John Romita Jr. 30th Anniversary Special (2007)

Wrap-around coverJohn Romita Jr.
Marvel Preview
Ti:Romita - Space Knight!4
Cr:W-Neil Gaiman   P/L-Hilary Barta   I/F-Hilary Barta   L-Todd Klein   C-Michelle J. Madsen-Stewart
Ti:Chaos at the Coffee Bean!6
Cr:W-Scott Edelman   P/L-John Romita Jr.   I/F-Allen Milgrom   L-Joe Rosen   C-Nelson Yomtov
Rm:JR Jr.'s first work for Marvel
Rp:Reprint from The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (I) #11

Text with art/photosIntroduction (from Marvel Visionaries (HC): John Romita Jr. #1)John Romita Sr.2
Text with art/photosJohn Romita Jr. Comic Timeline: 1977 through today (list of all of JR'r work for Marvel plus some art)John Rhett Thomas, John Romita Jr.3
Pin-up/PosterX-Men: The Unlikely Saga of Xavier, Magneto and Stan (John Romita Jr. cover art from X-Men: The Last Stand (DVD Special) #1)John Romita Jr.2
SketchJohn Romita Jr. Sketch Gallery (see Details) 
1Spider-Man sketch
2Spider-Man with Hulk, Wolverine, Punisher, Daredevil sketch
3The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #506 cover design
4Spider-Man sketch
5The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #505 cover design
6The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #504 cover design
7The Amazing Spider-Man (III) #504 cover design, unused
8Wolverine (III) #21 cover design, unused
9Wolverine (III) #21 cover design
10Wolverine (III) #23 cover design
11Wolverine (III) #25 cover design, unused
12Wolverine (III) #31 cover design, unused
13Wolverine (III) #31 cover design
14Wolverine (III) #23 cover design, unused
15Wolverine Wizard Special cover design
16–19Wolverine (III) #24 cover designs, unused
20Wolverine (III) #20 cover design, unused
21Wolverine (III) #22 cover design, unused
22Wolverine (III) #23 cover design, unused
23Wolverine (III) #20 cover design, unused
24Wolverine (III) #22 cover design, unused
25Wolverine (III) #31 cover design, unused
26-29Black Panther (IV) #1 cover sketches
30The Sentry (II) #1 cover design, unused
31The Sentry (II) #1 cover design, unused
32The Sentry (II) #3 cover design, unused
33The Sentry (II) #3 cover design
34The Sentry (II) #8 cover design
35The Sentry (II) #4 cover design
John Romita Jr.20
Text with art/photosJohn Romita Jr.: Thirty years of a marvelous imagination (interview with art by JR)
Sidebar: 30 Years of Inspiration -- JRJr about his influences: John Romita Sr., John Buscema, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert and Alex Toth
Sidebar: The Son Also Rises: in praise of JRJr -- creators about JRJr (Al Milgrom, David Michelinie, Bob Layton, Klaus Janson, Mark Bagley, Bryan Hitch, Reginald Hudlin, Joe Kubert, Leinil Francis Yu, David Finch, Dan Jurgens, Roger Stern, Dan Green, Andy Kubert, Paul Jenkins, John Romita Sr.)
John Rhett Thomas, John Romita Jr.18
Text with art/photosThe John Romita Jr. Library (a list of available trade paperbacks collecting JR's works)?7



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