Ballantine Books

The Best of Spider-Man (Newspaper Strips)


The Wolverine Files (Pocket Book)

BenBella Books

Black Panther TPB: T'Challa Declassified
Iron Man TPB: Tony Stark Declassified
Loki TPB: Book of Magic and Mischief

Berkley Boulevard

Spider-Man: The Lizard Sanction (Prose Novel)

Blackthorne Publishing

Failed Universe

Bongo Comics

Bongo Comics Free-For-All! Free Comic Book Day
Radioactive Man
Simpsons Super Spectacular

Boom! Studios

Rich Johnston's The Avengefuls
Rich Johnston's Captain American Idol
Rich Johnston's Scienthorlogy

Bubblicious / Marvel

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four in Bubble Trouble! (Custom Comic)



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