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1 + 2 = Fantastic Three2018
2020 Variant Cover2020
2099 Frame Variant Cover2022-2024
$2099 Interlocking Cover1993
2099 Variant Cover2020
The 22 Brides2014
The 25 Coolest Dead Super Heroes of All Time2007-2008
25th Anniversary Frame Cover1986
30s Decade Variant Cover2009
3D Lenticular Variant Cover2018
40s Decade Variant Cover2009
50s Decade Variant Cover2009
5th Wheel2003
60s Decade Variant Cover2009
The 7 Seconds Before You Die2015
7 the Hard Way2009-2010
70's Avengers Assemble Interlocking Variant Cover2023
70s Decade Variant Cover2009
70th Anniversary Frame Cover2009
70th Anniversary Variant Cover2009-2010
75th Legacy Homage Variant Cover2023
80's Avengers Assemble Interlocking Variant Cover2023
80s Decade Variant Cover2009
8-Bit Variant Cover2013-2019
90's Avengers Assemble Interlocking Variant Cover2023
90s Decade Variant Cover2009
99 Problems...2013-2014


A New Hope 45th Anniversary Variant Cover2022
Abraxas and the Earthman1982-1983
Abslom Daak... Dalek-Killer1980-1985
Absolute Carnage2019-2020
Absolute Carnage Interlocking Variant Cover2019-2020
Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Absolute Carnage Miles Morales Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Absolute Carnage Scream Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Absolute Carnage: Spider-Man2019
Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Absolute Power2008
The Accursed2013-2014
The Accused (A)2006
Accused (B)2020
Ace of Space1984
Action Figure Photo Variant Cover2016
Action Figure Two-Pack Variant Cover2016-2020
Action Figure Variant Cover2015-2024
Acts of Evil!2019
Acts of Evil Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Acts of Idiocy!1990
Acts of Vengeance! (A)1989-1990
Acts of Vengeance (B)1990-1991
Acts of War2000
ACX Variant Cover2014
The Adamantium Men2009
Adrenazon's Revenge1993
Adventure the Fourth: The Endless Nightmare of Leonard Samson2006
The Adventures of Cholly N' Flytrap1992
The Aegean Shoot2022
Africa Screams!1983
African Saga1989
After School2022
Against a Rogue God1992
Against the Tide2013
The Age of Anxiety2011
Age of Apocalypse Sandoval Interlocking Cover2015
The Age of Khonshu2020
Age of Ultron2011-2014
Age of Ultron Movie Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Age of X2011
Age of X-Man2019
Age of X-Man Interlocking Variant Cover2019
An Agent - Not a Gent!
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (A)2005
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (B)2013
Agent of T.I.M.E.2013-2014
Agent of Weapon X2001-2002
Agents of Thunder2013
The Ages of Apocalypse2000
The Ahakista Gambit2007
A.I.M. vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2016
A.I.M. vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. Interlocking Cover2016
The Air-Pirates of Mars1977-1978
The Alchemy2004-2007
Alf no.1 Homage Cover1992
Algorithm of Live1993
The Alien Costume1995
Alien Nation2017
All Along the Watchtower2000
All Die Young2020-2021
All Hope Lies in Doom2012
All In2024
All in the Family1990
All Select Comics no.4 Homage Cover2017
All This and the World, Too2023
All Winners Comics no.19 Homage Cover2010
All Winners Comics no.4 Homage Cover2023
All-New Captain America no.1 Homage Cover2017
All-New X-Men by Stuart Immonen Interlocking Cover2013
All-New Young Guns Variant Cover2014
All-out Action Ish!!1993
Along Came the Spiders2023
Alpha and Omega2012
Alpha Flight no.1 Homage Cover2023
Alpha Flight no.106 Homage Cover2024
Alpha Flight no.11 Homage Cover1985
Alpha Flight no.12 Homage Cover1994-2005
Alpha Flight no.4 Homage Cover2024
Alpha: Omega1999
Alpha to Omega2007
Alphabet Squad Variant Cover2019
Altered Spirits1994
Always Bet on Red2017
Amazing Adventures no.18 Homage Cover2002
Amazing Adventures (II) no.8 Homage Cover2017
Amazing Fantasy2018
Amazing Fantasy no.15 Homage Cover1984-2023
Amazing Grace2016
Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2012-2013
Amazing Spider-Man Annual no.1 Homage Cover2014
Amazing Spider-Man Annual no.10 Homage Cover2023
Amazing Spider-Man Annual no.21 Homage Cover1990-2024
Amazing Spider-Man Annual no.6 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott Interlocking Variant Cover2011
Amazing Spider-Man in Motion Variant Cover2012
Amazing Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.100 Homage Cover2006-2023
Amazing Spider-Man no.101 Homage Cover2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.102 Homage Cover2011
Amazing Spider-Man no.106 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.107 Homage Cover1977
Amazing Spider-Man no.109 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.111 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.112 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.113 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.114 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.117 Homage Cover1978
Amazing Spider-Man no.121 Homage Cover2012-2014
Amazing Spider-Man no.122 Homage Cover2006-2021
Amazing Spider-Man no.128 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.129 Homage Cover2007-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.131 Homage Cover2015
Amazing Spider-Man no.134 Homage Cover1988
Amazing Spider-Man no.135 Homage Cover2022
Amazing Spider-Man no.14 Homage Cover2022
Amazing Spider-Man no.141 Homage Cover2011
Amazing Spider-Man no.151 Homage Cover2006-2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.161 Homage Cover1988
Amazing Spider-Man no.194 Homage Cover2014
Amazing Spider-Man no.201 Homage Cover1989
Amazing Spider-Man no.21 Homage Cover1968
Amazing Spider-Man no.238 Homage Cover2022-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.252 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.255 Homage Cover2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.256 Homage Cover2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.257 Homage Cover2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.294 Homage Cover2017
Amazing Spider-Man no.300 Homage Cover2011-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.301 Homage Cover1993
Amazing Spider-Man no.316 Homage Cover2016-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.328 Homage Cover2015-2021
Amazing Spider-Man no.33 Homage Cover2014
Amazing Spider-Man no.34 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.347 Homage Cover2018-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.361 Homage Cover2023
Amazing Spider-Man no.362 Homage Cover2022
Amazing Spider-Man no.375 Homage Cover2023
Amazing Spider-Man no.39 Homage Cover1993-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.400 Homage Cover2013
Amazing Spider-Man no.46 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.5 Homage Cover2020
Amazing Spider-Man no.50 Homage Cover1977-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.51 Homage Cover2018
Amazing Spider-Man (III) no.546 Homage Cover2017-2018
Amazing Spider-Man no.55 Homage Cover1997-2023
Amazing Spider-Man (III) no.583 Homage Cover2009-2010
Amazing Spider-Man no.60 Homage Cover1973
Amazing Spider-Man (III) no.600 Homage Cover2013
Amazing Spider-Man (III) no.606 Homage Cover2022-2024
Amazing Spider-Man no.62 Homage Cover1973
Amazing Spider-Man no.67 Homage Cover1974
Amazing Spider-Man no.7 Homage Cover2016
Amazing Spider-Man no.8 Homage Cover1988
Amazing Spider-Man no.84 Homage Cover1976
Amazing Spider-Man no.87 Homage Cover1976
Amazing Spider-Man no.98 Homage Cover2020
America Lost2001
American Dreamers (A)1994
American Dreamers (B)2011-2012
American Gothic Variant Cover2007-2021
American Nightmare1998
American Pastimes1993
American Psycho2005
American Samurai1997
American Son2009
American Zealot2021
The Amra Saga1990
Amulet Quest1994
An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)2022
Anatomy of a Hero1994
Ancient Relics1987
And Let There Be Light...1993
And Lo There Came… A Poison!2017-2018
...And What Do You Believe?2015
And Ye Shall Remember This Day1991
Andy Mangels' Reel Marvel Adventures of the X-Men1997
Angels and Demons2008
Angels Unaware2013
The Angry Past1994
Animal House2016
Animal House Henderson Interlocking Cover2016
Animal House Moore Interlocking Cover2016
Animal Variant Cover2014
Animation Variant Cover2017-2024
Annihilation: Conquest2007-2008
Annihilation Interlocking Cover2006
Annihilation: Scourge2020
Annihilation Scourge Interlocking Variant Cover2020
Anniversary Variant Cover2022-2023
Another Chance2023
Another Fine Mess2010-2011
Another Return of the Sinister Six!1999
Another Return of the Sinister Six! Interlocking Cover1999
Another Rooster in the Henhouse2002
Answered Prayers2011
Ant-Sized Variant Cover2015
Apache Autumn1994-1995
Ape-okolips Now!2009
Apocalype Wars Interlocking Variant Cover2016
The Apocalypse Journal2010
The Apocalypse Seed2018
The Apocalypse Solution2010-2011
Apocalypse Soon2007
Apocalypse: The Twelve2000
Apocalypse vs. Dracula2006
Apocalypse Wars (A)2016
Apocalypse Wars (B)2016
Apocalypse Wars (C)2016
Apocalypse Wars Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Apogee of Disaster1990-1991
Arakko Variant Cover2022-2023
The Archimage Quest1994
Are You a Detective?1949-1951
Are you there, Deadpool? It's me, Deadpool2010
Area 142018
Ares: God of War2006
Argent Star2021
Armageddon Now1999
Armor Wars II1990-2013
The Arms of the Octopus2013
Arms of the Octopus Interlocking Cover2013
Arms Race: Spider-Man vs Deadpool2018
Army of One2016
Around the World in 80 Hours1989
Art Attack!1991
As Dreams Are Made on1999
Asgard/Shi’ar War2017
The Asgard/Spartax War2017
Asgardian Variant Cover2019
The Ashes of Jedha2018
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Variant Cover2023
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Variant Cover2021-2022
Askani Rising1999-2000
Aspects of Evil1989
The Assassination Game2000
The Assassin-Nation Plot1989
Assault on Armor City1992
Assault on New Olympus2010
Assault on Weapon Plus2003
Assistant Editor's Month1983-1984
Astonishing X-Men (III) no.1 Homage Cover2014-2018
Astonishing X-Men (III) no.2 Homage Cover2017
Astonishing X-Men no.4 Homage Cover2017
Astonishing X-Men (III) no.6 Homage Cover2010
At the End of All Things2020
Atlantis Attacks (A)1989-1990
Atlantis Attacks (B)2020-2021
Atlantis Rising1995
The Atomizer1964
Attack of the Clones 20th Anniversary Variant Cover2023
Attack on Emerald City2023
Attraction Variant Cover2019-2022
The Aurorient Express2002
Authoritative Action2003-2004
The Autobiography of Tony Stark2023
Avenge the Earth2014
Avengers 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2013-2014
Avengers 60th Anniversary Variant Cover2023-2024
Avengers Annual no.17 Homage Cover2017
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant Cover2012
Avengers Assemble2023
Avengers Assemble: The Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes2010-2011
Avengers Assemble Wrap-Around Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Avengers by Alex Ross Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Avengers by Dustin Weaver Interlocking Cover2013
Avengers' Data File1994-1996
Avengers Decades Variant Cover2013
Avengers Disassembled2004-2005
Avengers Empire2014
Avengers Forever2003
Avengers Forever no.8 Homage Cover2023
Avengers Heroic Age Interlocking Cover2010
Avengers Interlocking Cover by Alex Ross2016
Avengers Mech Strike Variant Cover2021
Avengers No Road Home Noto Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Avengers No Road Home Scalera Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Avengers No Road Home Suayan Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Avengers No Surrender Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Avengers no.1 Homage Cover1995-2024
Avengers (VI) no.1 Variant Homage Cover2013
Avengers no.100 Homage Cover2019-2024
Avengers no.125 Homage Cover2010
Avengers no.133 Homage Cover2014
Avengers no.141 Homage Cover1998
Avengers no.144 Homage Cover2024
Avengers no.151 Homage Cover2024
Avengers no.16 Homage Cover1999-2024
Avengers no.187 Homage Cover2017
Avengers no.19 Homage Cover2023
Avengers no.201 Homage Cover2014
Avengers no.221 Homage Cover2015
Avengers no.223 Homage Cover2015-2024
Avengers no.25 Homage Cover1999
Avengers no.27 Homage Cover1974
Avengers no.3 Homage Cover1998-2014
Avengers no.305 Homage Cover1998
Avengers no.38 Homage Cover1976
Avengers no.4 Homage Cover1988-2024
Avengers no.42 Homage Cover1977
Avengers no.45 Homage Cover1977
Avengers no.47 Homage Cover2014
Avengers no.50 Homage Cover1978
Avengers (IV) no.500 Homage Cover2014-2023
Avengers no.52 Homage Cover1978
Avengers no.53 Homage Cover2017
Avengers no.54 Homage Cover1979
Avengers no.57 Homage Cover1989-2024
Avengers no.58 Homage Cover2023
Avengers no.63 Homage Cover2011
Avengers no.70 Homage Cover1999-2010
Avengers no.73 Homage Cover1999
Avengers no.8 Homage Cover2014
Avengers no.83 Homage Cover2009
Avengers no.92 Homage Cover2010-2024
Avengers of the New World2017-2018
Avengers Original Sin Interlocking Variant Cover2014
The Avengers Protocol2013-2014
Avengers Reborn1990-1991
Avengers Standoff Interlocking Cover2016
Avengers The Initiative Disassembled2009
Avengers Ultraforce Interlocking Cover1995
Avengers Variant Cover2015-2018
Avengers vs. Atlas Interlocking Cover2010
Avengers vs. Defenders1973
Avengers vs. X-Men2012-2013
Avengers War of the Realms Interlocking Cover2019
Avengers X-Men Interlocking Cover2012-2013
Avengers X-Men Interlocking Variant Cover2023
The Avenging2022
Awakening (A)2004
The Awakening (B)2018
Away We Go2008-2009
A+X Interlocking B/W Variant Cover2012-2013
A+X Interlocking Variant Cover2012-2013
A.X.E. Interlocking Variant Cover2022
A.X.E. Judgment Day2022-2023


B/W Variant Cover2006-2022
Babe in the Woods1989
Back and Forth2011
Back From the Dead2003-2004
Back From the Edge1994
Back in Black2007
Back in Blue2015
Back in Japan2012
Back in the USSR1996
Back to Africa2008
Back to the Basics (A)2017
Back to the Basics (B)2018
Back Track1994
Bad Blood (A)
Bad Blood (B)2023-2024
Bad Dream! (A)1989
Bad Dream (B)2019
Bad New Day2009
Bad Night2008
The Bad Southern Pun Triology2016
Baiting the Hook2019
Balance of the Force2022-2023
The Ballad of Bêlit and Conan1976
The Balloon1964
Band of Sisters2017
Banner of War2022
Banner of War Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Barbie in Egypt1992
Bare Bones1992
A Bat Day's Night1990
Batteries Not Included2011-2012
Battle for Britain1997
[Battle for Eternity]2007
Battle for the Force2023
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (Movie Adaptation)1976-1977
Battle Lines2006
The Battle of Berlin1977
The Battle of Manhattan2008
Battle of the Atom2013
A Battle of the Sexes1994
Battle Royale1994
Be my Love1964
Be Superior2015
The Beast Agenda2022-2023
Beast's Logbook2020-2023
Beat the Devil2019
Beaus and Eros2006
Beauty and the Beast1999
Becoming Heroes2002
Becoming Villains2002-2003
Bedlam on Bestine2023
Before Dead No More2016
Before the Devil Knows We're Dead2011
Before Time Runs Out2015
The Beginning of the End (A)1991
The Beginning of the End (B)1993
Behind the Iron Mask1963
Behold the Man-Thing1994
Being Fantastic2018
Belle, Book and Castle1995
Bendis Best Moments Variant Cover2017
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Movie Adaptation)1975
The Best Defense (A)2003-2004
The Best Defense (B)2019
Best Friends Forever2018
The Best Offense2013
The Best There Is2001
Betrayal (A)1993
Betrayal (B)2002-2003
Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle2011
Beware the Rage of a Desperate Man!1994
Beyond Amazing Spider-Man Variant Cover2022-2023
Beyond the Black River1978
Beyond the Fourth Wall2017
Beyond the Law!1991-1992
Big Apple Showdown2017
The Big Bang Theory2001
Big Brain Play2021
Big Break2011
Big Guns1992
The Big 'M'2004
Big Marvel Variant Cover2024
The Big Melt Down1992
The Big Picture2004
The Big Shutdown!1989
The Big Snooze1995
Big Things2004
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Big Time (A)2011
Big Time (B)2013
Big Trouble in Little Mogadishu2003-2004
Bio Summary1984-1993
The Biohazard Agenda1992
The Birds of Vultura!1994
Birth of a Dragon2020
Birth Rites1993
Bishop War Journal2023
The Bishop's Man2016
The Bitter March2014
Bizarre Love Triangle2005
Black and White: A Crime Novel2002-2003
Black and White Variant Cover1991-2024
Black Costume Variant Cover2020-2024
Black Dawn1992
Black Galaxy Saga1990
Black History Month Variant Cover2021-2024
The Black Kitchen2021
The Black Ledger2022
The Black Lodge2014
Black Magic2010
Black Mail, White Christmas, Green Moulah1995
[Black Monday]2006
Black Panther 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2016-2017
Black Panther Frison Interlocking Variant Cover2017-2018
Black Panther Greene Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Black Panther McKelvie Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Black Panther (IV) no.18 Variant Homage Cover2024
Black Panther Ribić Interlocking Variant Cover2016-2017
Black Panther Rivera Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Black Planet1995
The Black Scythe2021
Black September1995
Black Shadow! White Shadow!1989-1990
Black Squadron2016
Black Starlight2019-2020
Black Stinger Saga1992-1993
Black Vortex2015
Black Vortex Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Black Widow Hunt2012-2013
Blade Versus the Avengers2010-2011
Blank Cover Variant2007-2024
Blank Generation2012
The Blasphemers1990-1991
Bleeding Neon2018
Blind Man's Bluff2016
Blind Rage2013
Blind Spot2018
Blinded by the Light2007
A Blink in Time2004
Blood Allies1998-1999
Blood and Circus1988
Blood and Claws1991
Blood and Iron2008-2009
Blood and Monsters2022
Blood and Sand (A)2006
Blood and Sand (B)2007
Blood and Thunder (A)1993-1994
Blood and Thunder (B)1994
Blood Brothers (A)1996
Blood Brothers (B)1998-1999
Blood Brothers (C)1992
Blood Debt2000
Blood From Stones2002
Blood Hungry1991
Blood Hunt2024
Blood Hunt: Avengers2024
Blood Hunt: Doctor Strange2024
Blood Hunt Foreshadow Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Blood Hunt Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Blood Hunt: Miles Morales: Spider-Man2024
Blood in the Aether2016-2017
Blood Lines1993
Blood Money and Human Bondage1978-1979
Blood Moon1974
The Blood of Apocalypse2006
Blood of the Empire2010
Blood of the Fathers2023
Blood of the Hunted1994
Blood Soaked Variant Cover2024
Blood Sport2001
Bloodline (A)1999
Bloodline (B)2014
Bloodline (C)2019-2021
The Bloodstone Hunt1989
Bloody Variant Cover2006-2009
Blue Harvest2009-2010
The Blue River Score2017
Boba Fett Is Dead2012
Bobby and Sam in Mojoworld2008-2009
Bone Whispers2019
Bone-Heads and Duck-Bills1992
The Boneyard2013
Book Cover Variant Cover2024
The Book of Changes1993
The Book of Ezekiel2004
The Book of Job1998
Book of the Ten Rings2002
The Book of the Vishanti1989-1991
Book Two: Spikes and Demons1984-1985
Boot Camp2010-2011
Borgs 'n the Hood!1993
Born Again!2006
Born in Blood2006
Born Under a Bad Sign1993
Bosom Buddies2005-2006
Boss Level2013-2014
The Bottom2006
Bounty Hunter Ship Blueprint Variant Cover2021
The Box2016
[The Boyhood of Thor!]1964
Brand New Day2008
A Brand New May!2008
Brand New Secret Invasion2008
The Brattle Gun1991
Brave New World2008-2009
Brawl in the Family2017
Breaker of Worlds2012
Breaking News2020
Breaking Point2011
Breaking Points: Five Days That Will Change X-Factor Forever2012
Bride of Doom2021
Bride of the Panther2006
The Bridge (A)1999
The Bridge (B)2009
Bright Lights, Bad City1990-1991
A Bright New Mourning2004
Bring on the Bad Guys Variant Cover2019
The Britannia Project2021
Broken Arrow (A)2012
Broken Arrow (B)2024
Broken Bonds1997
Broken Quarantine2011
Brood Feud II1995
[Brood Trouble in the Big Easy]1992
Brotherhood (A)2003
Brotherhood (B)2018
The Brothers2003
Brothers and Keepers2004-2005
Brothers and Sisters2020-2021
Brothers in Arms (A)1993
Brothers in Arms (B)1994
Brothers in Arms! (C)1993
Brothers in Arms: Vicious Circle1995
Brother's Keeper 21997
Bucket List2018
Building Blocks1990
Bullpen Bits1999-2009
Bullpen Bulletins Presents2021-2024
Bullseye (A)2009
Bullseye (B)2010-2011
Bullseye Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Bullseye Returns2018
Bump in the Night2005
The Burden of Dreams2007-2008
The Burning Blood2021
Burning Down the House2009
Burning Seas2018
Burning Sky1987
The Burning World2015
The Burnt Offering2004-2005
The Bush of Ghosts1991
But You Can't Hide2019
By Any Means2019
By Fire Born2002


The Cadet and the Corsairs2004-2005
The Cage Opens2022
Caged Angels2007-2008
Campfire Song2019
The Cancer Within1997
Cannonball Run2017-2018
Canon Fodder2019-2020
Can't Get the Service2011
Capain America 70th Anniversary Interlocking Cover2011
Capain America 70th Anniversary Variant Cover2011
Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant Cover2016-2017
Captain America 80th Variant Cover2021
Captain America Annual no.8 Homage Cover2016
Captain America by Paco Medina Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Captain America Comics no.1 Homage Cover2011-2016
Captain America Comics no.27 Homage Cover2011
Captain America Lives Again2003-2004
Captain America no.100 Homage Cover2011-2024
Captain America no.109 Homage Cover2018-2023
Captain America no.111 Homage Cover2023
Captain America no.113 Homage Cover2019
Captain America (V) no.14 Homage Cover2015
Captain America no.176 Homage Cover2017
Captain America no.260 Homage Cover2018
Captain America no.286 Homage Cover2014
Captain America no.327 Homage Cover2008-2012
Captain America no.332 Homage Cover2016
Captain America (IV) no.6 Homage Cover2018
Captain America Promised Land Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Captain America Team-Up Variant Cover2014
Captain America Variant Cover2016-2017
Captain Americas Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Captain Marvel (IX) no.1 Homage Cover2023
Captain Marvel no.29 Homage Cover2019
Captain Marvel no.34 Homage Cover2023
Captain Marvel Variant Cover2019-2023
Captain of Nothing2019
Captain Phasma2017
Captain Universe Prelude2006
Carbon Copy1992
Carbonite Variant Cover2021
The Caretakers2009-2010
Carnage (A)1992
Carnage (B)2004
Carnage (C)2010-2011
Carnage Forever Variant Cover2022
Carnage Reigns2023
Carnage Reigns Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Carnage-ized Variant Cover2019-2022
Carnival of Death1993
Carol Danvers 50th Variant Cover2018
Case #00421993
Case #0071993
Case #34211993
Cast Me Out2023
Castaway in Dimension Z2013
Casualties of War2007
Cat Trap2000
Cat Variant Cover2022-2023
Cataclysm Interlocking Cover2014
The Catalyst2008
The Catastrophe Com2018
The Cat's Paw1941
Cerebella Journal2022-2023
Chains and Fetters: A Study of Slavery in the Hyborian Age1979-1980
Challenge of the Ghost Riders2019
Chameleon Conspiracy2021
The Chameleon Sanction2013
Champion For a Day2018
Champions no.1 Homage Cover2017
Champions Reassembled2017-2018
Champions Variant Cover2016-2017
A Chance for Romance1994
The Changelings!1980
Chaos (A)1999-2000
Chaos (B)2004
The Chaos Serpent1990
Chaos Theorie2011-2012
Chaos War2010-2011
Chapter X1999-2000
Character Assassination2008-2009
Character Decades Variant Cover2019
Character Spotlight Variant Cover2020-2022
Character Variant Cover2010-2024
Charyou Tree2007
The Chase1980
Chasing a Dark Shadow2004
Chasing Ghosts2005
Chasing Hellfire!2005
A Chasing Tale2014
The Child Stealer1994
The Child Within1991-1992
Childhood's End2006
Children of the Atom1998
Children of the Beast1990
Children of the Stars1981-1982
Children of the Storm2024
Children of X-Men2007
Child's Play1994
Chimera Lost1994
[China Seas]1978
Chinese New Year Interlocking Variant Cover2020
Chinese New Year Variant Cover2020
Cho Time2016
Choice in Neverland Blues1994
[Choose Your Destiny]2006
Choose Your Destiny Variant Cover2022
Choosing Sides2004
The Chosen2011
The Chosen One2017
A Christmas Carol2015
Christmas Fear2000
Chronicles of the Sword1974-1975
The Chronology of Conan's Career as Interpreted by Marvel Comics1993-1995
The Chronowar2000
Circle of Blood!1986
The Circle of Four2012
The Circus of Crime!1962
Citizen Kang!1992
City of Fear1988
The City of the Cursed1981
City of the Dead1995-1996
Civil Score2023
Civil War2006-2008
Civil War 20992016
Civil War II2016-2017
Civil War II Battle Variant Cover2016-2017
Civil War II Bulletproof Comics and Games Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Civil War II Hastings Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Civil War II Interlocking Cover2016-2017
Civil War II Stan Lee Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Civil War no.1 Homage Cover2007-2016
Civil War Prelude2016
Civil War Reenactment Variant Cover2016
Civil War Variant Cover2016
Civil Wards2007
The Clampdown!1993
The Clash1985
Clash with the Kingpin
Classic Artist Variant Cover2016-2017
Classic Trade Dress Variant Cover2023
Classic Variant Cover2014-2017
Classic X-Men no.19 Homage Cover2024
Claws and Webs1992-1993
Claws of the Dragon2007-2008
Cletus' Clubhouse2019-2024
Cloak and Dagger1997
Clone Conspiracy: Dead No More2016-2017
Clone Conspiracy Interlocking Cover2016-2017
The Clone Saga (A)2006-2014
The Clone Saga (B)2021
Clone Wars2003-2005
Code Red2009-2010
Codex Variant Cover2019-2020
The Cold2015
Cold Comfort1987
Cold War (A)2019
Cold War (B)2023
The Cold War of Nick Fury1992
Collage Variant Cover2012-2020
The Collection Obsession1991
The Collective2006
Collision (A)2010
Collision (B)2011
Collision Courses2006
The Colombian Connection2017
Color Blindness1992
Come Away With Me2020-2021
Come Conquer the Beasts2014
Come on Die Young2000
Coming Home2018
The Coming of the Inhumanoids!1987
The Coming of the Thousand2001
Coming to America2003
Computer Love2020
Comunidades Variant Cover2023
Conan and the Gods of the Mountain1993-1994
Conan and the River of Blood1998
Conan and the Sorcerer1980
Conan and the Spider-God1993
Conan and the Stalker of the Woods1997
Conan and the Sword of Skelos1980
Conan in the City of Magicians1992-1993
Conan the Barbarian no.1 Homage Cover1993
Conan the Barbarian no.75 Homage Cover2000
Conan the Buccaneer1979
Conan the Conqueror1974-1976
Conan the Gambler2019
Conan the Liberator1980
Conan the Mercenary1994
Conan the Renegade1993
Conan the Syndicated
Conan Versus Marvel Villains Variant Cover2019
Conan vs Marvel Heroes Variant Cover2019
Conan vs. Rune1995
Conan's Last Stand at the Edge of the World2022
Concept Art Variant Cover2022-2024
Concept Design Variant Cover2019-2023
Condition Critical2007
Confederacy of Dunces2003-2004
Conflict of Interest1994-1995
Confrontation Variant Cover2020
Conquest of Jarella's World2010
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (Movie Adaptation)1976
Conspicuous Invasion2008
Contagion Interlocking Cover2019
Contest of Champions Game Variant Cover2015-2017
Contest of Champions Interlocking Variant Cover2015-2016
Contest of Chaos2023
The Cool Dark2008
Copy Incentive Variant Cover2016-2024
Corner Box Variant Cover2017-2023
Cosmic Cooties2016
Cosmic Ghost Rider Vs Variant Cover2018
Cosmic Homage Variant Cover2024
Cosmic Powers no.1 Homage Cover2024
The Cosmic Squish Principle1990
Cosmically Enhanced Variant Cover2015
Cosmos in Collision1991
Cosplay Variant Photo Cover2012-2016
Costumes Variant Cover2023
The Coulson Protocols2015-2016
Countdown (A)1995
Countdown (B)1989-1990
Countdown (C)2001
Countdown (D)2004
Countdown to Black September1995
Countdown to Casualty2010-2011
Countdown to Extermination2018
Countdown to Zero2004
The Counterfeit King2019
Covenant (A)2011
Covenant (B)2012-2013
Cow Variant Cover2009
Coyote Crossing2004
Cracked Hourglass2018
Crash and Burn1994
The Crawl1999
Crayfin's Last Bunt!2010
Crazy Like a Fox2003-2004
Crazy Runs in the Family2018
Crazy's Just Plain Folks1974-1975
[The Creation Quest]1981-1982
Creator's Profile1987-1998
Creatures of the Night1994-1995
Crime and Punishment2010
Crimson Reign2022
Crimson Reign Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Crisis of Command1986
Crisis of Conscience1993
Cross Time Capers2018
The Crossing1995-1996
The Crossing Line1990
Crossing Lines1988
Crossing Over1997
The Cross-Time Caper1989-1990
Crucible of Power1994
Cruel and Unusual (A)2005
Cruel and Unusual (B)2008
Cruel and Unusual (C)2018
Cruel Summer2000-2001
The Cruelest Cut2004
The Crunch Conundrum1992
Cry Havok2018
Cry Me a Rivera1989
Cry Wolf2004-2005
[The Crystal Connection]1975
The Crystal Run2022
Cult of Carnage Variant Cover2019-2020
The Cult of Koga Thun2019
The Cult of Love1988
Culture Shock2003
The Cure2004
Cure Everything2013
The Curse of Quetzalcoatl1993
The Curse of the Conjurer!1975
The Curse of the Darkhold1989-1990
The Curse of the Green Goblin2017
Curse of the Man-Thing2021
Curse of the Mutants2010-2011
Curse of the Nightstar2021
The Cutter1992
Cutting Class1994
Cyberwar (A)1992-1993
Cyberwar (B)1993
Cyberwar (C)1995


The Daleks: Menace of the Monstrons1993
Damage per Second2017
Dance of the Hunter1994
The Danger Within2023
Danger Zone2012-2013
Dangerous Games1994
Daredevil 50th Anniversary Cover2014
Daredevil no.1 Homage Cover2024
Daredevil (II) no.1 Homage Cover2012
Daredevil no.162 Homage Cover2010
Daredevil no.163 Homage Cover2023
Daredevil no.168 Homage Cover2010
Daredevil no.169 Homage Cover2006
Daredevil no.179 Homage Cover2011-2016
Daredevil no.181 Homage Cover2011-2024
Daredevil no.182 Homage Cover2013-2018
Daredevil no.183 Homage Cover2009-2017
Daredevil no.187 Homage Cover2010
Daredevil no.189 Homage Cover2022
Daredevil (IV) no.25 Homage Cover2016
Daredevil (II) no.3 Homage Cover2021
The Dark1993
Dark Angel Saga2011-2012
Dark Art2016-2017
The Dark Bells2011
Dark Cavern, Dark Crystal2019-2020
Dark Droids2023-2024
Dark Genesis2023
Dark Genesis Frame Variant Cover2023
Dark Genesis Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Dark Heart of the Sith2020
Dark Judgment1995
The Dark Kingdom2016
Dark Knight2016
Dark Marvel Variant Cover2020-2021
Dark Mind, Dark Hearts2003
Dark Origin (A)2008-2009
Dark Origins (B)2017-2018
The Dark Phoenix Saga1980
The Dark Phoenix Saga (II)1995-1996
Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary Variant Cover2020
Dark Reign2009-2010
Dark Reign Mister Negative no.1 Homage Cover2018
The Dark Ride1994-1995
The Dark Side2011
Dark Son2010-2011
Dark Temple2019-2020
Dark Times2011-2013
Dark Tower: Talking with Robin Furth2008-2009
The Dark Wars (A)1990
The Dark Wars (B)1999
Dark Waters1992
Dark Web2023
Dark Web Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Dark Web Variant Cover2023
The Darkest Hours2014
The Darkhold2021-2022
Darkhold Interlocking Variant Cover2021-2022
Darkness at the Edge of Town2023
Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows2013-2014
Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison2012
Darth Vader and the Lost Command2011
Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin2013
Date Night2006
The Daughter of Raktavashi1995
Dawn of the Midnight Angels2017
Dax's Comet1994
Day of Blood! Night of Redemption!1991-1992
Day of the Atom2004
Day of the Hunter2022-2023
The Day of the Pig1994
The Day of the Triffids1975
Day of Wrath1996
Days and Knights1992
Days of Anger2017-2018
Days of Fear2007
Days of Future Past1993
Days of Future Past Variant Cover2020-2021
Days of Future Present1990
Days of Future Present, Past Participle2005
Days of Wrath1994-1995
Daze of Hate2007
Dazzler no.1 Homage Cover2024
Dead a Long Time2006
Dead Drop Gorgeous2003
Dead End2009
Dead Ends2003
Dead in the Water2019-2020
Dead Like Me2004
Dead Man's Hand1992
Dead Man's Switch2002-2003
Dead Means Dead2006
Dead Meat1991
Dead Men Running2002
Dead or Alive? (A)2007-2008
Dead or Alive (B)2022-2023
Dead Reckoning! (A)1993
Dead Reckoning (B)1998-1999
Dead Souls2018
Dead Space1993
Dead Wrong2008-2009
Dead X-Men2011
Dead-End Kids2007-2008
The Deadlies of the Species2009
Deadly Dimensions1990-1991
The Deadly Foes of Peter Parker2006
Deadly Foes Variant Cover2024
Deadly Games1988
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu2011
Deadly Harvest1993-1994
Deadly Origin2010
The Deadly Past1994
Deadpool 20992016-2017
Deadpool 25th Anniversary Variant Cover2016
Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant Cover2021-2022
Deadpool Kills Cable2017-2018
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Variant Cover2024
Deadpool Loves the Marvel Universe2023
Deadpool Pulp2010-2011
Deadpool: Reborn2012
Deadpool the Duck Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Deadpool Variant Cover2009-2018
Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2014
Deadpool Walkin'2003
Deadpool/Wolverine: Weapon X-Traction2024
The Deal (A)2007
A Deal... (B)2016
Dear Gabby2019
Death and Birth2017
Death and Life in Tiger Valley1991
Death by Tombstone1993
Death Flower1993
Death Hunt1993
The Death Hunters2022
A Death in the Family2002
Death of a Goblin2007-2008
Death of an Android2007
The Death of Captain America: Act 22007-2008
The Death of Captain America: Act 32008
The Death of Daredevil2018-2019
The Death of Doctor Strange2021-2022
The Death of Jean DeWolff1985-1986
Death of Joe Hallen1991
The Death of Marc Spector2008-2009
The Death of Ms. Marvel2009
Death of Spider-Man2011
The Death of the Black Panther2002
The Death of the Dream2007
Death of the Invisible Woman2008-2009
The Death of the Mighty Thor2017-2018
Death of Venomverse Interlocking Variant Cover2023
The Death of Vermin1992-1993
Death of Wolverine2014-2015
Death of Wolverine no.4 Homage Cover2015
Death of X Interlocking Cover2016-2017
Death of X no.1 Variant Homage Cover2018
Death of X Variant Cover2016
Death Sentence2012
Death Stone Bearer2024
Death Wail1995-1996
[Death-Day of the Golden Dagger!]1976-1977
Deathlok Nation2011
Death's Dark Riders1994
Death's Head Interlocking Variant Cover2019
The Death-Song of Kulan Gath2000
Decepticon Dam Busters1985
The Deep2011
The Deep End (A)2004
The Deep End (B)2008
Deepest Cuts2002
The Deerslayer2007
Defenders no.2 Homage Cover2009
Defenders of Dynatron City no.1 Homage Cover1992
[Defenders of the Realm]2006
Defenders Variant Cover2016
The Defilement of All Things by the Cannibal-Sorcerer Kulan Gath2021-2022
Deluge (A)1997
Deluge (B)2011
Demon (A)2012
Demon (B)2009-2010
Demon Days2021-2022
Demon in the Armor2012-2013
The Demon in the Dark!1982
Demonized Variant Cover2023
Demons of the Firelight!1982
Department Zero2010
Depths of Despair1993
The Descendants2012
Descent Into Madness1998
Design Variant Cover2013-2024
Destination: Hoth2020
Destiny (A)2007
Destiny (B)2016
Destiny of X Teaser Variant Cover2022
The Destiny Path2020
Destiny Trail1994
Destro: Down and Out!1988
Destroy All Monsters2005
The Devaronian Version1999
Devastation Derby1986
Devil and the Details2012
Devil at the Crossroads2009-2010
Devil Dinosaur no.1 Homage Cover2010
The Devil in Cell-Block D2006
The Devil Inside2004-2005
The Devil Takes a Ride2006-2007
The Devil You Know2005
The Devil's Brigade1991-1992
The Devil's Due (A)1993-1994
Devil's Due (B)2004-2005
The Devil's Hand2009-2010
The Devil's Own2005
The Devil's Pawn1994
Devil's Reign (A)1997
Devil's Reign (B)2021-2022
Devil's Reign Interlocking Variant Cover2022
The Devourer King2020
El Diablito2014
Diabolique! (A)1992
Diabolique (B)1994
Die by the Blade2021-2022
Dinobot Hunt1986
Disassembled (A)2013
Disassembled (B)2019
Disco Dazzler Variant Cover2024
Discreet Invasion2009
Disney What If Black and White Variant Cover2023-2024
Disney What If Variant Cover2023-2024
Disorderly Conduct1988
Disorganized Crime2001
The Distinguished Gentleman From New York2000
Divided We Fall!2012
Divided We Stand (A)2008
Divided We Stand (B)2023-2024
Divided We Stand Variant Cover2017
Divided We Stand: X-Men Interlocking Cover2008
Divine Time2005
Doctor Strange Damnation Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Doctor Strange (II) no.14 Homage Cover2024
Doctor Strange no.169 Homage Cover2023
Doctor Strange no.177 Homage Cover2018
Doctor Voodoo and the Soul Cage2024
Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom (A)1984-1985
Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom (B)1980
Doctor Who and the Free-Fall Warriors1985
Doctor Who and the Star Beast (A)1984
Doctor Who and the Star Beast (B)1980
Dog Variant Cover2023
The Dogs of War2000
Doing the Toe Jam1993
Doing Time2021
Dominant Species2003
Domination Factor1999-2000
Domination Factor Interlocking Cover1999
Domino Principle2006
Don't Look Back2021
Doom Sees You2017-2018
Doomed Youth2015
Doom's Master2009
The Doomsday Man2022
Doorway to Darkness1992
The Double1994
Double or Nothing2018
Double Tap2014
Double Trouble2020
The Douglock Chronicles1994
Down Among the Dead Men2004
Down South2009
Down to Earth1994
Down to the Crossroads2014-2015
D.P.7 no.1 Homage Cover1989
Dr. Chemo's Biohazard1991
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1980
Dr. Who and the Iron Legion1980-1981
The Draco2003-2004
The Dragon Has Entered1974
Dragon Seed Saga1991
Dragon Variant Cover2021
The Dragon's Corridor2009
Dreadnaughts of Rendili2004
The Dreadstar and Company Files1985
Dream Fever!2005
The Dream Is Dead1989
Dream Nails1995
The Dream Trap1993
Dreamers and Demons2004-2005
Dreamers of Death1985
The Dreaming City1980
Dream's End (A)1999
Dream's End (B)2000-2001
Droids Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Drowning Logan2013
The Drowning Man1998
The Drums of War2006-2007
D'Spryte Times, D'Spryte Measures1992
Duel Identity2023
Dueling Ambitions2009
Dust Jacket Variant Cover1988-2010
The Dying Game1994
The Dying Light2018
Dying Wish2013
Dynamic Forces Variant Cover1998-2013


E Is for Extinction2001
Early Tales1993
Earn Your Wings2004
Earth Give up Your Dead2010
Earth War1990
Earthquake Logic1995
Earth's Mighties Super Heroes2010
Earth's Mightiest2009
Earth's Mightiest Interlocking Cover2009
East Coast/West Coast2005-2006
East of Eden2014-2015
Eats Nuts Kicks Butts Interlocking 2nd/3rd Printing Cover2015
Edge of Spider-Verse2014
Edge of Spider-Verse by Casanovas Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Edge of Spider-Verse Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Egg Stealers and Earth Shakers1992
Egregious Autonomous2020
Eight Years Later2018
The Eighth Day1999
Elektra Assassin no.1 Homage Cover2013-2024
Elektra Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Elektric Connection2016
Elemental Variant Cover2022-2023
Elements of Terror1988-1989
Embedded: Behind Enemy Lines2007
Emblem Variant Cover2011
Emissaries to Malastare1999
The Emperor Returns2002
Empire Act 12010-2011
Empire Act 22011
Empire Lost2011-2012
Empire of the Spider2022
The Empire Strikes Back Variant Cover2020-2021
Emporer Vulcan2007-2008
Empyre Variant Cover2020-2021
Enchanted Tiki Room Interlocking Cover2016-2017
The End is Fourever2015
End of an Era Variant Cover2015-2018
End of Days (A)2009
End of Days (B)2012-2013
End of Games2016
The End of History2004
End of Story1994
End of the Line (A)1985
End of the Line (B)1992
End of the Road2001
End of the Spider-Verse2022-2023
The End of the World as We Know It2000
End of the World as We Know It Interlocking Cover2000
End of X-Factor2013
End Times: Avengers2012-2013
End Times: Avengers Interlocking Cover2012-2013
End Times: New Avengers2012-2013
End Times: New Avengers Interlocking Cover2012-2013
Endangered Species (A)2007
[Endangered Species (B)]2022
Endgame (A)1991
Endgame (B)1996
Endless Stolen Sky2008-2009
Ends of the Earth2012
Enema of the State2005
Enemies and Allies1995
Enemies of Dawn Variant Cover2022
Enemy Action1988
Enemy of the Stars2007
Enemy of the State (A)1999
Enemy of the State (B)2004-2005
Enemy of the State II (A)2002
Enemy of the State II (B)2016-2017
Enemy of the State II Interlocking Variant Cover2016-2017
The Enemy Within (A)1985
The Enemy Within (B)2013
The Engine Job2021
Engines of Destruction1998
Engines of Vengeance2014
Enigma Force - Dark Son2010-2011
The Enormous Profit2017
Enslaved Odyssey to the West Origins2010
Enter: Chaos1994
Enter: Magneto1998
Enter the Mandarin2007-2008
Enter the Phoenix2021
Enter the Phoenix Interlocking Variant Cover2021
El Equipo Primero!1991
Escape (A)2012
The Escape (B)2019
Escape from the Eighth City2009
Escape From the Negative Zone2011
Escape From the Planet of the Apes (Movie Adaptation)1975-1976
The Eternal Present1993
Eternity's Children [Attend University]2016
Eve of Destruction2001
The Ever-lovin', Blue-eyed End of the World2002
Every Mutant Ever Interlocking Variant Cover2019-2020
Everything Burns2012
Everything Burns Interlocking Cover2012
Everything Old Is New Again2003
Evil and the Cure1992
Evil Deadpool2011-2012
Evil Evolution2010
Evil Mutant2023-2024
The Evil That Men Do2002-2006
Evil's Light1992
The Evolutionary War1988
Exalted (A)2012
Exalted (B)2008
Excalibur no.1 Homage Cover1992-2018
Excalibur Sword Is Drawn no.1 Homage Cover1991
Execute Program2006
The Exile Returns1994
Exiled (A)1995
Exiled (B)2012
Exiled Interlocking Cover2012
Exiles no.15 Homage Cover2004
The Exorcist Tapes1974
Extermination Interlocking Variant Cover2018-2019
The Ex-Terminators2010
Extinction Agenda2022
Extreme Carnage2021
Extreme Carnage Interlocking Trading Card Variant Cover2021
Extreme Logan2013-2014
Extreme Prejudice1992-1993
The Extremist2010
The Extremists (A)2003
The Extremists (B)2007
An Eye For an Eye (A)1988-1989
An Eye For an Eye (B)2018-2019
Eye of the Puma1992
Eye of the Storm2019
Eyes of the Dragon2010-2011
Eyes Without a Face2005


Fables of the Reconstruction2011
Face Front2009
Faith in Monsters2007
The Fall and Rise of the Decepticon Empire1989
Fall From Grace1993-1994
Fall of HoX / Rise of PoX by Bryan Hitch Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Fall of HoX / Rise of PoX by David Nakayama Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Fall of HoX / Rise of PoX by Giuseppe Camuncoli Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Fall of HoX / Rise of PoX by Mark Brooks Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Fall of HoX / Rise of PoX by Paulo Siqueira Interlocking Variant Cover2024
The Fall of Nova Roma2010-2011
Fall of Parker2017-2018
The Fall of the Fantastic Four2014
The Fall of the Hammer1994
Fall of the Hammer Interlocking Cover1994
Fall of the House of X2024
Fall of the Hulks2010
Fall of the Hulks by Adam Kubert Interlocking Cover2010
Fall of the Hulks by David Finch Interlocking Cover2010
Fall of the Hulks by Frank Cho Interlocking Cover2010
Fall of the Hulks by Marko Djurdjevic Interlocking Cover2010
Fall of the Hulks McGuinness Interlocking Cover2010
Fall of the Hulks McGuinness Painted Interlocking Cover2010
The Fall of the Mutants1988
Fall of the New Mutants2010-2011
Fall of the Pantheon1994-1995
The Fall of Thoth-Amon2019-2020
Fall of X2023-2024
The Fallen1997
Fallen Angel1987
Fallen Friend2007
The Fallen Idol1995-1996
Fallen Order2020-2021
Falling Star2019
False Faith1987-1988
A Family Affair1990
Family Business (A)2005
Family Business (B)2009
Family Matters (A)1990
Family Matters (B)2005-2006
Family Matters (C)2019
Family Matters (D)2023
Family of Origin2022
Family Reunion (A)1994-1995
Family Reunion (B)2018
Family Ties2008-2009
Family Unit2019
Family Values1993
Famous Explorers of Space1952-1954
Famous Indians1954
The Fantastic2004
Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2011-2012
Fantastic Four 75th Anniversary Variant Cover2014
Fantastic Four by Dale Eaglesham Interlocking Cover2009-2010
Fantastic Four by Michael Golden Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Fantastic Four Character Spotlight Variant Cover2015
Fantastic Four/FF by Giuseppe Camuncoli Interlocking Cover2012
Fantastic Four/FF by Mark Bagley Interlocking Cover2013
Fantastic Four/FF by Ryan Stegman Interlocking Cover2012
Fantastic Four no.1 Homage Cover1972-2024
Fantastic Four no.109 Homage Cover2010-2013
Fantastic Four no.112 Homage Cover2016-2017
Fantastic Four no.159 Homage Cover2018
Fantastic Four no.18 Homage Cover2009
Fantastic Four no.19 Homage Cover1982
Fantastic Four no.200 Homage Cover2010-2017
Fantastic Four no.236 Homage Cover2014
Fantastic Four no.249 Homage Cover2013-2015
Fantastic Four no.261 Homage Cover2017
Fantastic Four no.265 Homage Cover1995
Fantastic Four no.3 Homage Cover2007
Fantastic Four no.348 Homage Cover2017
Fantastic Four no.46 Homage Cover1990
Fantastic Four no.48 Homage Cover1994-2023
Fantastic Four no.49 Homage Cover2018
Fantastic Four no.50 Homage Cover2009
Fantastic Four no.51 Homage Cover2006-2023
Fantastic Four no.52 Homage Cover2023
Fantastic Four no.60 Homage Cover2018
Fantastic Four no.67 Homage Cover1998
Fantastic Four no.73 Homage Cover2015
Fantastic Four no.82 Homage Cover2012
Fantastic Four no.84 Homage Cover2010
Fantastic Four no.99 Homage Cover2017
Fantastic Four Villains Variant Cover2019
Fantastic Voyage (A)2003-2004
Fantastic Voyage (B)2011
Farewell Krakoa Variant Cover2024
Fashion-Sense Tingling!2007
The Fast Lane1999-2012
Fast Times at Midtown High2018
Fatal Attractions1993
The Fate of the Four2018
Father Issues2008
Fathers and Sons1993-1994
Fathoms of Humanity1994-1995
The Faust Gambit1989
[The Faustus Affair]1993
Fear and Loathing1994
Fear and Loathing in Hell's Kitchen2011
The Fear Eaters2019
Fear Him2014
Fear Itself2011-2012
Fear Itself Fearless Interlocking Cover2011-2012
Fear Itself (Iron Man)2011
Fear Itself (War Machine)2011
Fear Itself: Wolverine2011
Fear no.23 Homage Cover2024
Fear the Future2012
Fear the Reaper1992
Fearful Symmetries2001
Fearless Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Feast or Famine2019
Fellow Travellers1993
Fever (A)2004
Fever (B)2010
Fifteen Minutes of Shame2002
Fight Another Day2009
Fight Poster Variant Cover2012
Fight the Future2012
Fight the Future Interlocking Cover2012
Fighting Chance1994-1995
The Final Chapter1998
The Final Days1991-1992
Final Defense1994-1995
[The Final Doom]2007
Final Entry1994-1995
Final Escape2023
Final Exam2012
Final Execution2012-2013
The Final Gauntlet2019
The Final Host2018
Final Issue Variant Cover2012-2021
The Final Option1991
Final Punishment2015
Final Sanction1994
Final Solution1986
Find Your Way Home2017-2018
Fine Art Variant Cover2021
The Fine Print2010
Fire and Ice2019
Fire Carrier2013
The Fire Down Below2011
Fire From Heaven2017-2018
The Fire Next Time...1998
Fire on High1987
Firepower Among the Ruins1990
First and Last2000
First Appearance Variant Cover2024
First Blood2015-2016
The First Forsaken2006
First Kill!1992
The First Men in the Moon1980
First Sign1996
First Thunder2010-2011
First to Last2011
Fisk's Fist2022
[Fists of Justice]2022
Five Days of Sith2014
The Five Lights2010
Five Miles South of the Universe2011-2012
The Five Nightmares2008-2009
Five Questions2024
Fix Me2011
The Flame Knife1978
Flaw in All Things2015-2017
The Flight of Bones1999
Flight of Bones Interlocking Cover1999
Flower Variant Cover2019-2020
Flowers for Rhino2001
Fly Now... Pay Later1982
Flying Blind1998
Foil Variant Cover1992-2024
Food Chain1993
Food Fight!2004-2005
[Fool's Gold]2008-2009
Fool's Paradise2007-2008
For Love nor Money1993
The Forbidden Pla-Nut2018
Forbush Man Returns!2018
Force Storm2012
Force War2013-2014
Forces of Darkness, Forces of Light1993
Foreshadow Variant Cover2019-2024
Forever Crimson2019
Forever Yesterday1991
Forge's Logbook2022
Forging the Sword2004
The Forgotten Door2017
The Former Things2008
Fortnite Variant Cover2020-2022
Fortress: Miami1994
Fortress Vader2018-2019
Fortune and Fate2020
Fortune and Glory2005
The Fountain of Youth1992
Four Days2001
Four Jobs Felicia Hated and One She Didn't2022
Four on the Floor2017
The Four Seasons2012
Fourever Interlocking Variant Cover2018
The Fourth Nail1983
Frankenstein 19731973-1974
Frankenstein 19741974
Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple1992-1993
The Frankenstein Syndrome2001-2002
Frankies Variant Cover2018-2021
Freedom of Speech1991
Freedom Ring2006
Freshment Flu2005
A Friend in Need2019
Friends and Enemies1993
From Rise to Fall2021-2022
From the Files of Dr. Ashley Kafka1994
From the Private Journal of Charles Xavier1984-1985
From the Royal Archives of the Imperial House of Tha-Korr1993
From the Sketchbook of Moebius1992-1993
Frozen Charlotte2024
Full Circle2019
Full Metal Black Cat2020
Full Spectrum2004-2005
Fun 'n' Games2006
Fun Page1994
Funeral Arrangements1992
Funeral for a Freak2002
A Funeral in Berlin2010
Funny Games2021
The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera1977-1979
The Further Adventures of Lance Barnes, P.N.D.1993
The Fury1993
The Fury Files2012-2013
The Future2012
Future History1994
Future History Chronicles1975-1977
Future Imperfect1992-1993
The Future is a Four-Letter Word2011
Future Shock1996
Future War1995-1996


Galactic Icon Variant Cover2018-2019
The Galactus Seed2011
Galaxy's Deadliest2020
Galaxy's Most Wanted2016
Gambit and Rogue Forever2019
The Game Night Covenant Agenda Complex Directive2021
Game of Rings2022-2023
Game On2013
Game Variant Cover2016-2023
Games of Deceit and Death (A)1997
Games of Deceit and Death (B)2014
Games Without Frontiers2000
Gamma Flight Interlocking Variant Cover2021
Gang War (A)1987
Gang War (B)2024
A Gathering of Fear1991
The Gathering of Five1998
The Gathering of my Name2019
The Gathering Storm2016-2017
The Gauntlet (A)1994
The Gauntlet (B)2010
The Gazetteer of the Hyborian World of Conan1978-1979
The Gehenna Stone Affair1989
General Skywalker2004
Generation Next1994
Generation Why2014-2015
Generation X no.1 Homage Cover2018
Generation Zero1983-1984
Generations Greg Horn Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Generations Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Genesis (A)1993-1994
Genesis (B)1995
Genesis Denied1995
Gentlemen's Agreement2001-2002
Germ Free Generation2001-2002
Get Kraven2002-2003
Get Mystique!2008-2011
Get of Garm2020
Ghost Box2008-2009
The Ghost Calendars2023
Ghost of the Past1992
Ghost Panther Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Ghost Rider (II) no.1 Homage Cover2024
[Ghost Rider Takes on the Punisher]1990
Ghost Story1993
[Ghosts (A)]2007-2008
Ghosts (B)2010-2011
Ghosts (C)2014
Ghosts (D)2007
Ghosts of the Future1995-1996
Ghosts on the Tracks2005
G.I. Joe Classified File1988
Giant-Size Chillers no.1 Homage Cover2024
Giant-Size Dracula no.3 Homage Cover2024
Giant-Size Invaders no.1 Homage Cover2017-2020
Giant-Size X-Men no.1 Homage Cover1985-2024
The Gift1985-1986
A Gift From the Gods2003-2004
The Gilded City2021
A Girl called Hope2010
Girl Can't Help It2023
The Girl Who Could be You!2007-2008
Girls in White Dresses2008-2009
Girls Night Out2012
Girls' School From Heck1990-1991
Give up the Ghost2011
Glob Loves, Man Kills2018
Go Down Swinging2018
Goblin Nation2014
Goblin Night1993
Goblins at the Gate1998
God and Country2008
The God Butcher2013
The God Butcher Interlocking Cover2013
God Complex2011
God Don't Live on Cell Block D2008
God Loves, Man Kills II2003
God Loves Man Kills Variant Cover2020
God Loves, Moon Kills2020
God of Fear, God of War2009-2010
God of Hammers2022
The God of Thieves1993
God Smash2011
God War2006-2007
The God Who Fell to Earth2019-2020
The God Without Fear2019
Gods and Men2004
Gods and Monster2013
Gods and Monsters2009
Gods and Soldiers2014
God's Country1989
The Gods of the Hyborian Age1975
G.O.D.S. Variant Cover2023
Going Native2014
Going Rogue (A)2004-2005
The Gold Goddess1983
Golden Age2004-2005
Golden Age Thunderbolts2011-2012
Golden Child2005
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad1974
Golem Program1993-1994
Gone Real Bad2017
The Good and the Famous2004
Good Cop/Bad Cop2003
The Good Die Young2004
Good Dreams!1989
Good Ol' Boys1985-1986
The Good Old Days2014-2015
Good Omens2002-2003
The Good Soldier1992
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2013-2014
Goodbye Chinatown2011-2012
Goose the Cat Variant Cover2019
Gorilla Warfare2001
Got a Short Attention Span?2010
Graffiti Variant Cover2023
Grand Theft America2005-2007
The Graveyard Shift2015
The Great American Mall Shoot-Out1994
The Great Astonishment1999
The Great Escape1999
The Great Fear1992
Great Heights2012
The Great Hunt1993
The Great One2011
Great Power2015
The Great War2014
Greater Power2015-2016
The Greatest FF Saga of All!1978
Greatest Moments Variant Cover2019-2020
The Greatest Responsibility1995
Greek Tragedy2010
Green Goblin no.1 Homage Cover2001
The Green Revolution1996
[Grey's End]2006
Grim Hunt2010
Gross and Disgusting1994
Growing Pains (A)1995
Growing Pains (B)2009
Grudge Match1987
Guardian Devil1998-1999
Guardians of Knowhere Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Guardians of the Galaxy no.1 Homage Cover2009
Guardians of the Galaxy (II) no.1 Homage Cover2024
Guardians of the Galaxy (VI) no.1 Homage Cover2019
Guardians of the Galaxy Variant Cover2014-2019
Guess Who's Back in Town?2004
A Guide to the World of Tomorrow1996-1997
The Guns of Avalon2008
Guns Roar in Gila Pass!1961
Gwen and Miles Happy Valentine Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Gwen Stacy Variant Cover2020-2023
Gwen Variant Cover2015
Gwenom vs. Carnage2021
Gwenpool Variant Cover2016
Gwensters Unleashed Variant Cover2017


Hail Hydra2011
Hail Thanos2022
Halcyon Legacy Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Half a Step2012
Half Lives1994
Hallows Eve Variant Cover2023
The Hammer Falls (A)2006
The Hammer Falls (B)2010
The Hammer Lane2001-2002
Handbook Variant Cover2021-2023
Hands Covered in Blood2014
Hands of the Mandarin1994-1995
The Hangin' of Angus O'Donnel!1992-1993
The Hanging Judge2020
Happy Birthday2003
Happy Birthday, Old Man Logan2018
Hard Choices (A)1991
Hard Choices (B)2003
Hard Shutdown2023
Hard Targets2012-2013
Harlem Burns2017
The Harrowing1993
Hastings kidrobot&TM; Variant Cover2014
The Hate Machine2018-2019
Hath No Fury2005
Haunted (A)2005
Haunted (B)2007-2008
Haunted (C)2014
Haunted (D)2024
Haunted Hulk2012
Haunted Mouses1995
Having a Wild Weekend1989
Havoc at the Accretion Disco2022-2023
Hawk Supreme1995
Hawkeye and the Beanstalk2009
Hawkeye (IV) no.1 Homage Cover2018
He Loves You2008
Head Trip2009-2010
Heads Variant Cover2020
Headshot Variant Cover2021-2024
Healing Factor (A)2002
Healing Factor (B)2014
Heart and Soul1993
Heart of Darkness1996
The Heart of Rage1995
Heart of the Dragon2021
Heart of the Drengir2021
Heart of the Hawk1991-1992
Heart of the Monster2011
Heart of the Monster Interlocking Cover2011
Hearts of Darkness II2020
Heaven's on Fire2009-2010
Heavy Metal1996
Heck Hath No Fury (Like a Lawyer Scorned)1995-1996
The Heist (A)2013-2014
Heist (B)2018-2019
Heku Trilogy1988
Hell Comes to Birmingham2008-2009
Hell Hath No Fury (A)1995
Hell Hath No Fury (B)2012-2013
Hell in a Handbasket2022
Hell of a Mess2007
Hell on Earth War2013
Hell on Earth War Interlocking Cover2013
Hell to Pay2007-2022
Hell-bent and Heaven-bound2008
Hellfire and Brimstone2002-2003
The Hellfire Apocalypse2002-2003
Hellfire Gala2021-2022
Hellfire Gala Interlocking Variant Cover2021
Hellfire Gala Variant Cover2022-2023
The Hellfire Hunt1997-1998
Hellfire Saga2013
Herald of Doom2019
The Herald Ordeal1992
Herald Supreme2019
Here Comes Tomorrow2004
Here Comes Yesterday2022-2023
Heritage Variant Cover2024
Hero for Hire no.1 Homage Cover2017
The Hero Killers1992
Hero of the People2000
Hero Variant Cover2008-2017
Hero Worship1991-1992
Heroes and Martyrs2005
Heroes and Villains2004-2005
Heroes at Home Variant Cover2020
Heroes of the Round Table!2019
Heroes Reborn Interlocking Cover2021
Heroes Return (A)1998-2011
Heroes Return (B)2002
Heroes Reunited1997
Heroes Reunited Interlocking Cover1997
Heroes Variant Cover2019
The Heroic Age2010-2011
Heroic Age Character Variant Cover2010-2011
Heroic Age Variant Cover2010
Heroic Proportions2009
Heroic Tendencies2000-2001
A Hero's Compulsion2007
Hey Look!1946-1949
Hidden Depths1993
Hidden Depths Interlocking Cover1993
Hidden Empire2023
Hidden Enemy2006
Hidden Gem Variant Cover2018-2024
Hidden in Plain Sight2014
Hidden in View1993
Hidden Lives1999
The Hidden Temple2008
Hide in Plain Sight2003
The High, Hard Shaft2003-2004
High Strangeness1999
Higher, Further, Faster, More.2014
Higher Learning2003-2004
Hip-Hop Variant Cover2015-2017
Historical Variant Cover2010-2011
History 1010012005
History of the Black Panthers2022-2023
The History of the Guardians1990
History's Mightiest Heroes2022-2023
Hit Back2024
Hobgoblin Reborn1992
Hold That Ghost2003
Holds Infinity Variant Cover2018
Holiest of Holies2019
The Hollow Man2002-2003
Holy Terror!1993
Holy War2003
Homage Variant Cover2017-2024
Homager Variant Cover2023
Home, Again!2007
Home Coming2012
Home of the Brave2018
The Homecoming! (A)1975-1976
The Homecoming (B)1995-1996
Homecoming (C)2009
Homecoming (D)2010
Homecoming (E)2016
Homeland (A)2004
Homeland (B)2009
Homeland (C)2022
Honor and Duty2002-2003
Hope and Glory2013
Hope Dies2018
Horns and Heavy Armor1992
Horror Business2009
Horror Variant Cover2020
The Horsemen of Apocalypse Variant Cover2016
Hostile Takeover1994
A Hot Eight Seconds1995
The Hound of the Baskervilles1976
House Arrest2006
House Divided2005
House of Cards2004-2005
The House of M2005-2006
House of M no.1 Variant Homage Cover2024
House of X no.1 Homage Cover2024
House of X / Power of X2019
How Good a Detective Are You?1941-1942
How I Won the War2007
How Low Can You Go?2009
How Millie Became a Model!1959
How Strange My Destiny!1975-1976
How to MA.I.M. a Mockingbird2014
How to Ride a Horse1992
How to Write and Draw Comics Good1984
Howard the Duck Weakly Campaign Update1976-1992
Howling Commandos Variant Cover2015
How-to-Draw Variant Cover2017
HoX/PoX Asrar Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Brooks Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Garrón Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Molina Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Nakayama Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Parrillo Interlocking Variant Cover2019
HoX/PoX Putri Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Hulk: Asunder2011-2012
Hulk Homage Variant Cover2018
The Hulk in the Mirror2016
Hulk of Arabia2011-2012
Hulk Planet2022-2023
Hulk: United2012
Hulk Variant Cover2018
Hulk vs. Banner!2012
Hulk vs. Dracula2011
Hulk vs. Iron Man2014
Hulk-Pet Avengers2010
Human Being2012
The Humanity Agenda2022
The Humanity Bomb2014
Hung Jury1994
The Hunger2003
Hunger Strikes2010
The Hunt for Sabretooth2002-2003
The Hunt for Weapon H2017-2018
The Hunt for Wolverine2018
The Hunt for X2022
The Hunt for Xavier1998-1999
The Hunted (A)2001
Hunted (B)2019
The Hunted (C)2024
Hunted Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Hunters and Trophies1992
The Hunting2023
Hunting Season2013
Hunting the Hunter2010
The Hyborian Age1975-1977
A Hyborian Odyssey1989-1990
The Hydra Affair1990
Hydra Attacks2016


I am an Defender Variant Cover2012
I am Captain America Variant Cover2011
I am Iron Man!2010
I Am the Black Widow2021
I Cover the Waterfront2002
I Hate a Mystery2006
I Killed Tomorrow2012
I Rule, You Suck2011
I, Thanos1992
The Icarus Theory1986
ICX Variant Cover2017
Identity Crisis1998
Identity Theft2010
Identity Wars2011
Identity Wars Interlocking Cover2011
Idiot's Array2004
Idle Thoughts1995
If He Dies, He Dies2018
If I Only Had a Heart2024
If Looks Could Kill2004
If Trouble Must Come2017
If Volcanic Winter Comes...1993
Ikkyu's Skull2001-2002
I'm with the Avengers! Variant Cover2012
I'm with the X-Men! Variant Cover2012
I'm Your Man2010-2011
Immortal Longings1994
Immortal Wraparound Variant Cover2019
Impossible Things Happen Every Day2005-2006
...In Chains!1995
In Deep2003-2004
In Dread Memory1996
In For the National Championship Variant Cover2015
In Hell2022
In Memoriam1973-2024
...In Shining Iron2002-2003
In the Beginnig2004
In the Blood2011
In the Company of Strangers1996
In the Crosshairs of Inferno Squad2023
In the Fold1998
In the Hands of the Mandarin1994
In the Land of the Fun People1942
In the Midst of Wolves2013
In the Name of the King2014
In the National Interest1986
In the Shadow of Yavin2013
In the Shadows of Their Fathers2005
In the Waters of Eternity1998
In Thy Name2008
In Too Deep2023
Incarnate Book 11993-1994
The Incorrigible Hulk2009-2010
The Incredible Herc2008
Incredible Hulk Annual no.1 Homage Cover2002-2024
Incredible Hulk no.1 Homage Cover1986-2024
Incredible Hulk (III) no.100 Homage Cover2008
Incredible Hulk (II) no.102 Homage Cover2021
Incredible Hulk (II) no.105 Homage Cover2018-2021
Incredible Hulk (II) no.107 Homage Cover1976
Incredible Hulk (II) no.112 Homage Cover1977
Incredible Hulk (II) no.113 Homage Cover1977
Incredible Hulk (II) no.114 Homage Cover1977
Incredible Hulk (II) no.115 Homage Cover2018
Incredible Hulk (II) no.117 Homage Cover1978
Incredible Hulk (II) no.119 Homage Cover1978
Incredible Hulk (II) no.125 Homage Cover1978
Incredible Hulk (II) no.134 Homage Cover1980
Incredible Hulk (II) no.181 Homage Cover1999-2024
Incredible Hulk (II) no.307 Homage Cover2021
Incredible Hulk (II) no.340 Homage Cover2004-2024
Incredible Hulk (II) no.345 Homage Cover2017
Incredible Hulk (II) no.372 Homage Cover2018
Incredible Hulk (II) no.377 Homage Cover2012
Incredible Hulk (III) no.94 Homage Cover2017
Industrial Revolution (A)1997
Industrial Revolution (B)2010-2011
Infamous Monsters of Hollywood!1991-1992
Inferno (A)1988-1989
Inferno (B)1995
Inferno (C)2020
Infinite Destinies2021
Infinite Destinies Interlocking Variant Cover2021
Infinite Fury2021
Infinite Power2016
Infinities: A New Hope2001
The Infinities of Evil2000
Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back2002
Infinity Countdown2018
Infinity Countdown Interlocking Variant Cover2018
The Infinity Crusade1993
The Infinity Gauntlet1991-2015
Infinity Gauntlet no.1 Homage Cover2007-2024
Infinity Gauntlet no.4 Homage Cover2015
Infinity Generals Interlocking Cover2013-2014
Infinity Quest2018
Infinity Saga Phase 1 Variant Cover2022
Infinity Saga Phase 2 Variant Cover2022
Infinity Saga Phase 3 Variant Cover2023
Infinity Saga Phase 4 Variant Cover2023
Infinity Score2021-2022
Infinity Score Interlocking Variant Cover2021
The Infinity War1992
Infinity Warps2018-2019
Infinity Warps Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Infinity Wars2018-2019
Infinity Wars Arachknight Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Infinity Wars Interlocking Variant Cover2018-2019
Infinity Wars Weapon Hex Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Infinity Wart Crossover1992
Infinity Watch2024
Infinity Watch Variant Cover2024
Infinity's End1999
Infinity's not Forever1991-1992
Inhuman Error2015
Inhuman Error Interlocking Cover2015
Inhuman no.1 Homage Cover2017
Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2015-2016
Inhumans Attilan Rising no.3 Homage Cover2017
Inhumans by Cheung Interlocking Variant Cover2015-2016
Inhumans (II) no.1 Homage Cover2014-2017
Inhumans no.8 Homage Cover2017
Inhumans vs. X-Men2017
Inhumans X-Men Prime Interlocking Variant Cover2017
The Initiative2007-2008
Innocence Lost2005
Insane in the Brain2009-2010
Inside the Beast!2005
Insignia Variant Cover2023-2024
The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda2018-2021
Interim for Mutants2022
International Variant Cover2019
International Women's Day Cover2018
International Women's Day Variant Cover2019
The Interstellar Toybox1983
Into that Good Night2010
Into the Crucible2020-2021
Into the Depths!1995
Into the Fire2020-2021
Into the Grave2013
Into the Spirit World2022-2023
Into the Unknown2005
Introductory Rites2023-2024
The Invader2023
Invaders no.7 Homage Cover2015-2024
Invasion of the Spider-Slayers1992-1993
Invasive Exotic2013
Invisible Touch2021
The Invisible Woman has Vanished!2010
An Irishman Walks Into a Secret Government Facility...
The Iron Avengers2008
Iron Eclipse2011-2012
Iron Fist no.14 Homage Cover2017
Iron Man 2020 Interlocking Variant Cover2020
Iron Man by Design 2.0 Variant Cover2010
Iron Man by Design Variant Cover2010
Iron Man Friends and Foes Interlocking Cover2011
Iron Man no.1 Homage Cover2010-2015
Iron Man no.100 Homage Cover2006-2020
Iron Man no.126 Homage Cover2018
Iron Man no.128 Homage Cover2010-2024
Iron Man no.150 Homage Cover2008-2017
Iron Man no.282 Homage Cover2018-2022
Iron Man no.69 Homage Cover2017
Iron Man no.71 Homage Cover2017
Iron Man (III) no.76 Homage Cover2012-2023
Iron Many2008
The Iron Mechanic2018-2019
Iron Metropolitan2014
The Iron Nail2014
Irons in the Fire2016
Island of Pirates' Doom1982
Island X2007
Isn't it Bromantic?2016
The Isolationist2007
The It Can Happen Here, and Now Resultion!2009-2010
It's Not Easy Being Green2007
Itsy Bitsy2016-2017
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider1999
IVX Inhumans Variant Cover2017
IVX X-Men Variant Cover2017


J2's Funny Fairy Tales for Fools and Felons1999
Jabba's Palace Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Jagged Edge1994
Jango and Boba Fett2010
Japanese Creator Variant Cover2022
Jedi's End2022
Jeff the Landshark Variant Cover2022
Jen Walters Must Die2018
The Jericho Syndrome1993
The Jewel of Death2023
Jigsaw Puzzle1990
John Carter Warlord of Mars no.1 Homage Cover2016
John Romita Commemorative Issue2023
The Jouk1992
Journey Into Imagination2014
Journey Into Misery2015
Journey Into Mystery (A)1990
A Journey Into Mystery (B)2022
Journey Into Mystery no.118 Homage Variant Cover1994
Journey Into Mystery no.83 Homage Variant Cover1978-2022
Journey Into Mystery no.85 Homage Variant Cover2015
Journey to the Center of the Goblin2010
Judgement Day2022
Judgement War1989-1990
Judgment Day (A)1991
Judgment Day (B)1996
Judgment Night Interlocking Cover2000
Jumping the Tracks2006
Jungle Action (II) no.8 Homage Cover2000
Jury-Rigged Justice1996
Just Another Manic Monday2003
Just Friends1991


Kaare Andrews Interlocking Party Variant Cover2018
Kaiju Variant Cover2021
The Kaiju War2022
The Kamchatkan Konspiracy1991
Kang War II1975
Karma in Love2023
Keemia's Castle2010
Keep Your Friends Close2018
Key to a Mystery2023
The Kids Are Alright2008
Kill Matsu'o2010
Kill or Cure2008-2009
Killed in Action2008
Killed, Not Dead2010
Killer App!2021
Killer Instinct2018
Killer Instincts2007
A Killer of a Love Story1994-1995
The Killing Dream2010-2011
The Killing Field1994
Killing Ground1992
The Killing Season2005
The Killing Stroke1991
The Killing Time2022
Killshot Interlocking Variant Cover2022
The Kin Crimson Chronicle2022
King Conan Interlocking Collage Variant Cover2021-2022
King Hyperion2004
King in Black2021
King in Black Interlocking Variant Cover2021
The King in Purple2024
King Leon1992-1993
[King of Fang and Claw]1939-1940
The King of Hell2019-2020
The King of Hell's Kitchen2004
The King of Killers Book 12022
The King of Killers Book 22023
King of Nothing2018
King of the Savage Land2011
Kingdom on an Island of the Apes1975
Kingpin Interlocking Variant Cover2017
The Kingpin of Wakanda2012
Kingpins of New York2017-2018
Kings and Queens2018
Kings of Pain1991
Kings of the Night1979
King's Ransom2021
Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover2017-2018
Kirby Monster Variant Cover2015-2016
Kiss or Kill2010-2011
Kiss Today Goodbye2013
Kitchen Irish2004
The Kith Triology2000
Klaw Stands Supreme2017-2018
Knight's End Variant Cover2024
Knights of Dawn Variant Cover2022
Knights of Ren Variant Cover2022
Knights of Suffering2007
Knights of the Old Republic: War2012
Know Fear2019
Knullified Variant Cover2021
The Korvac Quest1991
Kraven's First Hunt2008
Kraven's Last Hunt1987
Kraven's Next Hunt2011


The Labors of Magik2022
Ladies' Night1987
The Lady and the Tiger2019
Lady Bullseye2008-2009
The Land Before Crime2017
Land of the Blind2017
Land of the Lost1974
Land of the Lotus2021
Land of the Rising Sons1999
Land of the Rising Sun1998
Landscape Variant Cover2015
Language of the Great Apes1977-1978
Last Annihilation2021
The Last Avenger2020
The Last Avenger Interlocking Variant Cover2020
Last Days2015-2016
Last Days: Ms. Marvel2015
The Last Days of Camelot2006
The Last Days of Magic2016
The Last Days of Midgard2014
Last Entry1994-1995
The Last Flight of the Harbinger2016-2017
The Last Galactus Story1984-1986
The Last Iron Fist Story2007
The Last Jedi2018
The Last Knights of Wundagore2008
Last Mutant Standing2023-2024
Last of the Dragons1982-1983
The Last of the Innocent2011
The Last of the Marvels2021-2022
The Last Padawan2015
Last Remains2020-2021
Last Remains: Post Mortem2021
Last Ride of the Howling Commandos2010
Last Rites (A)1991-1992
Last Rites (B)1994-1995
The Last Ronin2016-2017
The Last Stand2005
Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance2008-2009
Last Stand on Ord Mantell2000-2001
The Last Temptation1997-1998
The Last Temptation of Eddie Brock2007
The Last Wolverine Story2014
Latverian Prometheus2010
The Laughing Mirror2007
Launch Variant Cover2020-2022
Law of the Jungle1987
The Lazarus Project1990
League of Losers2006
Learning Curve2018
Learning to Crawl2014
Left Hand Path2010
The Legacy! (A)1995
Legacy (B)2003
Legacy (C)2024
Legacy Headshot Variant Cover2017-2018
Legacy Homage Variant Cover2017
Legacy of Doom2008
The Legacy of Imagination2015-2016
The Legacy of Thanos2023
Legacy of the Wolf1991
The Legacy of Unicron1988
Legacy of Yesteryear (A)1991
Legacy of Yesteryear (B)1994
Legacy: War2010-2011
Legend Found2017-2018
Legend Lost2017
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois2007
The Legend of Steve2019-2020
Legend of the Black Knight Variant Cover2021
[The Legend of Young Conan]1990-1991
Legend Variant Cover2013-2014
Legends and Lore of the Dark Dimension1990
Legion of Foom2020
Legion of the Lost1988
Legion of Vengeance1992
Legion Quest1994-1995
Lego Variant Cover2013-2021
Lethal Protector2017-2018
Let's Play Detective1943-1949
Leviathan (A)1997
Leviathan (B)1998-1999
The Liar2023
Liar's Poker2009
Liberty's Doom2002
The Life and Death of Conan2019-2020
Life Day Variant Cover2024
Life During War Time1991
Life in the Maddog Ward1987
The Life of Gwen Stacy2018
Life of X2017-2018
Life Signs1994
Life's End1990
Lifetime Achievement2019
Light and Life2023
Light the Night!1993
Lightning Bolt Variant Cover2024
...Like Lighting2017
Like Lightning2012
Lilapalooza - A Celebration of Mutants and Music2016-2017
Lionheart of Avalon2004
A Little Murder2004
A Little Piece of Home2004
Live and Let Die1994
Live Fast2007
Live Kree or Die!1998
Lives and Deaths of Wolverine2022
Living in Darkness2009
The Living Nightmare2019-2020
Living Planet2004
Living Vampire Variant Cover2020-2021
The Living Weapon1975-1976
Lizard Variant Cover2012
The Lizard's Tale2004
Local Comic Shop Day Variant Cover2016-2024
Lock and/or Key2011
Lockdown (A)2016
Lockdown (B)2021-2022
Logan Dies2007-2008
The Logan Files2002
Logan the Hunted2018
Logo Variant Cover2010-2024
Loki: Sorcerer Surpreme2018
London Falling2006-2007
Lonely at the Top2016-2017
Long, Cold Dark2007-2008
The Long Cold Kill!1998
Long Live the King!2009
The Long Night of Fang and Talon!1979
Long Road2013
The Long Shadow2022
Long Way Down2012
The Longest Day1993
The Longest Winter2012
Long-term Arrangement2009
Look at Meme Now!2021
[Loose Nuke]2013-2014
Lord of the Brood2023
The Lords of Earthly Vengeance2022
Lost and Found2004
Lost Gods of Kobol1979
Lost in Space-Time1987
Lost in the Plot2018
Lost in the Shadows1994
Lost in Time1986
Lost Legions2011
The Lost Race1981
Lost Souls1990
The Lost Suns2011
Lost Tribes2012
Lost Weekend2012
The Lotus F/X1992-1993
Love and Bullets1993
Love-- and Loss!2009
Love and Marriage2018-2019
Love and War2008-2009
Love Is Colder Than Death1998
Love is the Winner1964
Love, Lies and the Lost City1992
Love Tales1995
Love Wars1996
Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2021-2022
Lucasfilm Pride Month Variant Cover2021-2023
Luke Cage Gang War Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Luke Cage Interlocking Variant Cover2017-2018
Lunar Lagoon1986
Lurical Love1995


Mace Windu2017-2018
Machine Man (II) no.2 Homage Cover2021
Machinery of War1999
The Mad God Baphomet1992
The Madbomb1976-1978
The Madripoor Job2014
The Magician1964
Magnetic North2005-2006
Magneto Rex1999
The Magneto War1999
Magnificent Ms. Marvel Luciano Vecchio Interlocking Variant Cover2019-2020
Magnum Opus2009
Maker's Mark2004
The Making of Akira, the Epic Comic1989-1990
Male Bonding1992
Malibu Origins1994
Man and Machine2007
Man and Monster2004
Man and Wolf1992
A Man Called X2018
Man Hunt2011
A Man Named Buggit2013
Man of Iron1985
Man of Stone2006-2007
Man of the People1993-1994
Man out of Time2011
The Man Who Bought America2008
The Man Who Fell to Earth2016
The Man Within2014
Man Without a Country1996
Man Without Fear Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Manga Artist Variant Cover2015
Manifest Destiny2008-2009
Manifest Destiny: Eternals / X-Men2009
Manifest Destiny: Wolverine2008-2009
The Manipulator2019
The Many Armors of Iron Man Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Many Armors of Iron Man Variant Cover2011-2013
Many Thousands Gone2018-2019
Mapping the Mission1996
The Maquis, Soldier of Peace1995
Marada the She-Wolf1982
The Marauder1964
Marc Spector: Moon Knight no.1 Homage Cover2024
March on Ultimatum2007-2008
March to Axis2014
Mardi Gras Variant Cover2021
The Mark of Kaine1995
The Mark of the Ancient Ones2004
The Mark of the Vodû1990
Marked for Death!2003-2004
Marvel 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2011-2012
Marvel 75th Anniversary Variant Cover2014-2015
Marvel 80th Anniversary Frame Variant Cover2019
Marvel 80th Variant Cover2019
Marvel 85th Anniversary Homage Variant2024
Marvel '92 Variant Cover2016
Marvel 97 Variant Cover2024
The Marvel Age - 19661984
The Marvel Age - 19671985
The Marvel Age 19771988
Marvel Age no.36 Homage Cover2022
Marvel Anatomy Variant Cover2023
Marvel Animation Spider-Verse Variant Cover2015
Marvel Anime Variant Cover2021
Marvel Architects2011
Marvel Architects Variant Cover2011
Marvel Authentix Limited Edition1998-1999
Marvel Battle Lines Variant Cover2018-2019
Marvel Chronicles1996
Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga2023-2024
Marvel Comics no.1 Homage Cover2009-2020
Marvel Comics Presents no.73 Homage Cover2009
Marvel Comics Presents no.77 Homage Cover2017
Marvel Comics Presents Variant Cover2023-2024
Marvel Double Feature Giant-Man Interlocking Cover1994-1995
Marvel Fanfare no.1 Homage Cover2018
Marvel Feature no.1 Homage Cover2012
Marvel Graphic Novel no.1 Homage Cover2010-2023
Marvel Graphic Novel no.4 Homage Cover2017
Marvel Icon Variant Cover2022-2023
Marvel Knights 20 Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Marvel Masterpieces III Variant Cover2024
Marvel Masterpieces Variant Cover2021-2022
Marvel Masterworks Original Design1987-2024
Marvel Milestones2005-2007
Marvel Multiverse RPG Variant Cover2024
Marvel Mystery Variant Cover2019
Marvel Now! Action Figure Variant Cover2016-2017
Marvel Premiere Classic Line2006-2013
Marvel Premiere no.1 Homage Cover2016
Marvel Premiere no.41 Homage Cover1998
Marvel Premiere no.47 Homage Cover2022
Marvel Premiere no.49 Homage Cover2015
Marvel Primer2017-2018
Marvel Rising2018
Marvel Rising Action Doll Homage Variant Cover2019
Marvel Rising Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Marvel Romance Redux2006
Marvel Salutes2024
Marvel Snap! Variant Cover2024
Marvel Spotlight2006-2011
Marvel Spotlight no.13 Homage Cover2006-2020
Marvel Spotlight no.5 Homage Cover2023
Marvel Spotlight On2018-2023
Marvel Studios' Animation Variant Cover2022-2024
Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Variant Cover2018
Marvel Super War Variant Cover2020
Marvel Super-Heroes (II) no.18 Homage Cover1992
Marvel Super-Heroes (III) no.8 Homage Cover2017
[Marvel Tales]2012
Marvel Team-Up Annual no.4 Homage Cover2017
Marvel Team-Up no.1 Homage Cover2023
Marvel Team-Up (III) no.1 Homage Cover2006
Marvel Team-Up no.11 Homage Cover2017
Marvel Treasury Edition no.1 Homage Cover2023
Marvel Tsum Tsum Interlocking Variant Cover2016-2017
Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover Variant Cover2016
Marvel Two-In-One no.96 Homage Cover2016
The Marvel Universe by Peach Momoko Variant Cover2023
The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool2018
Marvel Universe Official Handbook Deluxe Edition no.12 Homage Cover2024
Marvel Value Stamp1974-1975
Marvel Value Stamp Series B1976
Marvel Value Stamp Series C2017-2018
Marvel Value Stamp Series D2023
Marvel vs. Alien Variant Cover2021-2024
Marvel vs. Capcom Variant Cover2017
Marvel Wednesday Variant Cover2020
Marvel Zombies2006
Marvel Zombies Variant Cover2020-2024
Marvelman and the Great Gargunza Mystery
Marvels 25th Tribute Variant Cover2019-2020
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Road to 100 Variant Cover2018
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Art of Level 7 Variant Cover2014
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover2014-2017
Marvel's Future Avengers Variant Cover2019-2020
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Variant Cover2021
Marvel's Spider-Man Video Game Variant Cover2018
Marvel's Voices Community Variant Cover2022
Marvels X Variant Cover2020-2021
Mary Jane Variant Cover2017-2023
Mary Shelley Overdrive2002
The Mask in the Iron Man1999-2000
Mask of the Red Death1992
Masks (A)2006
Masks (B)2011-2012
Master and Apprentice Variant Cover2024
The Master Assassin of Mars1978-1979
Master Class2019-2020
The Master Log1985
Master of the Ring2005
Masterworks Variant Cover2021
Matrix Quest1990
Maxed Out2023
Maximum Carnage1993
Maximum Clonage1995
Maximum Security2000-2001
Mayan Rule2012
Mayor Fisk2018
MCU Phase 3 Variant Cover2023
MCU Phase 4 Variant Cover2022
MCU Variant Cover2020-2024
Means and Ends2005-2006
Media Blizzard1996
The Mega-Monsters From Beyond!1978
Memento Mori2017
Men of A.X.E. Variant Cover2022
Men of Bronze: Fists of Iron1985
Men of the Shadows1984
Menace From the World - Beyond! Interlocking Cover1999
The Menace of the Morlocks!1998
Mercury Falling2007
Messenger From the Dead1991
Messiah Complex (A)1998
Messiah CompleX (B)2007-2008
The Messiah Syndrome1997
Messiah War2009
Meta Morphosis2014
Metamorphosis Odyssey1980-1982
Mices on Infinite Earths1991
The Midnight King Returns to Earth2018
Midnight Massacre1993
Midnight Sons2009
Midnight Sun2007
The Mighty Magnor1993
Mighty Men Variant Cover2016
The Mighty Tanarus2012
Mighty Thor no.126 Homage Cover1990-2010
Mighty Thor no.142 Homage Cover1994
Mighty Thor no.148 Homage Cover2009
Mighty Thor no.229 Homage Cover2018
Mighty Thor no.337 Homage Cover1992-2024
Mighty Thor no.366 Homage Cover2015
Mighty Thor no.433 Homage Cover1993
Mighty Thor no.451 Homage Cover1995
Mighty Thor no.452 Homage Cover1995
Mighty Thor Variant Cover2018
A Mile in my Moccasins2009
Miles Morales: Spider-Man 10th Anniversary Variant Cover2021-2022
Mind Bomb!1991
Mind Games2004
Mind on Fire2009
The Mind-Bending Origin of Amadeus Cho2009
Minimalist Chapter1994
Minimates Variant Cover2015
Minimum Carnage2012-2013
The Minoan Agendas1994-1995
Miracleman by Peach Momoko Interlocking Cover2022
Miracleman Variant Cover2022-2023
Misadventures in Babysitting2012
Missing in Action1986
MK20 Variant Cover2018-2019
Model Soldiers1993
Mojo Worldwide2017-2018
Mojo Worldwide Black and White Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Mojo Worldwide Interlocking Cover2017
Money Don't Buy1994-1995
Monkey Cover Version2008-2009
Monkey Variant Cover2008-2009
Monster and Marvel2008
Monster Mash1985
Monster War2017
Monsters and Gods2003
Monsters, Myths and Marvels2008
Monsters of Evil2012
Monsters of Manhattan1995
Monsters Unleashed2017
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur no.1 Homage Cover2017
Moon Girl Team-Up Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Moon Knight no.1 Homage Cover2023
Moon Knight (X) no.1 Homage Cover2022
Moon Knight no.25 Homage Cover2018-2024
Moon of Skulls1978-1979
Moon Over Harlem2009-2010
Moon Over Madripoor2018
The Moons of Venus2003
Morbius Interlocking Variant Cover2020
[The Mordillo Isle Saga]1979
The Mordo Chronicles1989
The Mortal Iron Fist2008-2009
The Most Dangerous Game2005
Most Wanted? (A)2015
Most Wanted (B)2018
Mother of Evil2023-2024
Mother of Exiles2019
Mother Russia2005
Motown Madness1990
The Mountaintop2002
Movie Variant Cover1979-2024
Moving Target (A)1997
Moving Target (B)2018
Mr. M2004
Mr. Parker Goes to Washington2006
Ms. Fantastic2019
Ms. Marvel no.1 Homage Cover2015-2023
Ms. Marvel (III) no.1 Homage Cover2017-2023
Ms. Marvel (III) no.2 Homage Cover2024
Ms. Marvel (III) no.3 Homage Cover2023
Ms. Poole If You Are Nasty2016
Mudd's Pets1995
Mugshot Variant Cover2018
The Muir Island Saga (A)1991
Muir Island Saga (B)1993
Multiple Issues2007
Murder at the Mansion2003
Murder Ballads2000
A Murder in Paradise2005
The Murdock Papers2005-2006
Mutant Beach Party!1988
Mutant Island1998
Mutant Massacre1986-1987
Mutatis Mutandis2012
Mutiny at Mon Cala2018
My Brother, My Enemy2006
My Brother's Keeper1987
My Enemy's Enemy...1993
My Fair Super Hero2007
My Hero2009-2010
My Shining Star1963
My Two Dads2018
Mys-Tech Wars1993
Mystery Variant Cover2019
The Mystic Mountain Tale1966-1967
Myth Conceptions1994
The Mythology of an Abandoned City1983
Myths, Monsters and Mutants2011


The Name of the Rose (A)1992
The Name of the Rose (B)2010
Namor Goes to Hell2011
A Nation Under Our Feet2016-2017
Nation X2009-2010
Native American Heritage Month Variant Cover2022
Native American Heritage Tribute Variant Cover2021
The Nativity2018
Natural Resources2013
Nature of the Beast1993
Necrosha: New Mutants2009-2010
The Nefaria Protocols2000
Negative Exposure2018-2019
Negative Space2021
Negative Space Variant Cover2019-2024
The Negative Zone War2018
The Nemesis Contract1998
Neptune's Eye1990
NetEase Games Variant Cover2021-2023
Netmarble Variant Cover2019-2020
Neverland Blues1994-1995
[New Avengers]2005
New Avengers: Disassembled2006
New Avengers Interlocking Cover2005
New Avengers no.1 Homage Cover2005-2023
New Beginnings2004
New Blood, New World2022
New Champions Variant Cover2023
New Character Variant Cover2019
The New Exiles2006
The New Face of War2003
A New Game of Death1995
The New History of Arakko2023
The New Kid2007
New Kids on the Block2024
The New Labors of Hercules2005
A New Midian1993
New Mutants2004
New Mutants no.1 Homage Cover2017
New Mutants no.87 Homage Cover2012-2017
New Mutants no.98 Homage Cover2018-2024
New Mutants Variant Cover2018
New Order1993
New Sheriff in Town2004
The New Sinister Six2017
New Spider-Man Interlocking Cover1996
New Warriors Solo1994
New Ways to Die2008
New Ways to Live2009-2010
The New World2020-2021
The New World According to Peter Parker2009-2010
New World Disorder2015
New World Orders2012
New X-Men no.114 Homage Cover2012-2024
New X-Men no.28 Homage Cover2024
The Newer Mutants2017-2018
Next Avengers2010
The Next Big Thing2022
The Next Generation2009-2010
Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing2009
Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing Interlocking Cover2009
Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. no.1 Homage Cover2009-2019
Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. no.4 Homage Cover2005-2018
Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. no.6 Homage Cover2011
Night of the Hunters1993
Night of the Marvel Balls1988
The Night of the Scourge1989
The Night Shift2017
Nightcrawler no.1 Homage Cover2010
Nightmare in Scarlet1995-1996
Nightmare in Suburbia1989
Nightmare Variant Cover2024
Nights Born Ten Years Gone1979
Nights of Anger2007
No Devils, Only God2019
No Direction Home2000
No End in Sight2014
No End in Sight Interlocking Cover2014
No Escape (A)2010
No Escape (B)2013
No Future (A)1994
No Future? (B)2014
No Gods, No Masters2015
No Going Back2017
No Hero2003-2004
No Laughing Matter2017
No Matter the Cost2004
No Mercy2014
No More2018
No One Dies2011
No One Gets Back Alive!2008
No Prize Variant Cover2023
No Rules1994
No Surrender2018
No Turning Back2012
No Way Home2008-2009
No Way Out2006
A Nocturne's Tale2004
Northeast Corridor2017-2018
Northern Flight2018
Northern Lights2018
Not Brand Echh no.5 Homage Cover2014
Not Brand X2014
Not Dead Yet1997-1998
Not Forgotten2009
Nothing but the Truth1992
Nova no.1 Homage Cover2008-2010
Nova (IV) no.1 Homage Cover2007
Nova (V) no.1 Homage Cover2014
Now, Not Tomorrow2010
'Nuff Said2002
Nuke-Clear War2018
NYC Variant Cover2014-2015


The Oath2006-2007
Obi-Wan and Anakin2016
The Odinsword Quest1965-1966
Odyssey (A)2001-2002
Odyssey (B)2004
Of Darkest Nights2004
Of Kith and Kin1982
Of War and Peace: Tales by Mas1986
The Official Conan the Adventurer Programm Guide1994-1995
The Official History of the Marvel Apes Universe2008
The Official Strikeforce: Morituri Handbook1987-2012
OHBotMU Glossary2007-2008
Old Friends and Enemies2009
Old Ghosts2008-2009
Old Man Logan2008-2009
Old Man Logan Interlocking Cover2008-2009
Old Weapons2018
Old Woman Laura2018
Old Wounds, New Battles2001
Old-Time Religion1994
Omega Effect2012
Omega Effect Interlocking 2nd Printing Cover2012
The OmegaHulk2014-2015
On the Road1990
On the Spot2023
Once a Hero1988
Once a Thief...2012
Once an Avenger...1998
Once an Invader...2004
The Once and Future Juggernaut2015
The Once and Future King2001-2002
The Once and Future Kings2017-2018
Once and Future Spirits1994
Once More Into the Darkness2024
Once Upon a Timon1996
One Life to Die1990-1991
One Moment in Time2010
One Month to Die2014
One More Day2007-2008
One Nation Under Doom1995
One Night Only! (Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress)2002
One of Us (A)2005
One of Us (B)2008
The One That Got Away2016
The Oneironauts Session1995
Only Death is Eternal2021
The Only Game in Town2008
Only Myself Left to Conquer2021-2022
Onslaught Impact 11996
Onslaught Impact 21996
Open Season2004-2005
Operation: Annihiliation2011
Operation Chicken Lips1992
Operation: Galactic Storm1992
Operation Phoenix2012
Operation: Rebirth1995-1996
Operation: Rescue1998
Operation Starlight2021
Operation Symbiote1994
Operation: Zero Tolerance1997
The Origin of Man of War1993
The Origin of Mantis1975
The Origin of Prime1995
The Origin of the Green Goblin1991
The Origin of the Hobgoblin1991
The Origin of the Incomparable Inhumans!1967-1968
The Origin of the Sentry2006
Origin of the Species2010
Origin of the Vision1975
Origin of Ulysses1993
The Origin of Venom1991
The Origin Story1988
The Origin Thing2006
Original Sin (A)2008-2009
Original Sin (B)2014
Original Sin Interlocking Battle Variant Cover2014
Original Sin no.1 Homage Cover2024
Original Sin: Nova2014
Original Sin Thor Loki Tenth Realm Interlocking Cover2014
Origins (A)1994
Origins (B)1995
Origins (C)1994
Origins (D)2010-2011
Origins and Destinies2019-2020
Origins and Endings2006
The Origins of Alpha Flight1983-1984
Origins of the New Warriors1991
Orphans of X2017-2018
The Osborn Identity2017
The Other: Evolve or Die2005-2006
The Other Variant Cover Design2005-2006
Our Love Story no.1 Homage Cover2017
Our War2007-2008
Out Cold2023-2024
Out of Orbit2016
Out of the Wilderness2011-2012
Out of Time (A)2005
Out of Time (B)2018
The Outcast1994
Outlaw Justice!1991
The Outsider1980-1986
Over the Edge (A)1995
Over the Edge (B)1993


The Pacific Overlords1991
The Pack2009
Pale Little Spider2002
The Palmer Addley Infection2011-2012
Palmer Addley is Dead2011
Panic by Moonlight1974
The Panther vs. the Klan1976-1980
Panther's Quest1989
Panther's Rage1973-1975
Paradise Lost2021-2022
Parchments of the Damned!1975
Parential Guidance2006
The Parker Legacy1995
Parts of a Hole1999-2001
Party of Four2021
Party Variant Cover2009-2020
Passage to India2009
Passing the Torch2007
Passion Play (A)1993
Passion Play (B)2002
Past Fears2018
Past/Future Avengers Assemble Interlocking Variant Cover2023
The Past Haunts Us All2023
Past Lives2017
Past Lives Interlocking Variant Cover2017
The Path of the Righteous2023-2024
The Path To Knowhere2006-2007
Patience: Zero2016-2017
Pax Demonica1993
Pax Mohannda2022-2023
Payback (A)1998
Payback (B)1994
Payback is a Bitch2008-2009
Peace in Our Time2006
The Pegasus Project1979
The People of the Black Circle1976-1977
Perchance to Dream1990
Perfect Game2011
Perfect Weapon2003
The Perfect World1999
A Perfect World2014
Permanent Rage2012-2013
Personal Wreckage2010
The Peter Davison Interview1986
Peter Parker and the Beanstalk2022
Peter Parker, Paparazzi2008
Peter Parkerverse Variant Cover2024
Petey - The Adventures of Peter Parker Before He Became Spider-Man!1989-1997
The Phalanx Covenant Book 11994
The Phalanx Covenant Book 21994
The Phalanx Covenant Book 31994
Phalkon Quest1990
Phantom Limb2018
The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Variant Cover2024
Pharaoh's Legacy1989
Phoenix Endsong no.1 Homage Cover2007
The Phoenix Gambit1977-1978
Phoenix Resurrection2018
Phoenix Resurrection Interlocking Variant Cover2018
The Phoenix Resurrection: Red Shift1995
The Phoenix Saga1995
Phoenix Variant Cover (A)2018
Phoenix Variant Cover (B)2021
Pig Pen1999
The Pilgrim Conundrum1994-1995
The Pillars2022-2023
The Pine Barrens2004
The Pink Mink2003
Pit of Death1975
The Pitt1988
Pixie Strikes Back2010
A Plague of Locusts2004
Plan M1982-1983
Planet Future2013
Planet Hulk: Allegiance2007
Planet Hulk: Anarchy2006
Planet Hulk: Armageddon2007
Planet Hulk: Exile2006
Planet of Fear2011
Planet of the Apes (Movie Adaptation)1974-1975
Planet of the Apes Variant Cover2023
Planet of the Symbiotes1995
Planet Savage2011
Planet Skaar2009
Planet Without a Hulk2007
Planet X2003-2004
Play to Win2005
Players and Pawns1995
Playing to the Camera2001
Point of Origin2019-2020
Poison Tomorrow2005
Poison X2018
Poison X Variant Cover2018
Police Action1992-1993
The Pool of the Black One1977
Pool-Pocalypse Now2010
Poor Oscar1964
Pop Chart Variant Cover2019
The Portal City of Pan2019-2020
Portals of Power1992
Post Prologue2016
Poster Variant Cover2015-2017
Powdered Toastman and the Temple of Dough1995
Power (A)2000
Power (B)2009-2010
Power and Glory1998
Power and Responsibility1994
Power Corrupted2005
Power Focus2008
Power Man no.50 Homage Cover2009
Power Play (A)2003
Power Play (B)2016
The Power Principle1977-1978
Power to the People! (A)2008-2009
Power to the People (B)2010
Powerless (A)1990-1991
Powerless (B)2012
The Predator and the Prey1994
Predator Variant Cover2021-2022
Prelude to Black September1995
Premiere Variant Cover2010-2022
Present War1995-1996
The Preserve2023
President Thor2006
Prestige Dark2018
Prey (A)1987
Prey (B)2021
The Price1982
The Price of Freedom2013-2014
Pride Allies Variant Cover2024
Pride and Joy2003
Pride Comes ...2011-2012
Pride Month Variant Cover2021-2024
Primary Actions2000
Primary Infection2007
Prime Elements2010
The Prince2009
Princess Leia2015
The Princess of the Atom1943
Princess Thaiis1991
Princess... Warrior2003
Prisoner of Bogan2012-2013
Prisoner of Fire2004
Prisoner of the Floating World2013
The Private Life of Peter Parker2009-2010
The Prodigal Sun2019
Profile Variant Cover2021
Project: Blackout1967
Prometheus Unhinged!1993
The Promethium Exchange1991
Promethium Exchange Interlocking Cover1991
The Promise2001
Promised Land2018
Promo Variant Cover2007-2024
Prophet and Loss2004
Prophet and Losses1994-1995
Prophet Motive2008-2009
Prostate Awareness Month Variant Cover2016
Protective Services2012
The Protector2013
Protectors Data Sheets1992
Psych Wars2017-2018
Psychoville, U.S.A.1993
Public Enemies, Private Lives1997
The Public Enemy File1994
[Public Enemy Prequel]1995
Public Identity2010
Public Scrutiny2002-2003
The Punisher Invades the 'Nam1992
The Punisher Invades The 'Nam: The Long Sticks1991
Punisher no.3 Homage Cover2009
Punisher no.4 Homage Cover2009
The Punisher: The Movie2004
The Punisher vs. the Thunderbolts2014
Punisher: War Criminal2018
Punisher: War Machine2018
Punisher's Fighting Techniques1989-1990
Pure Sacrifice1994
Purple (A)2003-2004
Purple (B)2017
Purple Daughter2019
Purple Reign2005
Puzzle Piece Variant Cover2019


The Queen and the Corsairs!1978
Queen in Black2021
The Queen of Hel2015-2016
The Quest for Magik2007
The Quest For Nightcrawler2014
The Quest for Northstar1990
Quest for the Planet of the Apes1976
Quest of the Four Talismans1988
Quest's End1988
Quiet Council Variant Cover2022-2024
The Quiet Room2016


Race With the Devil1989
The Rafferty Saga1994-1995
Rage Against the Machine1999
Rage Against the Machine Interlocking Cover1999
Rage Against Time1996
A Rage in Heaven!1994
Rage War2001
Ragnarok (A)2004
Ragnarok (B)2010
Raid on the Vermillion2022
Raiders of the Lost Ark (A)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (B)1985
Raising Hell's Children1999
Range Wars2022
Rangers Records1988
Rash Young Man1993
The Ratio2018
Ratio Variant Cover2018-2024
The Rawhide Kid Strikes Back1960-1961
The Razing of Exegol2024
Reach for the Stars2004
Ready, A.I.M., Fire!2007
Realm of Kings2010
The Reaper and the Robot1990-1991
The Reaping2009
Rebecca, Please Come Home2002
Rebel Heist2014
Rebel Jail2016
Rebels 10th Anniversary Variant Cover2024
Rebels and Rogues2019-2020
Rebels, Freaks and Prophets2003
Rebels Television Show Variant Cover2015
Reborn (A)2003
Reborn (B)2011
Reborn Variant Cover2021
Reckoning War2022
Reconstruction (A)2007
Reconstruction (B)2013
Recurring Evils1986
The Red Fist Saga2022-2023
Red Lace1978-1979
Red Ledger2018
Red Miracles1994
Red Nails1973-1974
Red Planet Hulk2011
Red Reign1998
The Red Skull Strikes1976
Red Sky at Morning2012
The Red Supremacy2014
Red Teeth1990
Red Zone2003
Redemption Song1991
Red-Headed Stranger2009
The Redroot Saga2023
Reed Richards and the Riddle of Bast!2000
Regenesis Blue Interlocking Cover1985-2012
Regenesis Gold Interlocking Cover2011-2012
Reign at Dusk2023-2024
The Reigning2003-2004
Release the Flerken2014
Remastered Variant Cover2010-2024
The Remembrances of Eldest2023-2024
Remote Control2001
Remote Learning Variant Cover2021
The Replacement Thor2009
The Republic is Burning2011-2012
Requiem (A)2004
Requiem (B)2007
Reservation X2013
Resolution Interlocking Cover2014
Rest and Sweet Glory1992
Rest in Pieces2009
The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci2009
The Resurrection of Nicholas Scratch2006
The Resurrection War1998
ResurrXion Variant Cover2017
Retribution! (A)1973
Retribution (B)2024
The Retribution Affair1989
Retro Variant Cover2022-2023
The Return of Anti-Venom2011
The Return of Kaine1996
The Return of K'un Lun2000-2001
The Return of the Blonde Phantom1990-1991
Return of the Braineaters1992
The Return of the Defenders1992
Return of the Dragon2002
Return of the Fantastic Four Variant Cover2018
Return of the Goblin King!2016
Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Variant Cover2023-2024
Return of the King (A)1992
Return of the King (B)2003
Return of the King (C)2009
Return of the Legion2009
Return of the Mad Titan2024
Return of the Masters2017
Return of the Native2004
The Return of the Oktober Guard!1987
Return of the Purple Man2017-2018
Return of the Sin-Eater1988
The Return of the Sinister Six1990
The Return of the Three Dimensional Man2010
The Return of Toro2015
Return to Cybertron1986
Return to Forever1992-1993
Return to Planet Hulk2017-2018
Return to the Forbidden Planet1997
Return to the Maddog Ward1992-1993
Return to the Wastelands2017
Return to Weapon X2001-2002
Reunion (A)1995
Reunion (B)2008
Reunion (C)2006-2007
Revelations (A)1996
Revelations (B)2007-2008
Revelations (C)2011
Revelations (D)2021
Revelations Variant Cover2023
Revenge of the Bogeyman (Boogyman)1988-1989
Revenge of the Brood2023
Revenge of the Brood Interlocking Cover2023
Revenge of the Griz1999
Revenge of the Mandarin1998
Revenge of the Sinister Six1992
Revenge of the Spider-Slayer2011
Revolution (A)2000
Revolution (B)2007
Revolution (C)2007-2008
Revolutionary War2014
Riddle of the Man-Thing2023
Riddle of the Sphinx2010
Riddles of the Sphinx2006
Right to a Life2004-2005
Righteous Revenge2022
Ring of Fire2018
The Ring of Ikribu1995
The Ring of the Nebulas!1975
The Rings of Fate2006
Rings of the Mandarins2014
Riot at Xavier's2003
The Ripper Tour2012
The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire2006-2007
Rise, and Shine1989
Rise of Skywalker Allegiance Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Rise of the Alpha Flight2016
Rise of the Black Panther no.1 Homage Cover2020
The Rise of the Descendants2012-2013
Rise of the Imperfects2005
Rise of the Midnight Sons1992
Rise of the New Mutants2011
Rising Storm2005
Rite of Passage (A)2009
Rite of Passage (B)1999-2005
Ritual of the Sphinx2007-2008
River of Blood1994-1995
River of Chaos1995
Road Force Rides Again2013
The Road to Civil War2006
The Road to Damnation2005-2006
Road to Vengeance: The Missing Link1993
The Road to Zanadu1993
Road Trip (A)2012
Road Trip (B)2019
Robot Buster1986
Rock Zombies2009
Rocket Raccoon and Groot Variant Cover2015
Rock-n-Roll Variant Cover2017
Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger1984-1985
Rocky Reunion1994
Rogers and Fury History Interlocking Cover2010
Rogue Logan2014
Rogue Planet2014
A Rogue's End2019-2020
A Romancing of Gwendolyn Poole2023
Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge!1991-1992
Route 6162013
Roxxon Presents Thor Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Royal Blood2010-2011
The Rubicon Trigger2020-2021
The Ruby Egress2019
The Rudiments of Wisdom2007
The Rule of Five2018
Rules of Engagement2003
Rules of the Game2003
Rumanian Rumble1991
Rumble in the Jungle1993
Run, Goblin, Run!2013
Run Rabbit Run2022
Run the Jewels Variant Cover2015-2016
Runaways no.1 Homage Cover2015
The Runner1964
Running the Asylum2008
Running With the Devil2017


Sabacc Card Variant Cover2022
Sabertooth Reborn2012
Sabotage (A)1991
Sabotage (B)2022
Sabretooth Round Two2017-2018
Sabretooth Through the Ages Variant Cover2024
Sabretooth War2024
Sabretooth's in Charge2018
The Sacred and the Profane (A)1983-1984
The Sacred and the Profane (B)2019-2020
Sacred Invasion2008
Sacred Vows2003
Saddles Ablaze2002
The Saga of High Evolutionary1988
The Saga of Nomi Sunrider1993-1994
The Saga of Star-Lord1980
The Saga of the Serpent Crown1989
The Saga of the Spaceknights!1980-1982
The Saga of War-Yore1977
Sage's Logbook2021-2024
[Salem's Seven]2008
Salem's Seven Interlocking Cover2008
The Salesman1964
The Salted Earth2012
Salvage (A)1988
Salvage (B)2003
Salvage (C)2009
Salvage Interlocking Cover (A)2009
Salvage Interlocking Cover (B)2009
Saturday Morning Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Saturday Morning Variant Cover2023-2024
Saturday Night Fever2005
Savage Land2008
Savage Learning2013
The Savage Sex2010
The Savage Sex Interlocking Cover2010
Savage She-Hulk no.1 Homage Cover2024
Savage Six2012
Savage Tales no.1 Homage Cover2009
The Savaging1994
Save Our School2018
Save the Date2011
Save the Empire2014
Save the Tiger1988-1989
Say What?2010
Scared Straight2010
Scarlet Redemption1991
The Scarlet Samurai2018
Scarlet Spider (II) no.16 Homage Cover2013
The Scepter of King Cetro1991
Schism (A)2003
Schism (B)2011
Schism (B) (Generation Hope)2011
School Daze2017
Scorched Earth (A)2010-2011
Scorched Earth (B)2010-2011
Scorpio Rising2016
Scourge of the Droids2023-2024
Scourged Variant Cover2023-2024
The Scourging of Shu-Torun2019
Scrapbook of the West1949-1951
The Scream1992
The Screaming Citadel2017
The Sea Butchers1984
Sea Devil2016
The Search1998
The Search for Abner1984
The Search For Jimmy Hudson2018
The Search for She-Hulk2003-2004
[Search for the Sorcerer Supreme]2009
The Search for Tony Stark2017-2018
A Season of Black Death1984
Season of Revolt1995
Season of the Serpent2003
Season of the Witch2005
Second Coming (A)2004-2005
Second Coming (B)2010
The Second Coming of Shuma-Gorath1992
Second Coming (B) - Revelations2010
A Second Farewell2003
Second Generation1986
The Second Master2012
Secret Agent Danvers2008-2009
Secret Comic Variant Cover2016-2018
Secret Empire2017
Secret Empire: Spider-Man2017
Secret Empire: X-Men2017
Secret Histories2010
Secret Identities2005
Secret Identity2006-2007
Secret Invasion2008-2009
Secret Invasion Inhumans no.1 Homage Cover2017
The Secret Invasion: Ms. Marvel2008
Secret Invasion: Punisher2008-2009
Secret Invasion: The Infiltration2008
Secret Invasion: Thor2008
Secret Invasion: Two Marvels Interlocking Cover2008
[The Secret Life of Eva Bell]2015
The Secret Lives of Savages2021
The Secret of the Darkhawks2009
The Secret of the Lost Orb1995
The Secret Origin of Jessica Jones2003
Secret Origin of Marvel Apes!2008
The Secret Origin of Tony Stark2013
Secret Shield Variant Cover2024
Secret Treasures1995
Secret Variant Cover2019-2024
Secret War (A)2004-2005
Secret War (B)2005
Secret Warps2019
Secret Warps Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Secret Wars (A)1984-1990
Secret Wars (B)2010
Secret Wars (C)2015-2016
Secret Wars 21985-1998
Secret Wars Battleworld Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Secret Wars by Bianchi Interlocking Variant Cover2015-2016
Secret Wars no.1 Homage Cover2007-2024
Secret Wars no.12 Homage Cover2015-2018
Secret Wars no.4 Homage Cover2014-2024
Secret Wars no.8 Homage Cover2022-2024
Secrets and Lies2006
Secrets of the Deep2009
Seduction of the Innocent2001
See Wakanda and Die2008
Seeds of Destruction2013
Self-Made Man2018
Senior Year2008
Sensational She-Hulk no.1 Homage Cover1994-2024
Sensational She-Hulk no.3 Homage Cover2014
The Sentry2005
Sentry World2018
Seperate Lives1990
The Serpent and the Hawk2010
The Serpent Crown Affair!1980
Serpent War Interlocking Variant Cover2020
Serpents and Eagles1997
Servants of the Dead1991-1992
Serve and Protect2011
The Seven Captial Cities of Heaven2007-2008
Seventh Circle2016
The Seventh Day2017
Several Meaningless Deaths1974
Sgt. Socko Swenski's Combat Course!1953-1954
Shades of Gray2018
The Shadow and the Scorpion
Shadow Falls2019
The Shadow of the Nihil2021
The Shadow of Vengeance2019-2020
The Shadow Pulpit2002
Shadow Tales2008-2009
Shadows and Secrets2015-2016
Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe2021-2022
Shattered Empire2015
Shattered Fates1993
Shattered Heroes2011-2012
The Shattering1999
[Shatterstar Saga]1996
SHE HAS RETURNED Interlocking Cover2010
She Lies With Angels2004
She-Hulk no.1 Homage Cover2023
S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Shiva Scenario1991-1992
Shock and Awe (A)2005
Shock and Awe (B)2009-2010
A Shock to the System (A)1992-1993
Shock to the System (B)2012
Short Circuit1993
The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell2003
Show of Force2004
Showdown on the Smugglers' Moon2015-2016
Shrinking to Nothing1994-1995
The Shu-Torun War2016
The Siberian Project1989
Sibling Rivalry2013
The Sicilian Saga1990-1991
Siege at An Loc1992
Siege Finale Interlocking Cover2010
Siege of Darkness1993-1994
Siege of Saleucami2005
The Siege of Wundagore1998
The Siege Quesada Interlocking Cover2010
Sign of the Beast1990
Sign of the End Times1999
Signs and Wonders2005
Silent Nights1994
Silver Sable2006
Silver Surfer2007
Silver Surfer no.1 Homage Cover1989-2024
Silver Surfer no.14 Homage Cover2013
Silver Surfer no.4 Homage Cover2005-2024
Silver Surfer Parable no.1 Homage Cover2018
Silver Surfer Returns!2009
Silver Surfer's History1987
Similar Machines1991-1992
SIMS of the Father1994
The Singularity2004
The Sinister Six!2005
Sinister Six Reborn2018
Sinister Six Variant Cover2019
Sinister War2021
Sinister War Interlocking Variant Cover2021
The Sinners2009-2010
Sins of Sinister2023
Sins of Sinister April Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Sins of Sinister February Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Sins of Sinister March Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Sins of Spider-X1993
Sins of the Father2019
Sins of the Past (A)1999
Sins of the Past (B)2019
Sins Past2004-2005
Sins Remembered: Sarah's Story2005
Sins Rising2020
Sir Sigmund's Arcadia1994
Sitting in a Tree2017
Six Hours2003
Six Hours to Kill2009
Size Matters Not2023
Sketch Variant Cover1996-2024
Ski Chalet Variant Cover2024
Skin Deep2005
A Skinning of Souls1993
Skrull Cover Version2008-2009
Skrull Variant Cover2022
Skrulls Variant Cover2019
The Skull on the Seas1991-1992
Sky Zero1993
Skywalker Strikes2015
Slap Leather2003
Slave of Passion1994
The Slavers2005-2006
Sleep Ducking!1994
Sleight of Hand2020
The Slingers Return2018
Small Stuff...2003
Small Time Criminal2016
Small Victories2008
A Small War1989
The Smartest Gorilla in the World2023
The Smartest There Is!2017
S.M.A.S.H. Files2010-2011
Smells Like Teen Spirit1994
Smoke and Bone1996
Smoke and Mirrors1995
Snake Eyes (A)1989-1990
Snake Eyes (B)2000
Snake-Eyes: The Origin1984
Sneakers Variant Cover2020
Snowball Effect2008-2009
Snowguard Interlocking Variant Cover2018
So Lame: The Exiles in Mojoverse2002-2003
Soldier of Fortune2018-2019
Sole Asylum1995
Solo Movie 5th Anniversary Variant Cover2023
Solo Variant Cover2023
Solve Everything2009
Solve for X2023
...Someone is Killing the Brooklyn Avengers2012
(There's) Something About a Gun1992
Something Can Stop the Juggernaut!2010
Something New2018
Something Sinister This Way Comes2016
Son of Apocalypse2005
Son of Apocalypse Interlocking Cover2005
The Son of Namor1994
Son of the Hunter!1997-1998
Son of X2008
A Song of Endings2017
Song of the Sentry!1994
Songs of the Orphan Child2011
The Sons of Yinsen2000
The Sorcerer and the She-Devil!1991
Sorcerer Supreme of the Galaxy2018
A Sort of Homecoming2015
Soul Awakening2008
Soul of a Machine2017-2018
[The Soul of an Old Machine]2009-2010
Soul Possessions1994
Soul Sword Triology1994-1995
The Souls of Cyber-Folk1991
The South American Connection1987
The Souvlaki Sewer Syndrome1991
Space Oddity2011
Space Pirates1988
A Spark Remains2013
Spectacular Spider-Man (Magazine) no.2 Homage Cover2017
Spectacular Spider-Man no.101 Homage Cover2024
Spectacular Spider-Man no.76 Homage Cover2024
The Spider and the Sword2010
Spider Sense2004
The Spider(Fly) Effect2016
Spidergeddon Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Spider-Geddon Interlocking Variant Cover2018-2019
[Spider-Girl, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.]2007
Spider-Girl and Her Amazing Friends2004-2005
Spider-Girl no.0 Homage Cover2009
Spider-Gwen Shadow Clones no.4 Homage Cover2023
Spider-Man 2099 Exodus by Alan Quah Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Spider-Man 2099 Exodus by Lim and Silva Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Spider-Man 2099 Miguel O'Hara Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Spider-Man 2099 no.1 Homage Cover2024
[The Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Series]2012
[Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends]2008
Spider-Man Beyond2021-2022
Spider-Man: Clone Saga2009-2010
Spider-Man Decades Variant Cover2012
Spider-Man Giant-Size no.1 Homage Cover2024
Spider-Man Go Down Swinging Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Spider-Man Interlocking Cover by J.S. Campbell2014
Spider-Man No More2013
Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover1995-2024
Spider-Man no.12 Homage Cover2022
Spider-Man no.21 Homage Cover2020
Spider-Man Origin of the Species Interlocking Cover2010
Spider-Man Quits Homage Cover2009-2022
Spider-Man Reign no.1 Homage Cover2024
Spider-Man Unmasked2006-2007
Spider-Man Variant Cover2022
Spider-Man Villains Variant Cover2019-2021
Spider-Men Interlocking Variant Cover2017-2018
Spider-Men Variant Cover2013-2019
Spider-People by Bengal Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Spider-Verse (A)2015
The Spider-Verse (B)2016
Spider-Verse by Adams Interlocking Variant Cover2019-2020
Spider-Verse by Bengal Interlocking Variant Cover2022-2023
Spider-Verse by Dell'Otto Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Spider-Verse by Young Interlocking Variant Cover2014-2015
Spider-Verse Variant Cover2023
Spider-Woman Agent of S.W.O.R.D.2009-2010
Spider-Woman no.1 Homage Cover2015-2021
Spider-Woman Variant Cover2020-2024
Spider-Women Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Spidey vs. Variant Cover2010
Spidey's Totally Tiny Adventure1990
Spiral (A)2003
Spiral (B)2015
Spiral (C)2012
Spiral Staircase2001
Spirit of Vengeance (A)1991
Spirit of Vengeance (B)2024
Spirits of Venom1992-1993
Spirits of Whisphers of the Dark Mini-Series of Vengeance1993
Split Decisions2003-2004
Split Second
Spoiler Variant Cover2010-2024
Spring Break2016
Spun Out2023
The Spurtyn Duyvel1984-1985
The Spy Who Smashed Me2011
[The Squadron]2004-2005
Squadron Supreme1986
Squadron Supreme TPB no.1 Homage Cover2006
Stalkers of the Snows1995
Stan Lee Box Exclusive Variant Cover2017
Stan Lee Commemorative Issue2019
Stan Lee Forever2019-2020
Standing Outside the Temple in the Rain2003
Standoff (A)2003
Standoff (B)2016
Standoff Interlocking Cover2003
Stan's Scintillating Sentry Scoop2000-2001
Star Comic Variant Cover2009-2010
Star Tigers (A)1985
Star Tigers (B)1980
Star Trek - The Motion Picture
Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant Cover2017-2018
Star Wars: According to the Droids1987
Star Wars Age of Rebellion Interlocking Promo Variant Cover2019
Star Wars Boba Fett Trilogy2023
Star Wars Bounty Hunters Interlocking Variant Cover2022-2023
Star Wars by Campbell Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace1999
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones2002
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith2005
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope1977
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back1980-1981
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi1983-1984
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens2016-2017
Star Wars Hidden Empire Battle Variant Cover2023
Star Wars Hidden Empire Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Star Wars High Republic Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Star Wars no.1 Homage Cover2015-2024
Star Wars: Rogue One2017
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 15th Anniversary Variant Cover2023
Starbrand Reborn2020
Stardust Miseries1989-1990
Stark: Disassembled2010
The Stark Hyperspace War1999
Stark Realities2019
Stark Resilient2010-2011
Stark Wars1987-1988
The Starlost1993
Stars and Garters2017-2018
Stars Fell on Stockbridge1986
The Stars My Destination1992
Stars Reborn2009-2010
State of Grace2023-2024
Stay Alive!2002
Stay Angry!2012
S.T.E.A.M. Variant Cover2017
Stephen King Panel2007
The Stockbridge Horror1986
Stoker's Dracula1974-2005
The Stolen Tardis1985
Stomp Out Bullying Variant Cover2014-2015
Storm Front1998
Storm Hunter2011
Storm Hunter Interlocking Cover2011
Storm: The Arena2004
Storm Warnings1993-1994
Storm⚡Breakers - 20 Years of Elite Artists2024
Storm⚡Breakers - The Next Generation of Elite Artists2021-2024
Storm⚡Breakers Variant Cover2021-2024
The Story of the Beatles1978
The Story of Thor's Helmet1999-2000
Story Thus Far Variant Cover2016-2017
Strange Academy Solve for X Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Strange Aeons2020
Strange Bedfellows1992
The Strange Case of...2007
Strange Changes1994
Strange Days1995-1996
Strange Magic2021
Strange Mission1964
Strange Tales1991
Strange Tales no.110 Homage Cover2022
Strange Tales no.150 Homage Cover2010
Strange Tales no.161 Homage Cover2000
Strange Tales no.167 Homage Cover2016-2017
Strange Trip2019
Strangers Among Us1994
Strangers on an Astral Plane1994
Street Wars1994
Streets of Laredo2003
Streets of Poison1990
Stronger Than Monsters2013
Strongest Viking There Is2016
Students of the Force2023
The Stuff of Nightmares2004-2005
Sturm und Drang: A Story of Love and War2001
Sub City1991
Subby, Bill, and Me1988-1989
The Sublime Saga2022-2023
The Substitue2011
Subterranean Wars1991
Suicide Leper2009
Suicide Run1993-1994
Suit Spider-Man 2 Variant Cover2024
Sun Rise and Shadow Fall1998
Sunday drivers1987
The Sunset Dawn2000
Super Famous2016
Super Hero Squad Variant Cover2009-2011
Super Patriot2004
Super Villains2010
The Superia Stratagem1991
[The Superior Six]2013-2014
Superior Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover2013
Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover2012
Super-Nova Saga1989
Suppressing Fire2009
Supreme Power2011
Survival of the Fittest (A)1998
Survival of the Fittest (B)1998
Survival of the Fittest (C)2018
Surviving the Experience2018
Susan G. Komen Variant Cover2012
Swift and Terrible2007
Swimsuit Symbiotes by Tan Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Swimsuit X-Men by Andrews Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Swimsuit X-Men by DNA Interlocking Variant Cover2023
Swimsuit X-Men by Ejikure Interlocking Variant Cover2024
The Sword and the Spirit2021
The Sword in the Star!1976
Swords of Zhamakand1995-1996
Symbiosis Necrosis2024
Symbiosis Necrosis Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Symbiote Variant Cover2021-2024
Sympathy for the Devil2002
Symphony in a Gamma Key2020-2021
Syndicate Variant Cover2022
The System Bytes1992


Tabula Rasa2012
Tainted Love2010
Take Flight2017-2018
Taking A.I.M.1995
Taking Charge2001-2002
Taking Civil Liberties2006
Taking It to the Streets2006
The Taking of Baxter 1-2-3-42022
Taking Wing2007
A Tale of Hawkeye's Youth2007
A Tale of Two Cities2023
Tales From the Tardis1980
Tales From the Vault1989-1990
Tales of Asgard1963-1995
Tales of Atlantis1973
Tales of Cybertron1985
Tales of Earth1994
Tales of Konshu1982
Tales of Midgard1985-1995
Tales of Sinanju1990
Tales of Suspense no.39 Homage Cover1979-2023
Tales of Suspense no.53 Homage Cover2010
Tales of the Jungle1956-1957
Tales of the Microverse!1980-1982
Tales of the Savage Land1975
Tales of the Warbound2008
Tales of the Wasp1964
Tales of the Watcher1964-1969
Tales of the Zombie no.1 Homage Cover2008-2018
Tales of Zabu1982-1983
Tales to Astonish1988
Tales to Astonish no.101 Homage Cover1976
Tales to Astonish no.13 Homage Cover2014-2015
Tales to Astonish no.25 Homage Cover1971
Tales to Astonish no.33 Homage Cover1971
Tales to Astonish no.35 Homage Cover2009
Tales to Astonish no.67 Homage Cover2017
Tales to Astonish no.88 Homage Cover1974
Tales to Astonish no.93 Homage Cover2021
Tales to Astonish no.95 Homage Cover1975
The Talisman of Tolometh1995
Talk of the Town2001
Tangled States2016
The Tape2013
Target: 20061986
Target Aphra2023
Target Valance2020-2021
Tarzan: Jungle Tales1992
Tattoo Variant Cover2021
Taxi Wars2002
Team Homage Variant Cover2023-2024
Teaser Variant Cover2014-2023
Techno Superior2017
Teenage Wasteland (A)2003-2004
Teenage Wasteland (B)2018
Telepathy War1997-1998
Television Variant Cover2017
The Tempest2004
Tempest Fugit2005
Temporary Insanitation2016
The Terminus Factor1990
The Terminus Gauntlet2021
Terra Incognita2005
Terrible Claws and Tyrants1992
Terror Inc. and Wolverine1993
Terror of the Jade Claw2009
Terror on the Planet of the Apes1974-1977
The Terrorism Myth2012
The Terrorist1992
Thanos Imperative2010
Thanos: Infinity2014-2016
[The Thanos Saga]2008
Thanos Wins2018
That Old-Time Religion2023
That Was Yesterday2018-2019
There is a Place Called Wakanda2019
There is No Fear2021
There is No High Road2016
They Keep Killing Madrox2012
Thieves' World2005
Thin Air2004
Thing Variant Cover2021
Things Best Left Unseen2011
Think Tank2005
Thirty Pieces2005
This is Forever2019
This Strange, Unpleasant Land2012
This Year's Model1994
Thor 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2012
Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm2014
Thor Battle Variant Cover2013-2014
Thor Goes Hollywood Variant Cover2011
Thor Hammer Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Thor Reborn2010-2011
The Thor War!1991
Threat Level Red2018
Threat of Peace2010
Three Months to Die2014
Through Hell2019-2020
Through the Lens2016
Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman1984
Th-Th-That's Alf, Folks1991-1992
A Thunder like Drumming1991-1992
Thunderbolts 15th Anniversary Round Table2012
Thunderbolts by Billy Tan Interlocking Cover2013
Thunderbolts Interlocking Cover2007
Thunderbolts Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Thunderbolts no.1 Homage Variant Cover2001-2016
Thundra and Lightning!1974
The Tides of Time (A)1985-1986
The Tides of Time (B)1993
The Ties That Bind (A)2004
The Ties That Bind (B)2010
The Ties That Bind (C)2020-2021
'Til Death Do Us...2017
'Til Death Do Us Part (B)2018
Til Death Do Us Part Interlocking Cover2017
Till Death Do Us Part (A)1990-1991
Time and Time Again1994
Time Bomb1995
Time Flies2002
Time Flies Interlocking Cover2002
Time Fugitives1994
The Time Meddler1980
Time Quest2008-2009
Time Runs Out2014-2015
Time to Die2014
Time Travel Variant Cover2013-2014
Time War1995
Time Wars1989
Timeless Variant Cover2020-2023
Timely Variant Cover2023
The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop2009
Time's Arrow2008-2009
Tin Can Heroes2006
Tin Man2013
Tinker, Tailor, Mutant, Spy2003-2004
Titannus Lives!2006
Titannus War2005
Titannus War Interlocking Cover2005
To Begin the World Over Again2017
To Die and Live in L.A.!1993
To End All Wars2004
To the Devil, His Due2007
To the Last Man2004
Toadswart d'Amplestone1984-1985
Toil and Trouble2017
Tomb of Dracula no.1 Homage Cover2016-2024
Tomb of Dracula no.13 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.17 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.19 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.23 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.26 Homage Cover2020-2024
Tomb of Dracula no.3 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.43 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.48 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.5 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.55 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Dracula no.70 Homage Cover2009-2024
Tomb of Dracula no.9 Homage Cover2024
Tomb of Namor2005-2006
Tombstone Blues2010
Tomorrow Dies Today2010
Tomorrow Never Learns2014
The Tomorrow People2001
Too Late for Heroes2022
Too Late for Tears2009
Too Much Information2005
The Torch and the Queen2016
Total X-Tinction1996-1997
Touching Darkness2011
Tower of Blood1994
Tower of Wisdom2016
Tower to Wisdom
Toy Variant Cover2021
T'Priell Revealed1998
Trading Card Variant Cover2017-2024
Trail of Lost Hope2024
Trail of Shadows2021-2022
Trail of Tears2007
Trail of the Golden Guns1985
Traitor of Dawn Variant Cover2022
Transformers Universe1988-1991
The Trap1995
Travel Variant Cover2023
Traveling Sam1964
The Traveller1963
The Treasure1964
Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson
The Treasure of Tranicos1979-1980
Tree of Knowledge1994
Trial by Jury1993-1994
Trial by Spider2023
The Trial of Captain America2010-2011
The Trial of Jean Grey2014
The Trial of Lando Calrissian2024
The Trial of Marc Spector1990-1991
The Trial of Peter Parker1995
The Trial of the Century2002-2003
The Trial of the Juggernaut2004
The Trial of the Seven Masters2017
Trial Run1995
Trials and Tribulations2009
The Trials of Loki2010-2011
A Trivial Pursuit2018
Tron Variant Cover2011
The Trophy Hunters2010
The Trouble With John Steel2011
Troubled Mind2013
The Troyjan War1994
True Believers2005
True Companions2020
The Trust2007-2008
Trust Issues2007
Trust Me2014
Truth / Dare2020-2021
The Truth Stings2010
T-Shirt Variant Cover2017-2018
Turf War2004
TV or not TV or... Read a Good Book Lately?1987
TV Variant Cover2017-2024
The Twelve Labors of the Babysitter!2010
Twenty-First Century Blitz2006
Twilight Dreaming2024
Twilight of the Silurians1980
Twisted Tomorrows2000
Two Americas (A)2004
Two Americas (B)2010
Two Birthdays and Three Funerals2018
Two cities. Two worlds.2012
The Two Doctors2018-2019
Two Months to Die2014
Two Plus Two2007
Two the Hard Way2006
Two Thousand Seasons2019-2020
Two-Tone Variant Cover2021
Typhoid Attack1994
Typhoid Fever2018-2019
Typhoid Fever Sandoval Interlocking Variant Cover2018-2019
Typhoid Fever Silva Interlocking Variant Cover2018-2019
Typhoid's Kiss1992
The Tyrant's Fist2012-2013


The UFO Connection1978
Ugly Scenes!1994
Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon1993
Ultimate Enemy2010
Ultimate Fallout Interlocking Cover2011
Ultimate Fighting2016
Ultimate Knights2007
Ultimate Last Look Variant Cover2023
Ultimate Special Variant Cover2024
Ultimate Spider-Man Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Ultimate Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover2007-2015
Ultimate Spider-Man (IV) no.1 Homage Cover2022
Ultimate Spider-Man (IV) no.1 Variant Homage Cover2012
Ultimate Starts2005
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 3rd Printing Interlocking Cover2006
Ultimates no.1 Homage Cover2023
Ultimates (II) no.7 Homage Cover2017
Ultimates vs. Ultimate X-Men2003
Ultimatum 2nd Printing Interlocking Cover2009
Ultimatum Interlocking Cover2009
Ultimatum: Ultimate X-Men2009
Ultraverse Premiere1994-1995
Ultraverse Rune Interlocking Cover1993
The Ultron Agenda2019-2020
Ultron Forever2015
[Ultron Initiative]2007-2008
Ultron Unlimited1999
Ultron Variant Cover2013
Umpteenth Printing Interlocking Cover2008
Unbound Force2023
Uncanny X-Men Annual (II) no.6 Homage Cover2024
Uncanny X-Men no.1 Homage Cover1977-2024
Uncanny X-Men no.100 Homage Cover2008-2023
Uncanny X-Men no.101 Homage Cover1991-2023
Uncanny X-Men no.109 Homage Cover1984
Uncanny X-Men no.111 Homage Cover1997
Uncanny X-Men no.132 Homage Cover1992
Uncanny X-Men no.133 Homage Cover2021
Uncanny X-Men no.135 Homage Cover2011-2023
Uncanny X-Men no.137 Homage Cover2001-2024
Uncanny X-Men no.138 Homage Cover1991-2017
Uncanny X-Men no.139 Homage Cover2014-2023
Uncanny X-Men no.14 Homage Cover2014
Uncanny X-Men no.141 Homage Cover2002-2023
Uncanny X-Men no.142 Homage Cover1992-2018
Uncanny X-Men no.145 Homage Cover2017
Uncanny X-Men no.164 Homage Cover2019
Uncanny X-Men no.165 Homage Cover2017
Uncanny X-Men no.168 Homage Cover1997-2014
Uncanny X-Men no.171 Homage Cover2014-2017
Uncanny X-Men no.173 Homage Cover1992-2015
Uncanny X-Men no.205 Homage Cover2001
Uncanny X-Men no.207 Homage Cover2012
Uncanny X-Men no.210 Homage Cover2015
Uncanny X-Men no.227 Homage Cover2018
Uncanny X-Men no.268 Homage Cover2007-2024
Uncanny X-Men no.269 Homage Cover2019
Uncanny X-Men no.270 Homage Cover2015-2020
Uncanny X-Men no.272 Homage Cover2015
Uncanny X-Men no.29 Homage Cover1997
Uncanny X-Men no.39 Homage Cover2011
Uncanny X-Men no.46 Homage Cover2016
Uncanny X-Men no.50 Homage Cover2017
Uncanny X-Men no.56 Homage Cover1991-1996
Uncanny X-Men no.58 Homage Cover2024
Uncanny X-Men no.94 Homage Cover2017-2023
Uncanny X-Men Variant Cover2019
Uncanny X-Men vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2014
Under Fire1994
Under My Skin2004
Under New Management2016
The Underbase Saga!1988-1989
The Underground (A)2003
Underground (B)2005
The Underneath (A)2003
The Underneath (B)2007
Underneath the Skin2010-2011
Unearthed Variant Cover2023-2024
[Unexpected Pasts]2005-2006
Unfinished Business (A)2007
Unfinished Business (B)2011
Unintended Consequences2003
The Unit File1980
[United we Ascend]2008-2009
United We Stand2012-2013
Universal Laws2004
The Universe According to Thanos1991
Unknown Jungle1954-1956
Unlucky Buck$ or... The Illegal Eagel1987
Unnatural Instincts2003
Unnatural Selection2006
Unscheduled Stop2009
Unsocial Media2023
The Unspeakable and the Uneatable2020
Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon2019
The Unspeakable Shrine1974-1975
The Unspoken2009-2010
Until Our Hearts Stop2018-2019
Untold Tales of the Marvel Universe1980-1982
Untold Tales of the New Universe2006
Unusual Suspects2001
Up Is Down and Black Is White2005
Up North and in the Green2001-2002
Urban Jungle1997-1998
Utopia (A)2009
Utopia (B)2024
UX-73 Prison Database2006


Vader Down!2016
Vader Down Interlocking Variant Cover2016
Val in Valhalla1978-1979
Valley Forge, Valley Forge: The Slaughter of a U.S. Marine Garrison and the Birth of the Punisher2008
The Vampire - His Kith and Kin1973-1974
Vampire State2009
Vampire Variant Cover2010-2024
Vampires in Brooklyn2018
The Vampiric Verses1990
Van Variant Cover2019
Vandals of the Heart!1990
Vegas Bleeds Neon2003
Vendetta (A)2006-2007
Vendetta (B)2014
Venetian Blind1988
Vengeance (A)1993
Vengeance (B)2011-2012
Vengeance in Valusia1992
Venom 30th Anniversary Variant Cover2018
Venom Beyond2020-2021
[Venom Bomb]2008
Venom Circle of Four Interlocking Cover2012
Venom Factor1994-1996
Venom Inc.2018
Venom Island2020
Venom Island Variant Cover2020
Venom Lethal Protector no.2 Homage Cover2024
Venom of Asgard2022
Venom the Other Variant Cover2023
Venom Through the Ages Interlocking Variant Cover2019
Venom Variant Cover2012
Venom War (A)2013
Venom War (B)2024-2025
Venomized Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Venomized Variant Cover2017-2021
Venomverse Interlocking Variant Cover2017
Venomverse Reborn Interlocking Variant Cover2024
The Vibranium Vendetta1991
Vicious Cycle2006
The Victorian Guide to Murder2011
Video Game Character Variant Cover2023
The Vigil2019
Villain Variant Cover2008-2020
Villains' Reign Variant Cover2022
Villains Variant Cover2019-2020
Vintage Variant Cover2013-2016
Violent lives!1987
The VIP Experience2022
Virgin Variant Cover2010-2024
Virtual Mortality1995
Vision Quest1989
Visiting the Grave Interlocking Variant Cover2022
Viva Las Venom!2021
The Vogan Slaves1992-1993
The Von Strucker Gambit1991
Vs. Mister Sinister2018


Wade Wilson's War2010
The Wager of the Gods1992-1993
Waiting for the End of the World2008-2009
Wakanda Forever2018
Wakanda Forever Interlocking Variant Cover2018
Wakanda Unbound2020-2021
Wake the Beast2010
Wake up2001
Walk Through Fire1992-1993
The Walking Wounded1993
Wand'ring Star2006
Want You to Want Me2009-2010
Wanted: Galvatron -- Dead or Alive1987
Wanted Poster Variant Cover2021
War Across Time!2023
War and Pieces1992
The War at Home2006-2007
War at the Gates of Hell2017-2018
War Baby2008
War Crimes2007
[War Games]1997
War Ghosts2019
War in Bagalia2019
War is Heck2007
War Machine Weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D.2008-2009
The War Machines2016
War of Kings2009
War of the Bounty Hunters2021
War of the Iron Men2010
War of the Marvels2009
War of the Mutants1999
War of the Programs2004
The War of the Realms2019
War of the Realms Interlocking Variant Cover2019
[War of the Symbiotes]2008-2009
War on Micah Synn1984-1985
War on the Streets2019
War Stories2017
The Ward2011
The Warlock's Eye1966
Warpath Journal2021-2022
Warriors of Dawn Variant Cover2022
Warriors of the Golden Dawn1979-1980
Warriors of the Shadow Realm1979
Warriors of the Weird2018-2019
The Warriors Teen2004
Wasteland Blues2009
Wastelanders Interlocking Black and White Podcast Variant Cover2022
Wastelanders Interlocking Color Podcast Variant Cover2022
Wave of Mutilation (A)1995
Wave of Mutilation (B)2009
Waxing Poetic2004
We Are the Streets2017
We do Science!2012
We esteem too lightly.2018
We Have Always Been2019
The Weapon and the Warrior!1976
Weapon of Choice2016
Weapon Omega2007-2008
Weapon X1991
Weapon X-Force2018-2019
Weapon XI2009
Weapons of Mutant Destruction2017
Weapons of Vengeance2023
Weapons of X2023
Wear the Grudge Like a Crown2013
The Web Complete2009-2010
Web of Blood2022
Web of Carnage1996
Web of Confusion1991
Web of Death1995
Web of Life1995
Web of Spider-Man no.1 Homage Cover2024
Web of Spider-Man no.32 Homage Cover2017-2024
Web-Head Variant Cover2021-2022
Wedding of Emma Frost and Tony Stark Interlocking Cover2023
The Wedding of the Century2006
Weird Science2018
Weirdworld: The Dragonmaster of Klarn1981-1982
Welcome Back, Logan2019
Welcome Home2010
Welcome Home Interlocking Variant Cover2015
Welcome to New Egypt2016
Welcome to the Bayou2009
Welcome to the Dogan2008
Werewolf by Night no.32 Homage Cover2022
West Coast Avengers (II) no.1 Homage Cover2024
West Coast Avengers (II) no.56 Homage Cover2023
What Dwells Beneath2016-2017
What Happens in Vegas...2008-2009
What I Do2010
What If Captain America Were Revived Today?1994
What If… Carter Burke Had Lived?2024
What If (II) no.105 Homage Cover2024
What If no.9 Homage Cover2007
What If the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm?1993
What if the Runaways became the Young Avengers?2009
What If...? Variant Cover2024
What If Venom possessed Deadpool2011
What Lorna Saw2006
What Price Glory?2003
What the Duck Variant Cover2015
What the Heart Wants2012
What Tomorrow Brings2019
Whatever a Spider Can2010
Whatever Happened to the Daughter of Spider-Man?2006-2007
Whatever Knows Fear...2004
Wheels Within Wheels2011
When Knights Were Bold...1990
When Outlaws Strike!1961
When the Witch Doctor Strikes!1961
Where's Wolverine2018
Where's Wolverine Interlocking Variant Cover2018
While the City Sleeps!1965
White Apes and Ebon Thrones1993
[Who are the G.O.D.S.?]2023
Who Do You Trust?2008
Who Is... Phantom Rider1993
Who Is the Black Panther? (A)2005
Who Is the Black Panther? (B)2022
Who is the Black Panther? (C)2022
Who is the Black Panther? (D)2022
Who is the Black Panther? (E)2022
Who is the Black Panther? (F)2022
Who is the Black Panther? (G)2022
Who remembers Scorpio?1977
Who Run the World?2019
Who Shot the Hulk?2014
Who was Ben Reilly?2009-2010
The Whole Hero Thing2008
A Whole New World2022
Why We Fight2019
The Widow2004
Widowmaker (A)2007
Widowmaker (B)2009
Widowmaker (C)2011
Widow's Kiss1997
Wild Blue Yonder2005
Wild Frontier1991-1992
The Wild Hunt (A)1992
A Wild Hunt (B)2022
Wild Kingdom2005
Wild Side Story1993
The Wilding1990
The Will of Tarkin2020-2021
The Winding Way2005
Windowshades Variant Cover2022-2024
Wings in the Night1980
Winter in America2018-2019
The Winter Soldier2005-2006
With an Iron Fist2003
With Iron Hands2008
With the Dawn Comes... Death!1974
Without Fear2007-2008
Wizard's Masque1984
Wolf at the Door2004
Wolverine Agent of Atlas2008-2009
Wolverine and Deadpool Weapon X-Traction Variant Cover2024
Wolverine Art Appreciation Cover2009
Wolverine Fall of X Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Wolverine Goes to Hell2010-2011
Wolverine History Interlocking Cover2011
Wolverine Homage Variant Cover2018
Wolverine no.1 Homage Cover2010-2024
Wolverine (II) no.1 Homage Cover2010-2011
Wolverine (II) no.17 Homage Cover2024
Wolverine (II) no.2 Homage Cover2018
Wolverine (III) no.20 Homage Cover2005
Wolverine (II) no.90 Homage Cover2017
Wolverine Origin no.2 Homage Cover2004-2012
Wolverine Premiere HC Weapon X no.1 Homage Cover2018
Wolverine Sabretooth Team-Up Interlocking Variant Cover2022-2023
Wolverine Through the Ages2013
Wolverine vs. Sabretooth Interlocking Variant Cover2024
Wolverine vs. The X-Men2011
Wolverine vs. Thor2009-2010
Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine Variant Cover2024
Wolverine's Revenge!2011
Wolves Beyond the Border1980-1982
The Woman From Aladdin1995
Women of A.X.E. Variant Cover2022
Women of Marvel Frame Cover2010-2011
Women of Marvel Variant Cover2010-2024
Women of Power Variant Cover2016
Women's History Month Variant Cover2021-2024
Working Man's Myth!1986
Work-in-Progress Version1998-2014
The World2012
World Against One2005
A World Apart2002
The World Breaks Everyone2013
The World Eaters2010-2011
World Hive2020
World of 2099 by Chris Sprouse Interlocking Cover1996
World of Mutants1991
World Tour (A)2002
World Tour (B)2006-2007
World Tour (C)2023
World Tour: 20992006
World Tour '921992
World Tour: Future Imperfect2006
World Tour: Heroes Reborn2006
World Tour: House of M2005
World Tour: New Universe2006
World Tour: Squadron Supreme2006
World Trust2002-2003
World War1992
World War 31997
World War 3 Interlocking Cover1997
World War Frank2018-2019
World War Hulk2007-2008
World War Hulk by John Romita Jr. Interlocking Cover2007-2008
World War Hulk II2018
World War Hulk no.1 Homage Cover2018
World War Hulks2010
World War Hulks Hulked-Out Heroes Interlocking Variant Cover2010
World War Hulks Tie-Ins Interlocking Cover2010
World War She-Hulk2021-2022
World War Wendigo!2014
World War X2013
Worlds Apart (A)1987
Worlds Apart (B)2008-2009
Worlds Collide2017-2018
World's End2005
World's Greatest2008
World's Most Wanted2009
Worlds' War I1979
Worms of the Earth1976-1977
Worst Among Equals2019
Worthy (A)2005
The Worthy (B)2011
Wounds of Equal People1993
Wrath (A)2013
Wrath (B)2014
Wrath of the Dreamqueen1989
Wreacking Havok1995
The Wreck of the Endurance1994
Wrecked and Ruined2014
Wrecking Havoc1988
The Wrong Side of the War2005-2006
Wyatt Earp's Scrapbook of the Wild West!1956


X Deaths and Lives of Wolverine Interlocking Collage Variant Cover2022
X Loves of Wolverine2022
X of Swords2020-2021
X of Swords Interlocking Variant Cover2021
X Printing Variant Cover2011
Xandar Worldmind Nova Corps Database2006
XCA Variant Cover2014
XCI Variant Cover2017
X-Cutioner's Song1992-1993
X'd Out2006
X'd Out Interlocking Cover2006
Xenogenesis: Day of the Demons1978
The Xenophobic Man1990
X-Factor Prelude1986
X-Force no.1 Homage Cover2023
X-Force no.116 Homage Cover2018
X-Gwen Variant Cover2022
The X-Heist2009-2010
X-Man no.26 Homage Cover2024
X-Men 50th Anniversary Variant Cover2013-2014
X-Men 60th Anniversary Variant Cover2023-2024
X-Men 97 Homage Variant Cover2024
X-Men and Foes Interlocking Cover2010-2011
X-Men Annual (II) no.1 Homage Cover2013
X-Men: Before the Fall2023
X-Men by Alex Ross Interlocking Variant Cover2023
X-Men by J. Scott Campbell Interlocking Variant Cover2016
X-Men Decades Variant Cover2014
X-Men: Divided2008
X-Men Evolutions Variant Cover2011
X-Men Fantastic Four Interlocking Variant Cover2020
X-Men: Green2021
X-Men Interlocking Variant Cover2021
X-Men Legends Interlocking Variant Cover2021
X-Men (II) no.1 Homage Cover1992-2024
X-Men (II) no.10 Homage Cover2017
X-Men (II) no.11 Homage Cover2015
X-Men Regenesis2011-2012
X-Men: ReLoad2004
X-Men Schism Interlocking Cover2011
X-Men Trading Card Variant Cover2017
X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas Interlocking Variant Cover2009-2010
X-Tenuating Circumstances1992
X-Termination Interlocking Cover2013
X-Tinction Agenda1990-1991
X-Treme Marvel Variant Cover2023
X-Treme Measures2012
X-Treme X-Men no.1 Homage Cover2023
X-Wing Rogue Leader2005


Yancy St. Shuffle2019
Yankee Station1993
The Yashida Saga2021-2022
The Yavin Vassilika2000-2001
Ye Olde Thunderbolts2012
Year of the Monkey2010
Year One2016
...Yearning to Be Free1993
[Year's End]2005
The Y-Men2009
Yoda's Secret War2017
Yokai Files2021-2023
You Always Remember Your First Love2002
You Can't Always Get...2003
You Can't Go Home Again2013
You Can't Win2015
You Complete Me2011
You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!2004
You Say You Want a Revolution2010-2011
Young Avengers2014
Young Baby Variant Cover2010-2024
Young Guns Variant Cover2007-2020
Young Masters2009
Your Chitlin' Heart or... Bacon up is Hard to do1988
Youth in Revolt2011


Zero Sanctuary2019
[Zeroes to Heroes]2005
The Zeron Invasion1994
Zombie Cover Version2006-2024
Zone of Alienation2008



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