Download the Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators

If you often need information from this web site, but it is not possible to logon to your ISP everytime you need it, you can download the complete handbook in HTML format to your local computer. Or if you have already done so, you can get a update of all files changed since the last release (you can find the date your version of the handbook was created at the bottom of any file).

Since version 30 the download archives are not ZIP compressed files anymore, but use the CAB (cabinet) file format that Microsoft introduced with Windows95. Since then, each Windows version is able to extract CAB files. Also archivation programs like WinZIP or Zip'n'All support this format.

For compressing we use the freeware program CABPACK by Lars Hederer which is very easy to use. The package also contains the program EXTRACT.EXE, which can be used to extract the files contained in the CAB archive (just in case you need the program - usually it is part of the Windows installation).

The advantage of the CAB format is that (in our case) the archives are about 40% smaller than the ZIP archives, which saves you precious download time. Further, each CAB file can be opened and extracted by itself - so there is no more need for combining the ZIP files after download.

The disadvantage is that we do not know how CAB files are supported by non-Windows operating systems. Please let us know if you have troubles with the CAB files - or if you have no problem with your Mac or Linux or whatever, please lt us know, too. Maybe we can use your advice to help other users who are not so fortunate.

To extract the CAB files either open the one with the lowest number with WinZip or Zip'n'All or one of the other GUI-based archivation programs, that support CAB files. Alternatively, you could use the EXTRACT.EXE program:

EXTRACT.EXE /Y /A /E file.CAB *.*

Instead of "file.CAB" use the name of the CAB file with the lowest number. The files are extracted into the current subdirectory.

Files not changed for version V287 ( 2024-06-02):

part 1/19 (512KB) part 2/19 (512KB) part 3/19 (512KB) part 4/19 (512KB) part 5/19 (512KB) part 6/19 (512KB) part 7/19 (512KB) part 8/19 (512KB) part 9/19 (512KB) part 10/19 (512KB) part 11/19 (512KB) part 12/19 (512KB) part 13/19 (512KB) part 14/19 (512KB) part 15/19 (512KB) part 16/19 (512KB) part 17/19 (512KB) part 18/19 (512KB) part 19/19 (192KB)

Files changed from version V286 ( 2024-05-09) to version V287 ( 2024-06-02):

part 1/26 (512KB) part 2/26 (512KB) part 3/26 (512KB) part 4/26 (512KB) part 5/26 (512KB) part 6/26 (512KB) part 7/26 (512KB) part 8/26 (512KB) part 9/26 (512KB) part 10/26 (512KB) part 11/26 (512KB) part 12/26 (512KB) part 13/26 (512KB) part 14/26 (512KB) part 15/26 (512KB) part 16/26 (512KB) part 17/26 (512KB) part 18/26 (512KB) part 19/26 (512KB) part 20/26 (512KB) part 21/26 (512KB) part 22/26 (512KB) part 23/26 (512KB) part 24/26 (512KB) part 25/26 (512KB) part 26/26 (323KB)

You can store the extracted files anywhere on your local harddrive, just make sure that the internal directory structure is not disturbed. Then load index.htm into your browser and presto!

The next update of this site is planned for 2024-07.



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