Power Plays (Americomics)1985

Astro City

Astro City TPB: Life in the Big City (Homage Comics)1995
Astro City TPB: Confession (Homage Comics)1997
Astro City TPB: Family Album (Homage Comics)1998
Astro City TPB: The Tarnished Angel (Homage Comics)2001
Astro City TPB: Local Heroes (Homage Comics)2005

Blackthorne Publishing

Failed Universe (Blackthorne Publishing)1986

Bongo Comics

Radioactive Man (Bongo Comics)1994-2001
Simpsons Super Spectacular (Bongo Comics)2002
Bongo Comics Free-For-All! Free Comic Book Day (Bongo Comics)2006

Books About the Creators

Gene Colan Treasury (Aardwolf Publishing)1996
Modern Masters: Art Adams2000
Gil Kane The Art of the Comics (Hermes Press)2001
The Collected Jack Kirby Collector (TwoMorrows Publishing)2004
Secrets in the Shadows - The Art and Life of Gene Colan (TwoMorrows Publishing)2005
Gene Colan Tribute Book2008
What If... This Was the Fantastic Four? A Tribute to Mike Wieringo (Hero Initiative)2008
Brian Michael Bendis: 10 Years at Marvel TPB2010
Hero Initiative: Ed Hannigan: Covered (Hero Initiative)2010

Books and Novels

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1977
The Superhero Women (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1977
The Best of Spidey Super Stories (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1978
Marvel's Greatest Superhero Battles (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1978
Silver Surfer: The Ultimate Cosmic Experience (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1978
Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1980
Howard the Duck (Movie Prose Novel)1986
The Photo Journal Guide to Marvel Comics (Diamond Comic Dist)1991
Spider-Man Look and Find1992
X-Men Look and Find1992
Spider-Man: The Venom Factor (Prose Novel) (Peter Parker, Edward Brock) (G.P. Putnam's Sons)1994
Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction (Prose Novel) (Berkley Boulevard)1996
Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda (Prose Novel) (G.P. Putnam's Sons)1996
X-Men The Movie (Prose Novel) (DelRay) (Del Rey / Marvel)2000
Mary Jane (Prose Novel)2003
Comic Creators on Spider-Man2004
Mary Jane 2 (Prose Novel)2004
Wolverine: Weapon X (Prose Novel)2004
Comic Creators on Fantastic Four2005
Spider-Man: Down These Mean Streets (Prose Novel) (Pocket Star)2005
Spider-Man: Enter Doctor Octopus! (Prose Novel)2005
Comic Creators on X-Men2006
Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours (Prose Novel) (Pocket Star)2006
Wolverine: Road of Bones (Prose Novel) (Pocket Star)2006
X-Men Dark Mirror (Prose Novel) (Pocket Books)2006
X-Men The Last Stand (Prose Novel)2006
X-Men: Watchers on the Walls (Prose Novel) (Pocket Books)2006
The Marvel Guide to New York City (Simon and Schuster)2007
Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder (Prose Novel) (Pocket Star)2007
Wolverine: Lifeblood (Prose Novel) (Pocket Star)2007
Spider-Man The Icon (HC) (Titan Books)2008
Spider-Man: The Movie (Prose Novel) (Columbia Pictures)2009
The Wolverine Files (Pocket Book) (becker&mayer)2009
Wolverine Inside the World of the Living Weapon2009
Astonishing X-Men (HC): Gifted Prose Novel2012
Civil War (HC): Prose Novel2012
Astonishing X-Men PB: Gifted Prose Novel2013
Civil War PB: Prose Novel2013
Iron Man (HC): Extremis Prose Novel2013
New Avengers (HC): Breakout Prose Novel2013
Rogue Touch (Prose Novel) (Hyperion)2013
The She-Hulk Diaries (Prose Novel) (Jennifer Walters) (Hyperion)2013
Captain America (HC): The Death of Captain America Prose Novel (Steve Rogers)2014
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot (HC): Steal the Galaxy! Prose Novel2014
Iron Man PB: Extremis Prose Novel2014
Spider-Man (HC): Kraven's Last Hunt Prose Novel2014
X-Men (HC): Days of Future Past Prose Novel2014
Ant-Man (HC): Natural Enemy (Prose Novel) (Scott Lang) (Titan Books)2015
Avengers (HC): Everybody Wants To Rule the World Prose Novel2015
Black Widow Forever Red (Prose Novel) (Natalie Romanova)2015
Captain America TPB: The Death of Captain America Prose Novel (Steve Rogers)2015
Secret Wars (HC) Prose Novel2015
X-Men TPB: Days of Future Past Prose Novel2015
Captain America (HC): Dark Designs Prose Novel (Steve Rogers)2016
Civil War Illustrated Prose Novel HC2016
Daredevil (HC): The Man Without Fear Prose Novel2016
Doctor Strange HC Fate of Dreams Prose Novel2016
Iron Man: The Gauntlet (Prose Novel)2016
Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall Prose Novel2016
X-Men PB: Days of Future Past Prose Novel2016
Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther? Prose Novel (T'Challa) (Titan Books)2017
Black Widow: Red Vengeance (Prose Novel) (Natalie Romanova)2017
Guardians of the Galaxy (HC): Collect Them All (Prose Novel)2017
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot TPB: Steal the Galaxy! Prose Novel2017
Hulk: Planet Hulk (HC) (Prose Novel)2017
Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Keep on Truckin' (Prose Novel)2017
Spider-Man (HC): Forever Young (Prose Novel)2017
Thanos (HC): Death Sentence Prose Novel2017
Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2018
Civil War (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2018
Marvel's Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2018
Spider-Man: Forever Young (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2018
Venom (HC): Lethal Protector Prose Novel (Titan Books)2018
Avengers (HC): Infinity (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2019
Captain Marvel (HC): Liberation Run (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2019
Captain Marvel: Liberation Run (Prose Novel) (Carol Danvers)2019
Dark Phoenix Saga (HC) Prose Novel (Titan Books)2019
Marvel Novels - Captain America: Dark Designs (Titan Books)2019
Marvel Novels - Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt (Titan Books)2019
Marvel Novels - Thanos: Death Sentence (Titan Books)2019
Marvel Novels - X-Men: Days of Future Past (Titan Books)2019
Marvel Novels X-Men (HC): The Dark Phoenix Saga (Titan Books)2019
The Unstoppable Wasp (HC): Built on Hope (Prose Novel) (Nadia Van Dyne)2020
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales TPB: Wings of Fury (Prose Novel) (Miles Morales) (Titan Books)2021
Morbius: The Living Vampire (HC): Blood Ties (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2021
Black Panther (HC): Panther's Rage (Titan Books)2022
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy TPB: No Guts, No Glory (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2022
Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow2023
Black Panther TPB: Tales of Wakanda (Titan Books)2023
Guardians of the Galaxy (HC): Annihilation Conquest (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2023
Marvel's Original Sin Prose Novel (Titan Books)2023
Marvel's Secret Invasion Prose Novel (HC) (Titan Books)2023
Doctor Strange HC: Dimension War (Titan Books)2024
Loki: Journey Into Mystery Prose Novel (HC) (Titan Books)2024
Marvel: What If... Loki Was Worthy? (Prose Novel HC) (Penguin Random House)2024
Ultraseven Prose Novel2024
What If Marc Spector Was Host to Venom? (Prose Novel HC)2024
What If ... Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? (Prose Novel HC)2024
Lancer Book 72-111: The Fantastic Four1967
Lancer Book 72-112: The Amazing Spider-Man1967
Lancer Book 72-124: The Incredible Hulk1967
Lancer Book 72-125: The Mighty Thor1967
Lancer Book 72-170: Here Comes... Daredevil1967
Origins of Marvel Comics (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1974
Son of Origins of Marvel Comics (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1975
Bring on the Bad Guys (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1976
The Incredible Hulk (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1978
The Amazing Spider-Man (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1979
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1979
The Fantastic Four (Fireside Book) (Simon and Schuster)1979
Book Son of Origins of Marvel Comics Revised Edition1997
New Avengers PB: Breakout Prose Novel2013
Deadpool (HC): Paws (Prose Novel) (Titan Books)2015
Marvel Classic Novels - Spider-Man: The Venom Factor Omnibus TPB (Titan Books)2020
Marvel Classic Novels - Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Omnibus TPB (Titan Books)2021
Marvel Classic Novels - Wolverine: Weapon X Omnibus TPB (Titan Books)2021
Black Panther TPB: Panther's Rage (Titan Books)2024
Guardians of the Galaxy TPB: Annihilation Conquest (Titan Books)2024

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Books by Dorling Kindersley Limited
Little Golden Books

Boom! Studos

Rich Johnston's The Avengefuls (Boom! Studios)2012
Rich Johnston's Captain American Idol (Boom! Studios)2012
Rich Johnston's Scienthorlogy (Boom! Studios)2012

Canceled in Production

Journey into Fantasy (Canceled)1956
Tales to Astound You (Canceled)1956
Daredevil/Iron Man (Canceled)1972
Jungle Action (II)1972-1976
Tomb of Dracula (I)1972-1979
Tales of the Zombie1973-1975
Vampire Tales1973-1975
Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu1974-1975
Kull and the Barbarians1975
Legion of Monsters1975
The Marvel Comics Index (G&T Enterprises)1976-1982
Warrior of the Lost Planet (Canceled)1977
Marvel Retread Funnies (Canceled)1984
Storm and Forge (Canceled)1985
Havok and Polaris (Canceled)1986
The 'Nam1986-1993
Longshot (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1987
Phoenix (Canceled) (Rachel Summers)1987
Spider-Man Gilded Cage (GN)1987
Colossus (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1989
The Misfits (Canceled)1989
Fantastic Four: Fathers and Sons (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1990
Ghost Rider (II) (Daniel Ketch)1990-1998
Punisher: Rules of the Game (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1990
Punisher: Savage Land (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1991
Death's Head II (II) (Marvel UK)1992-1994
Knights of Pendragon (III) (Marvel UK)1992
Biker Mice From Mars1993-1994
Black Axe (Marvel UK) (Marvel UK)1993
Bloodseed (Marvel UK)1993
Dark Guard (Marvel UK)1993-1994
Dark Guard Gold (Marvel UK)1993
Fantastic Four Unlimited1993-1995
Removal vs. Motormouth (Marvel UK)1993
Super Soldiers (Marvel UK)1993
Timestryke (Marvel UK)1993
Wild Thing (Marvel UK)1993
Bloodrush (Canceled) (Marvel UK)1994
Bob Marley, Tale of the Tuff Gong (Marvel Music)1994-1995
Death Duty (Canceled) (Marvel UK)1994
Edge (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
G-Force (Marvel UK)1994
G-Force/Knights of Pendragon (Marvel UK)1994
Killfrenzy (Marvel UK)1994
Motormouth: Re-Mix (Marvel UK)1994
The Punisher: Cruise Hard (Graphic Novel) (Canceled)1994
Punisher vs Death's Head (Canceled)1994
Ripwire (Marvel UK)1994
Roid Rage (Canceled)1994
Wild Angels (Marvel UK)1994
Mandrake the Magician1995
Marvels (II) (Canceled)1995
Avengers: The Legend (Canceled)1996
Wolverine Encyclopedia1996
Avengers (Flashback) (Canceled)1997
Blade (I)1998-1999
Ka-Zar/Daredevil Annual '98 (Canceled)1998
Rampaging Hulk (II)1998-1999
Satana (Canceled)1998
Shadows and Light (II)1998
Strange Tales (IV)1998
Generation X Underground (Special) (II) (Canceled)2000
Iron Man TPB: Look Back In Armor (Canceled)2000
Elektra (II)2001-2004
Mutant X: Future Shock (TV)2002
Gun Theory2003
Ant-Man (I) (Henry Pym)2004
Deathlok: Detour (Canceled)2004
Epic Anthology (II)2004
Kid Colt Outlaw Annual (Canceled)2004
Namor TPB: Sea and Sand2004
Powers (I) (Icon Comics)2004-2008
Sabretooth (III)2004-2005
Startling Stories: The Incorrigible Hulk (Canceled)2004
Tomb of Dracula (III)2004-2005
Warlock (VI) (Adam Warlock)2004-2005
Wizard: The Comics Magazine (see Details of issues for more canceled comics) (Wizard Publication)2004-2006
X-Force TPB: Big Guns (Canceled)2004
Runaways (II)2005-2008
Ultimate Iron Man (I)2005-2006
Captain Universe (Canceled)2006
Fantastic Four/Iron Man TPB: Big in Japan (Canceled)2006
Punisher vs. Bullseye TPB (Canceled)2006
Sable and Fortune2006
Squadron Supreme (II)2006
Ultimate Extinction2006
Marvel Two-In-One (II)2007-2009
Spider-Man/Fantastic Four Magazine (Wal-Mart / Marvel)2007
Spider-Man (HC) Newspaper Strips (I)2007
Avengers: Bizarre Adventures (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
Captain America: White (Steve Rogers)2008
Captain America: White Director's Cut (Canceled)2008
Demons of Mercy2008
Iron Man/Hulk (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four TPB2008
Spider-Man: The Black Costume (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
Spider-Man: Brand New Day2008-2009
Spider-Man Family: Untold Tales (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
Spider-Man and Power Pack (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
X-Men: First Class - Tomorrow's Brightest (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
X-Men TPB: Marauders2008
Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel2009
Big Hero 6 TPB: Brave New Heroes2009
Fantastic Force (II)2009
Halo Chronicles (Canceled)2009
House of M: Masters of Evil2009-2010
Marvel Apes: Prime Eight Special2009
Marvel Saga TPB: Astonishing X-Men, Squadron Supreme, Runaways (Canceled)2009
Marvel: Your Universe2009
Secret Invasion Chronicles2009
Terror Inc.: Apocalypse Soon2009
Ultimate Comics Sampler (Canceled)2009
Dream Logic (Icon Comics)2010-2011
Hulk: World War Hulks TPB: Hulked-Out Heroes2010
Kick-Ass TPB (I) (Icon Comics)2010
Prometheus (Soleil Comics)2010
Siege Director's Cut2010
Star Comics GN-TPB: All-Star Collection2010
X-23 (III)2010-2012
X-Men: Second Coming Finale (Canceled)2010
Young Allies (Young Allies III)2010-2011
All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes2011
Arcade: Death Game2011
Astonishing Captain America2011
Daffodil TPB (Soleil Comics)2011
Halo: Helljumper TPB2011
Husk TPB (Soleil Comics)2011
John Carter: World of Mars2011-2012
March 2011 Sneak Peeks2011
Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Card)2011
S.H.I.E.L.D. (II)2011-2012
Alpha Flight TPB By Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente2012
Alpha Flight TPB By Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente: The Complete Series2012
Combat Zone: True Tales of GI's in Iraq (Canceled)2012
Disney-Pixar Giant Size Comics Presents vol.9: Cars - Route 66 Dash (Canceled)2012
Elektra: Act of Love (Canceled)2012
Inhumans TPB: Lunar (Canceled)2012
Marvel Age Spider-Man Tales (Canceled)2012
Marvel Universe (Canceled)2012
Road to Oz2012-2013
The Secret Service (Icon Comics)2012-2013
Thanos: Son of Titan2012
Trouble TPB (Canceled)2012
Ultimate Adventures TPB (Canceled)2012
Victor von Doom2012
Counter-X: X-Man TPB: Fearful Symmetries2013
Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger Adaptation2014
Blade (IV) (Canceled)2015
Figment (HC)2015
Marvel's Daredevil: Defender of Hell's Kitchen - Season One (HC)2015
Ghost Rider (VII) (Roberto Reyes)2017
Marvel Comics Digest vol.1: The Amazing Spider-Man (Archie Comics)2017
Marvel Comics Digest vol.2: Avengers Assemble! (Archie Comics)2017
Marvel Comics Digest vol.3: Thor (Archie Comics)2017
Color Your Own X-Men2018
Doctor Strange: Damnation2018
Marvel Comics Digest vol.4: X-Men (Archie Comics)2018
Marvel Comics Digest vol.5: The Avengers featuring Black Panther (Archie Comics)2018
Marvel Comics Digest vol.6: The Avengers featuring Thanos (Archie Comics)2018
Marvel Comics Digest vol.7: The Avengers featuring Ant-Man and the Wasp (Archie Comics)2018
Marvel Comics Digest vol.8: The Amazing Spider-Man featuring Venom (Archie Comics)2018
Black Cat (II)2019-2020
Marvel Monograph TPB: The Art of Stuart Immonen2019
Marvel Summer Special2019
Star Wars: Shadow of Vader2019
Valkyrie: Jane Foster (Jane Foster)2019-2020
The Vision (IV)2019
Winter Soldier (II)2019
Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Bugle2020
Dr. Strange (VII)2020
Gwen Stacy2020
Marvel Action: Avengers (II) (IDW Publishing)2020
Marvel Action: Spider-Man (II) (Peter Parker, Miles Morales) (IDW Publishing)2020
Deadpool: Black, White and Blood2021-2022
Marvel Studios' Falcon Winter Soldier (HC): The Art of the Series2021
The New Warriors Classic Omnibus (HC)2022
Avengers Inc.2023-2024
Marvel-Verse GN-TPB: Ironheart2023

Casanova (Icon Comics)

Casanova (Icon Comics)2010
Casanova: Avaritia (Icon Comics)2011-2012
Casanova: Gula (Icon Comics)2011
Casanova TPB: Gula (Icon Comics)2011
Casanova TPB: Luxuria (Icon Comics)2011
Casanova TPB: Avaritia (Icon Comics)2012

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Criminal (Icon Comics)

Criminal (I) (Icon Comics)2006-2007
Criminal (II) (Icon Comics)2008
Criminal: The Sinners (Icon Comics)2009-2010
Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (Icon Comics)2011
Criminal TPB vol.1: Coward (Icon Comics)2007
Criminal TPB vol.2: Lawless (Icon Comics)2008
Criminal TPB vol.3: The Dead and the Dying (Icon Comics)2008
Criminal (HC): The Deluxe Edition (Icon Comics)2009-2012
Criminal TPB vol.4: Bad Night (Icon Comics)2009
Criminal TPB vol.5: Sinners (Icon Comics)2010
Criminal TPB vol.6: The Last of the Innocent (Icon Comics)2012

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CrossGeneration Comics

Mystic (Crossgen)2011-2012
Ruse (Crossgen)2011
Sigil (Crossgen)2011
Ruse TPB: The Victorian Guide to Murder (Crossgen)2011
Sigil TPB: Out of Time (Crossgen)2011
Mystic TPB: The Tenth Apprentice (Crossgen)2012
Crossgen Tales TPB2023
Sigil Omnibus (HC)2023
Mystic Omnibus (HC) (Crossgen)2024

Dark Horse Comics

Conan the Cimmerian (Dark Horse Comics)2008-2010
Conan the Barbarian: The Mask of Acheron (Dark Horse Comics)2011
The Savage Sword of Conan TPB (Dark Horse Comics)2007-2016
The Saga of Solomon Kane TPB (Dark Horse Comics)2009
The Savage Sword of Kull TPB (Dark Horse Comics)2010-2011

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Star Wars series by Dark Horse Comics

DC Comics

Showcase (DC Comics)1981

Dynamite Entertainment

Army of Darkness (Dynamite Entertainment)2007
Red Sonja Free Comic Book Day 2023 (Dynamite Entertainment)2023
Red Sonja Free Comic Book Day 2022 (Dynamite Entertainment)2022

EC Publications

MAD Magazine (EC Publications)2002-2006

Eclipse Comics

X-Farce (I) (Eclipse Comics)1982

Harvey Comics

Casper and the Spectrals (Harvey Comics)2011

Hero Initiative

ACTOR Comics Presents (Hero Initiative)2006
The Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project (Hero Initiative)2007
Hero Initiative: Mike Wieringo (Hero Initiative)2008
The Hulk 100 Project (Hero Initiative)2008
The Wolverine: Weapon X 100 Project (Hero Initiative)2009
Hero Initiative: Ed Hannigan: Covered (Hero Initiative)2010
The New Avengers 100 Project (Hero Initiative)2011
Hero Initiative (HC): Fantastic Four 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative (HC): New Avengers 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative (HC): Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative (HC): Uncanny X-Men 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative (HC): Wolverine 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative TPB: Fantastic Four 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative TPB: New Avengers 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative TPB: Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative TPB: Uncanny X-Men 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative TPB: Wolverine 100 Covers2016
Hero Initiative (HC): Captain America 100 Covers2019
Hero Initiative TPB: Captain America 100 Covers2019

Icon Comics

The Book of Lost Souls (Icon Comics)2005-2006
Dream Police (Icon Comics)2005
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters (Icon Comics)2006-2007
Dream Logic (Icon Comics)2010-2011
Mark Millar and Steven McNiven's Nemesis (I) (Icon Comics)2010
Scarlet (Icon Comics)2010-2016
Superior (Icon Comics)2010-2012
Brilliant (Icon Comics)2011-2014
Superior World Record Special (Icon Comics)2011
Takio GN-HC (Icon Comics)2011-2013
Hit-Girl (Icon Comics)2012-2013
Mark Millar and Steven McNiven's Nemesis (II) (Icon Comics)2012
The Secret Service (Icon Comics)2012-2013
Supercrooks (Icon Comics)2012
Takio (Icon Comics)2012-2013
Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom (Icon Comics)2013-2014
Men of Wrath (Icon Comics)2014-2015
Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides (Icon Comics)2014
The United States of Murder, Inc. (Icon Comics)2014-2015
The United States of Murder, Inc. Annual (Icon Comics)2015
Empress (Icon Comics)2016-2017
Millarworld Annual 2016 (Image Comics)2016
The Book of Lost Souls TPB (Icon Comics)2006
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters (HC) (Icon Comics)2007
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters TPB (Icon Comics)2008
Fortune and Glory: A True Hollywood Comic Book Story Deluxe (HC) Anniversary Edition (Icon Comics)2010
Jinx: The Essential Collection GN-HC (Icon Comics)2011
Mark Millar and Steven McNiven's Nemesis Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2011
Scarlet Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2011
Goldfish GN-HC (Icon Comics)2012
Mark Millar and Steven McNiven's Nemesis TPB (Icon Comics)2012
Supercrooks Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2012
Superior Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2012
Torso GN-HC (Icon Comics)2012
Supercrooks TPB (Icon Comics)2013
Superior TPB (Icon Comics)2013
Brilliant Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2014
Fire GN (HC) (Icon Comics)2014
Painkiller Jane TPB: Price of Freedom (Icon Comics)2014
Secret Service (HC): Kingsman (Icon Comics)2014
The Secret Service TPB (Icon Comics)2014
Men of Wrath TPB (Icon Comics)2015
Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides TPB (Icon Comics)2015
The Secret Service TPB: Kingsman (Icon Comics)2015
The United States of Murder Inc. Premiere (HC) vol.1: Truth (Icon Comics)2015
Brian Michael Bendis Omnibus (HC): Crime Noir (Icon Comics)2016
Scarlet TPB (Icon Comics)2016
The United States of Murder Inc. TPB vol.1: Truth (Icon Comics)2016
Empress Premiere (HC)2017
Empress TPB2017

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Casanova series
Criminal series
Incognito series
Kabuki series
Kick-Ass series
Powers series

Image Comics

1963 (Image Comics)1993-1996
Espers TPB: Interface (Image Comics)1998

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Incognito (Icon Comics)

Incognito (Icon Comics)2008-2009
Incognito: Bad Influences (Icon Comics)2010-2011
Incognito Must Have (Icon Comics)2009
Incognito TPB (Icon Comics)2010
Incognito TPB: Bad Influences (Icon Comics)2011
Incognito (HC): The Classified Edition (Icon Comics)2012

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Kabuki (Icon Comics)

Kabuki (Icon Comics)2004-2007
Kabuki Reflections (Icon Comics)2005-2009
Kabuki (HC): The Alchemy (Icon Comics)2008
Kabuki TPB: The Alchemy (Icon Comics)2009
Kabuki (HC) (Icon Comics)2010
Kabuki (HC): Reflections (Icon Comics)2010
Kabuki TPB: Reflections: David Mack Art Book (Icon Comics)2010

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Kick-Ass (Icon Comics)

Kick-Ass (Icon Comics)2008-2010
Kick-Ass 2 (Icon Comics)2010-2012
Hit-Girl (Icon Comics)2012-2013
Kick-Ass 3 (Icon Comics)2013-2014
Kick-Ass Director's Cut (Icon Comics)2008
Kick-Ass Must Have (Icon Comics)2008
Kick-Ass Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2010
Kick-Ass TPB (I)(Canceled) (Icon Comics)2010
Kick-Ass 2 Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2012
Kick-Ass 2 Prelude Premiere (HC): Hit-Girl (Icon Comics)2013
Kick-Ass 2 Prelude TPB: Hit-Girl (Icon Comics)2013
Kick-Ass (HC) (Icon Comics)2013
Kick-Ass TPB (II) (Icon Comics)2013
Kick-Ass 3 Premiere (HC) (Icon Comics)2014
Kick-Ass TPB (III)2015
Kick-Ass TPB Box Set Slipcase2016

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Other Icon Comics

Malibu Crossovers

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine (Malibu Comics / DC Comics)1994-1995
Savage Dragon vs. Savage Megaton Man (Malibu Comics / Image)1996

Malibu (pre-Black September)

Dinosaurs for Hire: Guns n' Lizards (Graphic Novel) (Malibu Comics)1989
Arrow (Malibu Comics)1992
Ex-Mutants (Malibu Comics)1992-1994
Ferret (I) (Malibu Comics)1992
Necroscope (Malibu Comics)1992-1993
Protectors (Malibu Comics)1992-1994
Protectors Handbook (Malibu Comics)1992
Tarzan the Beckoning (Malibu Comics)1992-1993
Tarzan: Love, Lies and the Lost City (Malibu Comics)1992
Tarzan the Warrior (Malibu Comics)1992
Airman (Malibu Comics)1993
Dead Clown (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Dinosaurs for Hire (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Ferret (II) (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Genesis (Malibu Comics)1993
Gravestone (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Man of War (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
The Mighty Magnor (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Raver (Malibu Ultraverse) (Malibu Comics)1993
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Street Fighter (Malibu Comics)1993
Wildstar: Sky Zero (Malibu Comics)1993
Battletech: Fallout (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
The Best of Street Fighter (Malibu Comics)1994
Bravura ½ (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
Breed I (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
Breed II (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Bruce Lee (Malibu Comics)1994
Dreadstar (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Edge (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
The Man Called A-X (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Mortal Kombat (Malibu Comics)1994
Mortal Kombat: Goro, Prince of Pain (Malibu Comics)1994
Mortal Kombat Special Edition (Malibu Comics)1994
Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition (I) (Malibu Comics)1994
Power and Glory Holiday Special (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
Power and Glory (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
Project A-Ko (Malibu Comics)1994
Star Slammers (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Hearts and Minds (Malibu Comics)1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Lightstorm (Malibu Comics)1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation (Malibu Comics)1994
Strikeback! (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
Battletech (Malibu Comics)1995
Bravura (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1995
Metaphysique (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Baraka (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Battlewave (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Kitana and Mileena (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Rayden and Kano (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: Raydon and Kano (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition (II) (Malibu Comics)1995
Mortal Kombat: U.S. Special Forces (Malibu Comics)1995
The Nocturnals (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Annual (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Celebrity Series: Blood and Honor (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Celebrity Series: Rules of Diplomacy (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Maquis (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Special (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Terok Nor (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ultimate Annual (Malibu Comics)1995
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Worf Special (Malibu Comics)1995
T2: Cybernetic Dawn (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
T2: Nuclear Twilight (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
Terminator 2: Nuclear Twilight/Cybernetic Dawn (Malibu Comics)1996
Breed TPB: Book of Genesis (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1994
The Nocturnals TPB: Black Planet (Malibu Bravura) (Malibu Comics)1998

Malibu Ultraverse (post-Black September)

All New Exiles (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995-1996
All New Exiles: Infinity (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
All New Exiles vs. the X-Men (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Avengers/UltraForce (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Black September: Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Conan vs. Rune (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Curse of Rune (Malibu Comics)1995
Dream Team (Malibu Comics)1995
Godwheel (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Godwheel Ashcan (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Mantra (II) (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
Mantra: Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
The Night Man (II) (Malibu Comics)1995
The Night Man Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Night Man vs. Wolverine (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Prime (II) (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
Prime Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Rune (II) (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
Rune Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Rune/Silver Surfer (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Rune vs. Venom (Edward Brock) (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Siren (Malibu Comics)1995
Siren: Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Ultraforce (II) (Malibu Comics)1995-1996
UltraForce/Avengers (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
UltraForce/Avengers Prelude (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Ultraforce Infinity (Malibu Comics)1995
Angels of Destructions (Malibu Comics)1996
Battlezones: Dream Team 2 (Malibu Comics)1996
Foxfire (Malibu Comics)1996
The Night Man/Gambit (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1996
The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1996
Prime/Captain America (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1996
Rune: Hearts of Darkness (Malibu Comics)1996
Siren Special (Malibu Comics)1996
Ultraforce/Spider-Man (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1996
Ultraverse Unlimited (Malibu Comics)1996
Witch Hunter (Malibu Comics)1996
Ultraverse: Future Shock (Malibu Comics)1997
Godwheel Collection TPB: Wheel of Thunder (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Mutants vs. Ultras: First Encounters (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
The Phoenix Resurrection TPB: Red Shift (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995

Malibu Ultraverse (pre-Black September)

Break-Thru (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Exiles (Malibu Comics)1993
Firearm (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Freex (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Hardcase (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Hardcase Premiere Edition (Malibu Comics)1993
Mantra (I) (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
The Night Man (I) (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Prime (I) (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Prototype (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Sludge (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
Solitaire (Malibu Comics)1993-1994
The Solution (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
The Strangers (Malibu Comics)1993-1995
Ultra-Monthly (Malibu Comics)1993
Collectors Guide to the Ultraverse (Malibu Comics)1994
Elven (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Flood Relief (Malibu Comics)1994
Giant Size Freex (Malibu Comics)1994
Giant Size Mantra (Malibu Comics)1994
Giant Size Prototype (Malibu Comics)1994
Giant Size Warstrike (Malibu Comics)1994
Hostile Takeover Ashcan (Malibu Comics)1994
Lord Pumpkin (Malibu Comics)1994
Malibu Ashcan: UltraForce (Malibu Comics)1994
Malibu Rafferty Ashcan (Malibu Comics)1994
Prime (I) ½ (Wizard Publication)1994
Prime: Gross and Disgusting (Annual) (Malibu Comics)1994
Prime Month Ashcan (Malibu Comics)1994
Rune (I) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Rune: The Spin Special Edition (Malibu Comics)1994
Sludge: Red X-Mas (Malibu Comics)1994
Ultraforce (I) (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Ultraverse Premiere (Malibu Comics)1994
Ultraverse Year One (Malibu Comics)1994
Warstrike (Malibu Comics)1994
Wrath (Malibu Comics)1994-1995
Wrath Giant-Size (Malibu Comics)1994
Codename: Firearm (Malibu Comics)1995
Eliminator (Malibu Comics)1995
Giant Size Rune (Malibu Comics)1995
Lord Pumpkin/Necromantra (Malibu Comics)1995
Malibu Ashcan: Metaphysique (Malibu Comics)1995
Mantra: Spear of Destiny (Malibu Comics)1995
The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga (Malibu Comics)1995
Power of Prime (Malibu Comics)1995
Ripfire (Malibu Comics)1995
The Strangers: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga (Malibu Comics)1995
Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime and Solitaire (Malibu Comics)1995
Ultraverse Year Two (Malibu Comics)1995
Ultraverse Year Zero: The Death of the Squad (Malibu Comics)1995
Prime Time TPB: A Prime Collection (Malibu Comics)1994
Rune/Wrath Ashcan Edition (Malibu Comics)1994
Ultraforce (I) TPB (Malibu Comics)1994
Ultraverse Origins (Malibu Comics)1994

Other Marvel Publications


Others Publishers

Terry Beatty's The Phony Pages (Others)1986

Parody Press

The Pummeler (I) (Parody Press)1992
The Pummeler (I) (Parody Press)1992
Rank and Stinky (Parody Press)1992
Rank and Stinky (Parody Press)1992
Spineless-Man $2099 (Parody Press)1992
Unfunny X-Cons (Parody Press)1992
The Unfunny X-Cons (Parody Press)1992
X-Farce (II) (Parody Press)1992
Cable TV1993
Cable T.V. (Parody Press)1993
Dumm $20991993
The Incredible Punk / The Mighty Fore (Parody Press)1993
Infinity Charade (Parody Press)1993
Infinity Charade (Parody Press)1993
Pummeler $2099 (Parody Press)1993
Pummeler $2099 (Parody Press)1993
Rummage $2099 (Parody Press)1993
Silly Surfer (Parody Press)1993
Venumb (Parody Press)1993
X-Cons vs. X-Farce: X-Tinction! (Parody Press)1993
X-Cons vs. X-Farce: X-Tinction! 1½ (Parody Press)1993

Powers (Icon Comics)

Powers (Image Comics)2000-2004
Powers Annual (I) (Image Comics)2001
Powers (II) (Icon Comics)2004-2008
Powers Annual (II) (Icon Comics)2008
Powers (III) (Icon Comics)2009-2012
Powers Encyclopedia (Icon Comics)2009
Powers: The Bureau (Icon Comics)2013-2014
Powers (IV) (Icon Comics)2015-2016
Powers Coloring Book (Icon Comics)2017
Powers TPB vol.1: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Image Comics / Marvel)2000
Powers TPB vol.2: Roleplay (Image Comics / Marvel)2001
Powers TPB vol.3: Little Deaths (Image Comics / Marvel)2002
Powers TPB vol.4: Supergroup (Image Comics / Marvel)2003
Powers TPB vol.6: The Sellouts (Image Comics / Marvel)2004
Powers (HC): The Definitive Collection (Icon Comics)2005-2014
Powers TPB vol.7: Forever (Image Comics / Marvel)2005
Powers TPB vol.8: Legends (Image Comics / Marvel)2005
Powers TPB vol.9: Psychotic (Image Comics / Marvel)2006
Powers TPB vol.10: Cosmic (Image Comics / Marvel)2007
Powers TPB vol.11: Secret Identity (Image Comics / Marvel)2008
Powers TPB vol.12: The 25 Coolest Dead Superheroes of all Time (Image Comics / Marvel)2009
Powers TPB vol.13: Z (Image Comics / Marvel)2010
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.1: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Icon Comics)2011
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.2: Roleplay (Icon Comics)2011
Powers TPB vol.5: Anarchy (Image Comics / Marvel)2011
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.3: Little Deaths (Icon Comics)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.4: Supergroup (Icon Comics)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.5: Anarchy (Icon Comics)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.6: The Sellouts (Icon Comics)2012
Powers TPB vol.14: Gods (Image Comics / Marvel)2012
Powers Premiere (HC) (I) vol.7: Forever (Icon Comics)2013
Powers TPB: Bureau vol.1: Undercover (Icon Comics)2014
Powers Firsts (Icon Comics)2015
Powers Omnibus (HC) (Icon Comics)2015
Powers TPB: Bureau vol.2 (Icon Comics)2015
Powers Premiere (HC) (II) vol.1: All New Powers (Icon Comics)2016
Powers (HC): The Bureau Saga (Icon Comics)2017

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Sky Doll (Soleil Comics)

Sky Doll (Soleil Comics)2008
Sky Doll - Doll's Factory (Soleil Comics)2009
Sky Doll: Lacrima Christi (Soleil Comics)2010
Sky Doll Space Ship (Soleil Comics)2010
Sky Doll Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2008
Sky Doll TPB (Soleil Comics)2010
Sky Doll Premiere (HC): Space Ship (Soleil Comics)2011
Sky Doll TPB: Space Ship (Soleil Comics)2011

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Soleil Comics

Soleil Comics

Samurai: Legend (Soleil Comics)2008-2009
Soleil Sampler (Soleil Comics)2008
Universal War One (Soleil Comics)2008
Kookaburra K (Soleil Comics)2009-2010
Scourge of the Gods (Soleil Comics)2009
Scourge of the Gods - The Fall (Soleil Comics)2009
Spin Angels (Soleil Comics)2009-2010
Universal War One: Revelations (Soleil Comics)2009
Ythaq - The Forsaken World (Soleil Comics)2009
Ythaq - No Escape (Soleil Comics)2009
Daffodil (Soleil Comics)2010
Husk (Soleil Comics)2010
Prometheus (Canceled) (Soleil Comics)2010
Tales of the Dragon Guard (Soleil Comics)2010
Tales of the Dragon Guard - Into the Veil (Soleil Comics)2010-2011
Samurai Premiere (HC): Legend (Soleil Comics)2009
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Soleil: Universal War One Premiere (HC): Revelations (Soleil Comics)2009
Soleil: Ythaq - No Escape Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Ythaq - The Forsaken World Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2009
Daffodil Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Husk Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Kookaburra K Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Scourge of the Gods Premiere (HC): The Fall (Soleil Comics)2010
Spin Angels Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC) (Soleil Comics)2010
Daffodil TPB (Canceled) (Soleil Comics)2011
Husk TPB (Canceled) (Soleil Comics)2011
Kookaburra K TPB (Soleil Comics)2011
Tales of the Dragon Guard Premiere (HC): Into the Veil (Soleil Comics)2011
Tales of the Dragon Guard TPB (Soleil Comics)2011

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Sky Doll

Spoof Comics

The Mighty Mites (Eternity Comics)1986-1987
Spoof Comics Presents (Spoof Comics)1993
X-Babes 2088 (Spoof Comics)1993

Star Wars (Dark Horse)

Star Wars: Dark Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1991-1992
Classic Star Wars (Dark Horse Comics)1992-1994
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (Dark Horse Comics)1993-1994
Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures (Dark Horse Comics)1994-1995
Star Wars: Dark Empire II (Dark Horse Comics)1994-1995
Star Wars: Droids (II) (Dark Horse Comics)1994
Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi - Dark Lords of the Sith (Dark Horse Comics)1994-1995
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Freedon Nadd Uprising (Dark Horse Comics)1994
Star Wars: Boba Fett (Dark Horse Comics)1995-1996
Star Wars: Droids (III) (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Droids Special (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Empire's End (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1995-1996
Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt - The Dynasty Trap (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt - The Gaar Suppoon Hit (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt - The Hunger of Princess Nampi (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: River of Chaos (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye (Dark Horse Comics)1995-1996
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Sith War (Dark Horse Comics)1995-1996
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (Dark Horse Comics)1995-1998
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron ½ (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special (Dark Horse Comics)1995
Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt - Betrayal (Dark Horse Comics)1996
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1996
Star Wars: Tales From Mos Eisley (Dark Horse Comics)1996
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Golden Age of the Sith (Dark Horse Comics)1996-1997
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Twin Engines of Destruction (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars: Crimson Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1997-1998
Star Wars: Dark Force Rising (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars: The Last Command (Dark Horse Comics)1997-1998
Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars: Shadow Stalker (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Fall of the Sith Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars (II) (Dark Horse Comics)1998-2005
Star Wars: Crimson Empire II - Council of Blood (Dark Horse Comics)1998-1999
Star Wars Handbook 1: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (Dark Horse Comics)1998
Star Wars: The Jabba Tape (Dark Horse Comics)1998
Star Wars: Jedi Academy - Leviathan (Dark Horse Comics)1998-1999
Star Wars: Mara Jade - By the Emperor's Hand (Dark Horse Comics)1998-1999
Star Wars: A New Hope Manga (Dark Horse Comics)1998
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - Evolution (Dark Horse Comics)1998
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Redemption (Dark Horse Comics)1998
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Enemy of the Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters - Aurra Sing (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters - Kenix Kil (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters - Scoundrel's Wages (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Manga (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - Anakin Skywalker (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Manga (Dark Horse Comics)1999-2000
Star Wars: Episode I - Queen Amidala (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Episode I - Qui-Gon Jinn (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars Handbook 2: Crimson Empire (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Manga (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Star Wars Tales (Dark Horse Comics)1999-2005
Star Wars: Union (Dark Horse Comics)1999-2000
Star Wars: Vader's Quest (Dark Horse Comics)1999
Sergio Aragonés Stomps Star Wars (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Agent of Doom (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars: Chewbacca (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars: Darth Maul (I) (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars Handbook 3: Dark Empire (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars: Jedi Council - Acts of War (Dark Horse Comics)2000
Star Wars: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan - Last Stand on Ord Mantell (Dark Horse Comics)2000-2001
Star Wars: Underworld - The Yavin Vassilika (Dark Horse Comics)2000-2001
Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope (Dark Horse Comics)2001
Star Wars: Jedi Quest (Dark Horse Comics)2001
Star Wars: Jedi Vs. Sith (Dark Horse Comics)2001
Star Wars: Tag and Bink Are Dead (Dark Horse Comics)2001
Star Wars: Empire (Dark Horse Comics)2002-2006
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars: Jango Fett (I) (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars: Jango Fett - Open Seasons (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars: Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan - The Aurorient Express (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars: Republic (Dark Horse Comics)2002-2006
Star Wars: Starfighter - Crossbones (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars: Zam Wesell (Dark Horse Comics)2002
Star Wars Infinities: Return of the Jedi (Dark Horse Comics)2003-2004
Star Wars: Jedi - Aayla Secura (Dark Horse Comics)2003
Star Wars: Jedi - Count Dooku (Dark Horse Comics)2003
Star Wars: Jedi - Mace Windu (Dark Horse Comics)2003
Star Wars: Jedi - Shaak Ti (Dark Horse Comics)2003
Star Wars: A Valentine Story (Dark Horse Comics)2003
Star Wars: Jedi - Yoda (Dark Horse Comics)2004
Star Wars: Obsession (Dark Horse Comics)2004-2005
Free Comic Book Day 2005 Star Wars (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars: General Grievous (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars: Purge (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars Visionaries (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Leader (Dark Horse Comics)2005
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Overkill (Dark Horse Comics)2006
Star Wars: Dark Times (Dark Horse Comics)2006-2010
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Dark Horse Comics)2006-2010
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Rebellion (Dark Horse Comics)2006
Star Wars: Legacy (I) (Dark Horse Comics)2006-2010
Star Wars: Rebellion (Dark Horse Comics)2006-2008
Star Wars: Tag and Bink II (Dark Horse Comics)2006
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Handbook (Dark Horse Comics)2007
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (I) (Dark Horse Comics)2008
Star Wars: Dark Times - Blue Harvest (Dark Horse Comics)2009
Star Wars: Invasion (Dark Horse Comics)2009
Star Wars: Purge - Seconds to Die (Dark Horse Comics)2009
Star Wars: Blood Ties (Dark Horse Comics)2010
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (II) (Dark Horse Comics)2010
Star Wars: Invasion - Rescues (Dark Horse Comics)2010
Star Wars: Knight Errant (Dark Horse Comics)2010-2011
Star Wars: Legacy - War (Dark Horse Comics)2010-2011
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Dark Horse Comics)2010
Star Wars: Purge - The Hidden Blade (Dark Horse Comics)2010
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Iron Eclipse (Dark Horse Comics)2011-2012
Star Wars: Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost (Dark Horse Comics)2011-2012
Star Wars: Dark Times - Out of the Wilderness (Dark Horse Comics)2011-2012
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command (Dark Horse Comics)2011
Star Wars: Invasion - Revelations (Dark Horse Comics)2011
Star Wars: Jedi - The Dark Side (Dark Horse Comics)2011
Star Wars: Knight Errant - Deluge (Dark Horse Comics)2011
Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Lost Suns (Dark Horse Comics)2011
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets (Dark Horse Comics)2012-2013
Star Wars: Blood Ties - Boba Fett Is Dead (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Death Sentence (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force Storm (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Prisoner of Bogan (Dark Horse Comics)2012-2013
Star Wars: Knight Errant - Escape (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - War (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith - Spiral (Dark Horse Comics)2012
Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrant's Fist (Dark Horse Comics)2012-2013
Star Wars (III) (Dark Horse Comics)2013-2014
The Star Wars (IV) (Dark Horse Comics)2013-2014
Star Wars: Dark Times - Fire Carrier (Dark Horse Comics)2013
Star Wars: Dark Times - A Spark Remains (Dark Horse Comics)2013
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows (Dark Horse Comics)2013-2014
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin (Dark Horse Comics)2013
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Force War (Dark Horse Comics)2013-2014
Star Wars: Legacy (II) (Dark Horse Comics)2013-2014
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir (Dark Horse Comics)2014
Star Wars: Rebel Heist (Dark Horse Comics)2014
Star Wars: Droids - The Protocol Offensive (Dark Horse Comics)2016
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Bounty on Bar-Kooda (Dark Horse Comics)2023
Star Wars: Boba Fett - Murder Most Foul (Dark Horse Comics)2023
Star Wars: Boba Fett - When the Fat Lady Swings (Dark Horse Comics)2023
Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Dark Horse Comics)1994
Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds (Dark Horse Comics)1996
Classic Star Wars: Han Solo At Stars' End (Dark Horse Comics)1997
Star Wars: Darth Maul TPB: Son of Dathomir (Dark Horse Comics)2014
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (HC) (Dark Horse Comics)2016

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Wizard Special Editions and Specials

Open Space #01999
Wizard: X-Men Turn Thirty (Wizard Publication)1993
Wizard Presents: Prime (I) #½ (Wizard Publication)1994
Beavis and Butt-Head Ashcan (Wizard Publication)1995
Ren and Stimpy Show (Wizard Mini-Comic)1995
Sensational Spider-Man Ashcan (Giveaway) (Wizard Publication)1995
Heroes Reborn ½ (Wizard Publication)1996
Deadpool (I) #01998
Earth X Wizard Special Edition (Wizard Publication)1997
Silver Surfer/Witchblade ½ (Image Comics / Marvel)1997
Thunderbolts #01999
Wizard: Marvel's Heroes Return (Wizard Publication)1997
Wolverine ½ (Wizard Publication)1997
Avengers (III) #01999
Fantastic Four ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
Generation X ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
Marvel Knights Sketchbook (Wizard Publication)1998
Marvel Knights Wave 2 Sketchbook (Wizard Publication)1998
Silver Surfer ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
Slingers #01998
Spider-Man ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
Wizard Presents The Legacy of Spider-Man Special Edition (Wizard Publication)1998
Wizards Presents Cerebro's Guide to the X-Men (Wizard Publication)1998
Wizard's X-Men Special (I) (Wizard Publication)1998
X-Men ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
The Avengers (Wizard Mini-Comic) (Wizard Publication)1999
Blade ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
Daredevil ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
Gambit ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
Hulk ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
Iron Man ½ (Wizard Publication)1999
The New Warriors (II) #01999
Spider-Girl ½ (May Parker) (Wizard Publication)1999
Spider-Man Unlimited (II) ½ (TV) (Wizard Publication)1999
Wild Thing #0 (MC-2)1999
Wizard's Avengers Special (Wizard Publication)1999
Wizard's X-Men Special (II) (Wizard Publication)1999
X-51 The Machine Man #01999
Earth X ½ (Wizard Publication)2000
Universe X Sketchbook (Wizard Publication)2000
Ghost Rider ½ (Wizard Publication)2001
Paradise X Special Edition (Wizard Publication)2001
Wizard's X-Men Spectacular (Wizard Publication)2001
Fantastic Four Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2002-2003
Weapon X ½ (Wizard Publication)2002
Wizard's Ultimate Marvel Spectacular (Wizard Publication)2002
Wizard's X-Men Special (III) (Wizard Publication)2002
Ultimate Six #12003
Wizard's X-Men Special (IV) (Wizard Publication)2003
Daredevil Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2004
Wizard: The Comic Magazine (Wizard Publication)2004-2006
Ultimate Spider-Man: Wizard Ace Edition (Peter Parker) (Wizard Publication)2005
Twisted Toyfare Theater 10th Anniversary Collection (Wizard Publication)2007
Wizard Ace Edition: Marvel Comics (Wizard Publication)1997
Wizard: Spider-Man Special (Wizard Publication)1998
Amazing Spider-Man Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2000-2004
Incredible Hulk Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2001-2003
Wizard X-Men Pre-Press Edition (Wizard Publication)2001
Uncanny X-Men Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2002
Avengers Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2003
Spider-Man Masterpiece Edition (Wizard Publication)2004
Ultimate X-Men #50 (Wizard World Chicago Incentive)2004

Young Readers Novel

Amazing Spider-Man Young Readers Novel2012
Wolverine Young Readers Novel2013
Black Panther: Into the Heartlands Young Readers Novel2022
Storm (HC): Dawn of a Goddess (Novel) (Penguin Random House)2024



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