Warlock (IV)
Warlock (V)
Warlock (VI)
Warlock Chronicles
Warlock and the Infinity Watch
11Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.9
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.9
Infinity Watch TPB 1.1
21Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.10
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.10
Infinity Watch TPB 1.2
Marvel Firsts Omnibus (HC): The 1990s 1.9
Marvel Firsts TPB: The 1990s 1.9
31Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.11
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.11
Infinity Watch TPB 1.3
41Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.12
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.12
Infinity Watch TPB 1.4
51Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.13
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.13
Infinity Watch TPB 1.5
61Infinity Gauntlet Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.14
Infinity Gauntlet TPB: Aftermath 1.14
Infinity Watch TPB 1.6
71Infinity War Omnibus (HC) 1.15
Infinity War Premiere (HC): Crossovers 1.7
Infinity War TPB 1.11
Infinity Watch TPB 1.7
81Infinity War Omnibus (HC) 1.16
Infinity War Premiere (HC): Crossovers 2.1
Infinity War TPB 1.12
Infinity Watch TPB 1.8
Marvel Tales: Thanos 1.3
91Infinity War Omnibus (HC) 1.17
Infinity War Premiere (HC): Crossovers 2.2
Infinity War TPB 1.13
Infinity Watch TPB 1.9
True Believers: Avengers - Thanos and Gamora 1.1
101Infinity War Omnibus (HC) 1.18
Infinity War Premiere (HC): Crossovers 2.3
Infinity War TPB 1.14
Infinity Watch TPB 1.10
111Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.1
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.1
Infinity Watch TPB 1.11
121Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.2
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.2
Infinity Watch TPB 1.12
131Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.3
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.3
Infinity Watch TPB 1.13
141Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.4
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.4
Infinity Watch TPB 1.14
151Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.5
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.5
Infinity Watch TPB 1.15
161Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.6
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.6
Infinity Watch TPB 1.16
171Infinity War Premiere (HC): Aftermath 1.7
Infinity War TPB: Aftermath 1.7
Infinity Watch TPB 1.17
181Infinity Crusade Premiere (HC) 1.12
The Infinity Crusade TPB 1.7
Infinity Watch TPB 1.18
191Infinity Crusade Premiere (HC) 1.13
The Infinity Crusade TPB 1.8
Infinity Watch TPB 1.19
201Infinity Crusade Premiere (HC) 1.14
The Infinity Crusade TPB 2.7
Infinity Watch TPB 1.20
211Infinity Crusade Premiere (HC) 1.15
The Infinity Crusade TPB 2.8
Infinity Watch TPB 1.21
221Infinity Crusade Premiere (HC) 1.16
The Infinity Crusade TPB 2.9
Infinity Watch TPB 1.22
231Thor TPB: Blood and Thunder 1.4
241Thor TPB: Blood and Thunder 1.8
251Thor TPB: Blood and Thunder 1.12
261Infinity Watch TPB 2.2
271Infinity Watch TPB 2.3
281Infinity Watch TPB 2.4
291Infinity Watch TPB 2.5
301Infinity Watch TPB 2.6
311Infinity Watch TPB 2.7
321Infinity Watch TPB 2.8
331Infinity Watch TPB 2.9
341Infinity Watch TPB 2.10
351Infinity Watch TPB 2.11
361Infinity Watch TPB 2.12
371Infinity Watch TPB 2.13
381Infinity Watch TPB 2.14
391Infinity Watch TPB 2.15
401Infinity Watch TPB 2.16
411Infinity Watch TPB 2.17
421Infinity Watch TPB 2.18
Warriors Three
Weapon H
Weapon X (I)
Weapon X (II)
Weapon X (III)
Weapon X ½ (Wizard Publication)
Weapon X: Days of Future Now
Weapon X: The Draft - Agent Zero
Weapon X: The Draft - Kane
Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow
Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron
Weapon X: The Draft - Wild Child
Weapon X: First Class
Weapon X Noir
Weapon Zero/Silver Surfer (Image Comics / Marvel)
Weapons of Mutant Destruction: Alpha