matthew Wilson
Rm:1980 - She-Hulk is born in The Savage She-Hulk (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:End of the day1
Cr:W-Donald Mustard   P/L-Donald Mustard   I/F-Donald Mustard   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rachelle Rosenberg
Rm:1981 - Iron Man battles Doctor Doom in Iron Man (I) #150.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The Prince of Power returns1
Cr:W-David Mandel   P/L-Jackson Guice   I/F-Jackson Guice   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Alex Guimarães
Rm:1982 - Hercules headlines his own future-set limited series.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Over troubles waters1
Cr:W-Eve L. Ewing   P/L-Jen Bartel   I/F-Jen Bartel   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jen Bartel
Rm:1983 - Storm dramatically changes her look in Uncanny X-Men (I) #172.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:We're calling him Ben1
Cr:W-Brad Meltzer   P/L-Julian Totino Tedesco   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Christopher Eliopoulos   C-Julian Totino Tedesco
Rm:1984 - Spider-Man gets his new black costume in The Amazing Spider-Man (I) #252.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The privilege1
Cr:W-Tom DeFalco   P/L-Ronald Frenz   I/F-Brett Breeding   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matt Yackey
Rm:1985 - Odin gives his life to end the Surtur Saga in Thor (I) #353.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The tender, flakey taste of Weltschmerz!1
Cr:W-Glen David Gold   P/L-Christopher Mooneyham   I/F-Christopher Mooneyham   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Lauren Affe
Rm:1986 - The Howard the Duck movie is released.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Jet lag1
Cr:W-Christopher James Priest   P/L-Mark D. Bright   I/F-Scott Hanna   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Laura Martin
Rm:1987 - Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1 is published.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The big bounce1
Cr:W-Ed Brisson   P/L-Jorge Fornés   I/F-Jorge Fornés   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jordie Bellaire
Rm:1988 - Speedball makes his premiere in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (I) #22.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Damage Control in The McDuffie device!1
Cr:W-Adam F. Goldberg   P/L-Adam Riches   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.G.]   C-Adam Riches
Rm:1989 - Damage Control receives its first limited series.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Mystery lessons1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Daniel Acuña   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Daniel Acuña
Rm:1990 - Night Thrasher leads the New Warriors in The New Warriors (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Force of X1
Cr:W-Robert Liefeld   P/L-Robert Liefeld   I/F-Robert Liefeld   L-Christopher Eliopoulos   C-Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Rm:1991 - The New Mutants become X-Force in The New Mutants (I) #100.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The Thing and Spider-Man in Trading foes!1
Cr:W-Erik Larsen   P/L-Erik Larsen   I/F-Erik Larsen   L-Ferran Delgado   C-Nikos Koutsis, Mike Toris
Rm:1992 - Erik Larsen becomes the regular writer/ artist of Spider-Man.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Jason Aaron   P/L-Goran Parlov   I/F-Goran Parlov   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Giada Marchisio
Rm:1993 - Wolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence is published.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The route1
Cr:W-Donny Cates   P/L-Geoffrey Shaw   I/F-Geoffrey Shaw   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-David Curiel
Rm:1994 - The infamous Clone Saga begins in the Spider-Man titles.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The first Horsemen1
Cr:W-Jonathan Hickman   P/L-Dustin Weaver   I/F-Dustin Weaver   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Dustin Weaver
Rm:1995 - The X-Men titles enter the Age of Apocalypse.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Glory days1
Cr:W-Patrick Gleason   P/L-Patrick Gleason   I/F-Patrick Gleason   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Marte Gracia
Rm:1996 - Captain America and three other core series are relaunched as Heroes Reborn.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Turkey soup for the Deadpool soul1
Cr:W-Gail Simone   P/L-David Baldeón   I/F-David Baldeón   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jesus Aburtov
Rm:1997 - Deadpool receives his first ongoing series.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The Devils brand1
Cr:W-Joe Quesada   P/L-Joe Quesada   I/F-Joe Quesada   L-Kevin Nowlan   C-Richard J. Isanove
Rm:1998 - Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti launch the Marvel Knights imprint.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:I've said enough1
Cr:W-Peter David   P/L-Adam Kubert   I/F-Adam Kubert   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Paul Mounts
Rm:1999 - The Incredible Hulk (II) ends with #474.; Splash page
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:With a view to forever!1
Cr:W-Christopher Claremont   P/L-Salvador Larroca   I/F-Salvador Larroca   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Guru-eFX
Rm:2000 - Chris Claremont returns to write the X-Men in X-Men (II) #100.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:A mother's work1
Cr:W-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld   P/L-Mattia De Iulis   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Mattia De Iulis
Rm:2001 - Jessica Jones makes her debut in Alias #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Kelly Thompson   P/L-Pepe Larraz   I/F-Pepe Larraz   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-David Curiel
Rm:2002 - Elsa Bloodstone takes over monster hunting from her dead father.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Historia X1
Cr:W-Tini Howard   P/L-Kia Asamiya   I/F-Kia Asamiya   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Kia Asamiya
Rm:2003 - Manga artist Kia Asamiya illustrates a run of Uncanny X-Men (I).
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Part of your world1
Cr:W-Thomas Ray Taylor   P/L-Juann Cabal   I/F-Juann Cabal   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Nolan Woodard
Rm:2004 - X-23 makes her first Marvel Universe appearance in NYX #3.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The celebration dinner1
Cr:W-Allan Heinberg   P/L-Jim Cheung   I/F-Jim Cheung   L-Joe Sabino, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Frank Martin   Dedicated to-Justin Ponsor
Rm:2005 - The Young Avengers make their first appearance.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Parential guidance suggested1
Cr:W-David F. Walker   P/L-Javaun J. Kirby   I/F-Javaun J. Kirby   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Javaun J. Kirby
Rm:2006 - Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones in New Avengers Annual (I) #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The family Hulk1
Cr:W-Greg Pak   P/L-Takeshi Miyazawa   I/F-Takeshi Miyazawa   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Ian Herring
Rm:2007 - Amadeus Cho sides with the Hulk against the whole Marvel Universe in World War Hulk.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Armor: Disassemble1
Cr:W-Chip Zdarsky   P/L-Chip Zdarsky   I/F-Chip Zdarsky   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Chip Zdarsky
Rm:2008 - The Iron Man movie is released.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:X plus 801
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Jesús Saiz   I/F-Jesús Saiz   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jesús Saiz
Rm:2009 - Adam Brashear, the Blue Marvel, comes out of the self-imposed retirement.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The MJ memoirs1
Cr:W-Jeffery Scott Campbell   P/L-Jeffery Scott Campbell   I/F-Jeffery Scott Campbell   L-Comicraft, Richard Starkings   C-Sabine Rich
Rm:2010 - Why Mary Jane Watson didn't marry Peter Parker is revelaed in The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #638.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:How to save a set of keys1
Cr:W-Jason Reynolds   P/L-Patrick O'Keefe   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Patrick O'Keefe
Rm:2011 - Miles Morales is introduced in Ultimate Fallout #4.; Text story with art
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Spider-Man in He arrives just in time1
Cr:W-Dan Slott   P/L-Marcos Martin   I/F-Marcos Martin   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Muntsa Vicente
Rm:2012 - The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #700 is published.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Cable: A history of scars1
Cr:W-Jeffrey Lemire   P/L-Jeffrey Lemire   I/F-Jeffrey Lemire   L-Steve Wands   C-José Villarrubia
Rm:2013 - Cable returns to lead X-Force in Cable and X-Force #1.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Miracleman: Prelude1
Cr:W-Neil Gaiman   P/L-Mark Buckingham   I/F-Mark Buckingham   L-Todd Klein   C-David Stewart
Rm:2014 - Marvel begins publishing Miracleman.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Doom alone1
Cr:W-Jason Latour   P/L-Jason Latour   I/F-Jason Latour   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jason Latour
Rm:2015 - Doctor Doom takes over Battleworld in Secret Wars (I) #2.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Derek Landy   P/L-Paco Medina   I/F-Paco Medina   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Jesus Aburtov
Rm:2016 - The Deadpool movie is released.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:What do you regret?1
Cr:W-J. Michael Straczynski   P/L-Ed McGuinness   I/F-Mark Morales   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Val Staples
Rm:2017 - Stan Lee appears as The Watcher in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The choice1
Cr:W-Charles Soule   P/L-Steve McNiven   I/F-Steve McNiven   L-Cory Petit, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Steve McNiven
Rm:2018 - The Silver Surfer once more becomes the Herald of Galactus in Infinity Countdown #4. Art is inspired by Moebius.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Christian J. Ward   I/F-[N.A.]   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Christian J. Ward
Rm:2019 - The Marvel Universe celebrates 80 years of publishing history.; Splash page.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The mask ... and the Raider2
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Mike Deodato Jr.   I/F-Mike Deodato Jr.   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rainier Beredo
Rm:2020 - The face under the mask is revealed...
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Paul Azaceta   I/F-Paul Azaceta   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Paul Azaceta
Rp:Reprinted in ...

Other art/photosReprints a panel from Marvel Comics #1?1
TextStan Lee Forever: Stan's Soapbox, February 1969Stan Lee1
Text with art/photosIn Memoriam; A list of the creators working for Marvel who died during the last 80 years, starting with Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (art is from the back cover of Marvel Graphic Novel #1: The Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin)?1
10012019/12T+ Marvel Unlimited$4.99
BkCr:AsiEd-Shannon Andrews Ballesteros   AsoEd-Alanna Smith   Ed-Tom Brevoort   E-i-C-Chester B. Cebulski   ChiCreOff-Joe Quesada   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pres-Dan Buckley
Front coverRod Reis
UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00111 / Marvel Preview
Variant cover(s)

Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00131 / Marvel PreviewPascal Garcin1$4.99
Variant coverWraparound variant cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00121 / Marvel PreviewPatrick Gleason, Marte Gracia2$4.99
Variant coverSpoiler Variant Cover / UPC: 7-59606-09341-0-00141Mike Deodato Jr., Romulo Fajardo Jr.1$4.99
Variant coverNew York ComiCon 2019 variant cover?1$4.99
Ti:Space and time1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Aco   I/F-Aco   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Tamra Bonvillain
Ch:Masked Raider
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Leopards and spots1
Cr:W-Fabian Nicieza   P/L-Mark Bagley   I/F-Scott Hanna   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Morry Hollowell
Ch:New Warriors (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:This means war1
Cr:W-Vita Ayala   P/L-Humberto Ramos   I/F-Humberto Ramos   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Edgar Delgado
Ch:Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn), Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (R-1610)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Monark Starstalker1
Cr:W-Howard Chaykin   P/L-Howard Chaykin   I/F-Howard Chaykin   L-Ken Bruzenak   C-Jesus Aburtov
Ch:Starstalker Monark
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Neither here nor there1
Cr:W-Ann Nocenti   P/L-Aaron Kim Jacinto   I/F-Aaron Kim Jacinto   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rainier Beredo   Thanks to-Gasoline Alley by Frank King
Ch:Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Greer's new career1
Cr:W-Amanda Conner, James Palmiotti   P/L-Amanda Conner   I/F-Amanda Conner   L-John J. Hill   C-Paul Mounts
Ch:Tigra (Greer Nelson)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The devil and the darkness1
Cr:W-Declan Shalvey   P/L-Declan Shalvey   I/F-Declan Shalvey   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Declan Shalvey
Ch:Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The final battle!1
Cr:W-Scott Aukerman   P/L-André Lima Araújo   I/F-André Lima Araújo   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Chris O'Halloran
Ch:Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Rain check1
Cr:W-Amy M. Reeder   P/L-Natacha Bustos   I/F-Natacha Bustos   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Natacha Bustos
Ch:X-Men (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Moving on1
Cr:W-Tony Isabella   P/L-Tom Mandrake   I/F-Tom Mandrake   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Neeraj Menon
Ch:Kid Colt (Blaine Colt)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Spa day1
Cr:W-G. Willow Wilson   P/L-Pasqual Ferry   I/F-Pasqual Ferry   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Ian Herring
Ch:Beast (Henry McCoy)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Turf war1
Cr:W-Carl Potts   P/L-Carl Potts   I/F-Carl Potts   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Espen Grundetjern
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Happy Deadpool-versary1
Cr:W-Brian Edmund Posehn   P/L-Scott Koblish   I/F-Scott Koblish   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Val Staples
Ch:Deadpool (Wade Wilson)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Bob Budiansky   P/L-Bob Budiansky   I/F-Bob Budiansky   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matt Yackey
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Comic Zone1
Cr:W-Trina Robbins   P/L-Marguerite Sauvage   I/F-Marguerite Sauvage   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Marguerite Sauvage
Ch:Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant Mason)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:The rest of your life1
Cr:W-Marc Guggenheim   P/L-Pere Pérez   I/F-Pere Pérez   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Mattia Iacono
Ch:Katherine Pryde (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Hulk cookies1
Cr:W-Audrey Loeb   P/L-Dario Brizuela   I/F-Dario Brizuela   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Dario Brizuela
Ch:Hulk (Robert Banner) (R-99062)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Destroy all robots!1
Cr:W-Simon Furman   P/L-Nick Roche   I/F-Nick Roche   L-Richard Starkings   C-Josh Burcham
Ch:Death's Head (III)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Comics for victory!1
Cr:W-Bill Morrison   P/L-Bill Morrison   I/F-Bill Morrison   L-Ferran Delgado   C-Bill Morrison
Ch:Captain America (Steven Rogers)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Existential crisis in a nutshell1
Cr:W-Will Murray   P/L-Derek Charm   I/F-Derek Charm   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rico Renzi
Ch:Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:616's best stress testers1
Cr:W-Leah Williams   P/L-Nina Vakueva   I/F-Nina Vakueva   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rachelle Rosenberg
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Uatu know1
Cr:W-Nick Spencer   P/L-Steve Lieber   I/F-Steve Lieber   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rachelle Rosenberg
Ch:Uatu the Watcher (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Us: Kickers, Inc.!1
Cr:W-Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy   P/L-Ig Guara   I/F-Ig Guara   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Tríona Tree Farrell
Ch:Kickers Inc. (R-148611)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:What's in a name?1
Cr:W-Jody Houser   P/L-Rachael Stott   I/F-Rachael Stott   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Rachelle Rosenberg
Ch:Spiderling (Annie Parker) (R-18119), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (R-18119), Spinneret (Mary Parker) (R-18119)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:See what's becoming of me1
Cr:W-Roger Stern   P/L-Jerry Ordway   I/F-Jerry Ordway   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Edgar Delgado
Ch:Machine Man (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Powers of Pack1
Cr:W-Marc Sumerak   P/L-Gurihiru Studios   I/F-Gurihiru Studios   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Gurihiru Studios
Ch:Power Pack (I)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Cr:W-Larry Hama   P/L-Andrea Sorrentino   I/F-Andrea Sorrentino   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matthew Wilson
Ch:Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), Wolverine (James Howlett)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Sunday visit1
Cr:W-Kaare Kyle Andrews   P/L-Kaare Kyle Andrews   I/F-Kaare Kyle Andrews   L-Kaare Kyle Andrews   C-Kaare Kyle Andrews
Ch:Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Time and space1
Cr:W-Al Ewing   P/L-Aco   I/F-Aco   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Tamra Bonvillain
Ch:Masked Raider
Rp:Reprinted in ...

Other art/photosThe insult that made a pig out of Ziggy!?1



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