1950 - 2005


Since 1950 Joe Sinnott has astounded comic readers all over the world with his work, that already has become legend. And legion - does anyone still know which comic books felt the touch of Joe's hand?

One man does: Mark Sinnott, Joe's son, has created a list of the live achievement of his father. Mark was kind enough to provide me with that list, so that I can use it for my Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators. But as with any written text, it would be wasted when it could not be read, and so Mark allowed me to publish the complete list. Therefore, whoever is interested in Joe Sinnott's work can now look it up here on this pages.

Mr. Sinnott - both of you - Many thanks for the wonderful work!

Markus Müller

Archie Comics

Atlas Comics

Charlton Comics

Fantastic Four

Hulk Newspaper Strips

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Newspaper Strips


Treasure Chest Comics

Other Work


Examples of Joe Sinnott's art and many more interesting details can be found at