Wolverine Encyclopedia (1996)

11996/11Not Rated$5.95
BkCr:CvrDsgn-Joseph Caponsacco   W-Paul Benjamin, Mark Robert Bourne, David Rios, Peter Sanderson   AsiEd-Mark Robert Bourne   Ed-Phil S. Crain, Dan Shaheen   SenEd-Mark Paniccia   E-i-C-Bob Harras   Dsgn-Dan Danko   Special Thanks-Roger Bonas, Flo Steinberg
Rm:See Features
Front coverAdam Kubert, Jesse Delperdang, William 'Moose' Baumann
ISBN: 978-0-785-10296-0
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
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TextOn Wolverine (Introduction)Larry Hama1
Infos and statsAcanti / Acolytes (with art) / Adamantium / Adversary / Age of Apocalypse / Albert / Alchemy and the troll associates / Alhazred, Abdul[N.G.]1
Infos and statsAlpha Flight (with art) / Amiko[N.G.]1
Infos and statsAnderson, Chief Magistrate / Angel/Archangel (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsAni-Men (with art) / Apocalypse (with art) / Arcade[N.G.]1
Infos and statsArclight (with art) / Arkon (with art) / Asgard / Asteroid M[N.G.]1
Infos and statsAurora / Australia / Avalanche (with art) / Avalon (with art) / Avengers (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsBamf / Banshee (with art) / Baran, Prince (with art) / Beast (with art) / Belasco / Beyonder (with art) / Binary (cont. on next page, with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsBishop (with art) / Blackheart (with art) / Black King (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsBlack Queen (with art) / Black Shadow / Black Tom (with art) / Black Widow / Blaze, Johnny (with art) / Blob (with art) / Blockbuster[N.G.]1
Infos and statsBloodscream (with art) / Blood Shadow (with art) / Bokenga, Lieutenant / Box / Braddock, Brian / Brass (with art) / Brood (with art) / Bushwacker[N.G.]1
Infos and statsCable (with art) / Cadre / Caliban (with art) / Callisto (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsCannonball (with art) / Captain America (with art) / Ch'od / Champion, Imus / Champion of the Universe[N.G.]1
Infos and statsChang / Charlie (with art) / Cheney, Lila (with art) / Chief Examiner / Chimera (with art) / Chrome / Clan Destine[N.G.]1
Infos and statsClea (with art) / Collins, Rusty / Colossus (with art) / Connover, Reverend William & Hannah (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsCooper, Dr. Valerie (with art) / Corbeau, Dr. Peter / Cornelius, Dr. / Corporal Ebambe / Corrigan, Archie (with art) / The Corrupt / Corsair (with art) / Cortez, Fabian / Count Nefaria (cont. on next page)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsCourier / Coy, General (with art) / Crim, Lucy / Cromwell, Dredmund / Culloden, Zoe (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsCyber / Cyclops (with art) / Cylla (with art) / Cypher[N.G.]1
Infos and statsD'Alexis, Amber / D'Ken (with art) / Dai-Komo / Daredevil (with art) / Darkhawk (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsDarkstar / Dark Riders / Dazzler (with art) / Deathbird / Deathlok (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsDeathwatch (with art) / Deadpool (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsDecimator / Department H / Der Jahrmarkt (Jarrmacht is soo wrong, and "der" is "the", so it should be under "J") / Destiny / Diamond Lil / Dirt Nap (with art) / Doc Samson (with art) / Domino[N.G.]1
Infos and statsDracula / Dr. Doom (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsDreadlox / Dr. Neutron / Dr. Strange (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsEel (with art / Egghead / Electron / Elektra / Elsie-Dee / Epsilon Red[N.G.]1
Infos and statsErik the Red (with art) / Excalibur / Exodus (with art) / Expediter[N.G.]1
Infos and statsFamine / Fang (with art) / Fantastic Four (with art) / Fenris (with art) / Feral (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsFetish (with art) / Firelord / Firestar (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsFitzroy (with art) / Fleshtones / Forge (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsFreedom Force / Fury, Nick (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGambit (with art) / Gamesmaster / Garnoff Alex / Gateway / Geist / Genosha / General Meltdown[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGene Nation / Generation X (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGenesis / Ghost Rider (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGladiator / Grey, Jean (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGrey, Nate (with art) / Groundhog / Guardian I (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsGuardian II / Gomurr the Ancient (with art) / Gyrich, Henry Peter (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsHand, The / Harpoon (with art) / Harriers / Havok (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsHellfire Club / Hellions / Hepzibah / Hercules / Hines, Miss / Hobgoblin (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsHodge, Cameron / Honor Sword (continued on next page)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsHulk (with art, mostly on last page) / Hunter in Darkness / Hussar / Hydra[N.G.]1
Infos and statsIceman (with art) / Atladasca Ike / Ilves, Dr. Reigert / Iron Fist / Island of Koma Koi[N.G.]1
Infos and statsJack / Jamil / Jones, Rick / Jubilee (with art)[N.G.]1
Infos and statsJuggernaut (with art) / Jutta[N.G.]2
Infos and statsKarma (with art) / Kayla / Kelly, Senator Robert Edward (with art) / Kierrok / Knight, Misty (with art) / Knights of Hellfire / Krakoa the Living Island / Kulan Gath[N.G.]1
Pin-up/PosterWolverine with Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Beast (art from cover of X-Men (II) #11, mirrored, recolored and modified)Jim Lee, Bob Wiacek1
21996/12Not Rated$5.95
BkCr:CvrDsgn-Joseph Caponsacco
Front coverDavid Winn, Danny K. Miki, William 'Moose' Baumann
ISBN: 978-0-785-10296-0
Cr:W-Paul Benjamin, Mark Robert Bourne, Jerald DeVictoria, Peter Sanderson   P/L-[N.G.]   I/F-[N.G.]   L-[N.G.]   C-Malibu's (Violent) Hues, Andy Walton   EdIntAsi-Mark Robert Bourne   AsoEd-Phil S. Crain, Dan Shaheen   Ed-Mark Paniccia   E-i-C-Bob Harras   Dsgn-Dan Danko   Layout-Dan Danko   Technical Maps-Eliot Brown   Special Thanks-Roger Bonas, Flo Steinberg, Drew Harris, Jennel Cruz
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Text with art/photosEditorial (pin-up of Wolverine)Mark Paniccia1
Infos and statsLady Deathstrike / Lang, Stephen / Legion (with art) / Lilandra?1
Infos and statsLockheed / Longshot (with art) / Loki (with art)?1
Infos and statsLord Darkwind (with art) / Lord Shingen (with art) / Lupo (with art) / Lynx (with art)?1
Infos and statsMacabre / MacTaggert, Moira (with art) / Malice / Madripoor / Madrox (with art)?1
Infos and statsMagik (with art) / Magneto (with art)?1
Infos and statsMagnum, Moses (with art) / Mai / Mandarin (with art)?1
Infos and statsMandroid / Marauders / Marrow / Masque (with art) / Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde) (with art)?1
Infos and statsMastermind (Martinique Jason) (with art) / Mastodon (with art)?1
Infos and statsMaverick (with art) / McCabe, Lindsay (with art) / McCoy?1
Infos and statsMean (with art) / Meggan (with art) / Mesmero (with art)?1
Infos and statsMesmero (cont.) (with art) / Microverse?1
Infos and statsMicroverse (cont.) / Mimic / Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) (with art) / Miss Locke / M'Kraan Crystal (with art)?1
Infos and statsMLF / Mojo (with art)?1
Infos and statsMojo II / Mojoworld / Molecule Man / Mole Man (with art)?1
Infos and statsMonkeywrench / Monsters / Moonhunter (with art) and the Night Patrol / Moreau, David / Morlocks / Mr. Fantastic / Mr. Jip (with art)?1
Infos and statsMr. Jip (cont.) / Mr. Sinister (with art, continues on next page) / Muir Isle / Murderworld?1
Infos and statsMurderworld (cont.) / Mystic Worm / Mystique?1
Infos and statsN'Astirh (with art) / New Mutants (with art)?1
Infos and statsNew Warriors (with art) / N'Garai?1
Infos and statsNightcrawler (with art) / Nightmare / Nimrod (with art)?1
Infos and statsN'Kotha / Nomad (Jack Monroe) (with art) / NORAD / Northstar (with art) / Nyoirin?1
Infos and statsO'Donnel (with art) / Ogun / Omega Red (with art)?1
Infos and statsOmega Red (cont.) (with art)?1
Infos and statsOnslaught (with art, cont. on next page) / Oracle?1
Infos and statsOverrider / Ozymandias (with art)?1
Infos and statsPatch / Phalanx (with art) / Phoenix (Jean Grey double) (with art)?1
Infos and statsPhoenix (Rachel Summers) (with art) / Pinocchio / Plant Man (with art)?1
Infos and statsPlasma (with art) / Polaris / Porcupine / Post / Power Man (Eric Josten) / Power Man (Luke Cage) (with art)?1
Infos and statsPowerpack / Press Gang / Princess Bar / Prism (with art) / Professor / Project, The / Proteus (Kevin MacTaggart) / Psi-Borg (Aldo Ferro) (with art)?1
Infos and statsPunisher (Frank Castle) (with art) / Psylocke (with art) / Puck (with art) / Pyro?1
Infos and statsQuartermain, Clay / Quicksilver (with art)?1
Infos and statsRancor / Raza / Razor-Fist (with art) / Reaper / Reavers / Reiko / Rhino?1
Infos and statsRichards, Franklin / Rictor (with art) / Riptide (with art) / Roche?1
Infos and statsRoma (with art) / Rose (with art)?1
Infos and statsRogue (with art) / Roughhouse (with art)?1
Infos and statsMap of Madripoor (with art)?1
Infos and statsPrincess Bar (with art)?1
Pin-up/PosterWolverine vs. Omega Red?2
Pin-up/PosterWolverine vs. HulkPaul Martin Smith2
Pin-up/PosterX-Men (Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops) vs. Mr. Sinister?2
Pin-up/PosterWolverine vs. Sauron?1
TextCumulative - Index?2

Issue #3 of this series was never published. The data however are contained in Wolverine: Weapon X Files TPB #1.

Front cover?1
Cr:W-Paul Benjamin, Mark Robert Bourne, Jerald DeVictoria, Peter Sanderson   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-Malibu's (Violent) Hues, Andy Walton
Rm: This issue was never published, "thank you" to Mr. Bourne for the credits
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Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica (1998)

11998/12 $2.99
Front cover?1
Ti:Limited series coverage: The Circle Chase / Sins of the Past4 (2-2)
Cr:W-Julio Soto   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rm:A collection of covers, synopses, behind the scene facts, reviews for the two limited series, #-1, Deadpool (II) #1-22 and the two annuals plus a glossary of pop culture references.
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Monthly series coverage29
Cr:W-Matthew Brady, Frank Dunkerley   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprinted in ...
Ti:Ye ol' glossary of pop culture references3
Cr:W-Michael Doran   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprinted in ...

TextIntroductionMatt Idelson1

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) (2002-2005)

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.1

12002/11 $29.99
Front coverAlex Ross
ISBN: 978-0-785-10984-6 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-Mark D. Beazley, Matthew Brady, Jeff Youngquist
Rm:History and power statistics of many Marvel characters.

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.2: X-Men

22003/06 $29.99
Front cover?
ISBN: 978-0-785-11199-3 / Marvel Preview
Rm:History and power statistics of the X-Men, friends and enemies.

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.3: The Hulk

BkCr:CopyEd-Jake Kornegay   ManEd-David Bogart   Ed-Jeff Youngquist   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   ChiCreOff-Avi Arad   ArtDir-Matthew Ryan   Dsgn-Matthew Ryan   Advertising Sales-Sara Beth Schrager   Back Dust Jacket Art-Joseph Jusko   CEO and General Counsel-Allen Lipson   Chief Financial Officer-Ken West   Director of Operations-Sangho Byun   EVP Operations and CIO-Gui Karyo   EVP Sales Toy Biz-Ralph Lancelotti   Exec. Vice President Consumer Products Promotions and Media Sales-Russell A. Brown   Front Dust Jacket Art-Dale Keown   Manufacturing Manager-Christine Slusarz   Manufacturing Representative-Stefano Perrone Jr.   Marketing Communications Manager-Michael Doran   President and CEO Toy Biz-Alan Fine   President and COO Publishing Consumer Products and New Media-Bill Jemas   Senior Manufacturing Manager-Fred Pagan   Special Thanks-Axel Alonso, Chris Fondacaro, Cory Sedlmeier, Gamal Hennessy, Jeffrey Suter, Jennifer Grünwald, Johnny Greene, Joshua Silverman, Judy Bass, Mark D. Beazley, Sean Ryan, Seth Biederman, The Comics Magazine, Tom Brevoort, Tom Marvelli   Trade Book Sales Manager-Jennifer Beemish   VP Human Resources-Mary Sprowls   Director of Marketing-Peter Mathews
Rm:Toy images courtesy the personal collection of Mr. Stephan Yarish. Used with permission
Front coverAdam Kubert
ISBN: 978-0-785-11164-1 / Marvel Preview
Ti:The coming of the Hulk / The Hulk strikes! / The search for the Hulk / Enter... the Gargoyle! / The Hulk triumphant!24 (6-5-3-5-5)
Cr:W-Stan Lee   P/L-Jack Kirby   I/F-Paul Reinman   L-Art Simek   C-[N.G.]
Rm:Fantastic Firsts TPB gives A.Simek as letterer
Rp:Reprint from Incredible Hulk (I) #1
Ti:The morning after23
Cr:W-Bruce Jones   P/L-John Romita Jr.   I/F-Thomas Palmer   L-Wes Abbott, Comicraft, Richard Starkings   C-Studio F   AsiEd-John Miesegaes   Ed-Axel Alonso   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   Pres-Bill Jemas
Rp:Reprint from Incredible Hulk (III) #34
Ti:Hulk does Manhattan24
Cr:W-Mark Millar   P/L-Bryan Hitch   I/F-Andrew Currie   L-Christopher Eliopoulos   C-Paul Mounts   AsoEd-Chester B. Cebulski, Brian Smith   Ed-Ralph Macchio   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   Pres-Bill Jemas
Rm:There is one additional page with the recap/intro and the credits.
Rp:Reprint from The Ultimates #5

TextAcknowledgementsKit Kiefer1
TextDedicationKit Kiefer1
Text with art/photosIntroductionJoe Quesada, Arthur Adams2
Text with art/photosBleedin' Green (Why the Hulk matters)Kit Kiefer, John Romita Jr., Jack Kirby13
Text with art/photosGreen and Growin' (The Hulk salad days)Kit Kiefer, Dale Keown, Jack Kirby, Bruce Timm, Adam Hughes, Kaare Kyle Andrews, Tim Sale, Tom Marvelli, Carlos Pacheco, Adam Kubert, Jae Lee, Duncan Fegredo, Ron Garney, Stuart Immonen23
Text with art/photosHulk, as in Bulk (From flying fists to fun putty and back again)Kit Kiefer13
Text with art/photosBi Hulk, small screen (The Hulk on TV); Photos from the CBS archiveKit Kiefer, Michael Golden17
Text with art/photosThe Hulk Reborn (This ain't your Daddy's Hulk)Kit Kiefer, Kaare Kyle Andrews, Richard Corben, Stuart Immonen, Leinil Francis Yu, Jack Kirby, Bryan Hitch, Mike Deodato Jr., Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane, Stephen J. Ditko, John Buscema, John Romita Jr., Ron Garney, Sam Kieth, Todd McFarlane19
Cover galleryIncredible Hulk (I) #1Jack Kirby, George Roussos1
Cover galleryIncredible Hulk (III) #34Kaare Kyle Andrews1
Other art/photos?Kaare Kyle Andrews1
Text with art/photosBig Hulk, big screen (The Hulk at the movies)Kit Kiefer18
Text with art/photosGreen Day (The Hulk commands the spotlight – again!)Kit Kiefer, Brian Ashmore, Bryan Hitch, Stuart Immonen, Richard Corben, Scott Kolins, Bruce Timm, Lee Weeks9
Cover galleryThe Ultimates #5Bryan Hitch1

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.4: Spider-Man

BkCr:W-Syd Barney-Hawke, Seth Biederman, Jonathan Couper-Smartt, Kit Kiefer   Recol-Victor Gonzalez   AsiEd-Jennifer Grünwald   CopyEd-Jake Kornegay   Ed-Jeff Youngquist   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   CreaDir-Tom Marvelli   ArtDir-Matthew Ryan   Rsrch-Jonathan Couper-Smartt   Dsgn-Victor Gonzalez, Matthew Ryan, Jeof Vita   Pres-Bill Jemas   Director of Creative Services-Johnny Greene   Special Thanks-Alberta Stuart, Andrew Lis, Axel Alonso, Chris Allo, Christine Slusarz, Cory Sedlmeier, Jeffery Suter, John Miesegaes, Joshua Silverman, Liam Webb, Mark D. Beazley, Michael Doran, Ralph Macchio, Sean Ryan, Stefano Perrone Jr., Tom Brevoort, Warren Simons, Wilson Ramos Jr.
Rm:Chapter Four Images courtesy the personal collection of Mr. Sy Winnie. Used with permission
Front cover?
ISBN: 978-0-785-11304-1 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rm:See Features

TextIntroductionJoe Quesada1
Text with art/photosKing Spider: Why the Wall-Crawler Rules ComicsAlex Ross, Stephen J. Ditko, John Romita Jr., Mark Bagley, Kit Kiefer6
Text with art/photosSpins a Web... any Size (Spider-Man on TV); Photo by CBS, Buena Vista Home EntertainmentKit Kiefer4
Text with art/photosThe Ultimate Swing (Spider-Man at the Movies)Kit Kiefer6
Text with art/photosFrom Megos to Mini-Mates (Just Toying around, Spidey-Style)Kit Kiefer6
Text with art/photosSpider-Man, A to Z (His Friends, his family, his foes)Jonathan Couper-Smartt, Syd Barney-Hawke, Seth Biederman, John Romita Jr., Terry Dodson, Stephen J. Ditko, Mark Bagley, Lee Weeks, Alex Saviuk, Luke Ross, Tim Sale, Joe Quesada, Steve Skroce, Alexander Maleev, Humberto Ramos, Mark Buckingham, Brett Breeding, Skottie Young, Francisco Herrera, Sal Buscema, Joe Madureira, Dean Haspiel, Ronald Frenz, Todd McFarlane, Paul C. Ryan, Leinil Francis Yu, Dan Jurgens, Staz Johnson, Michael Gaydos, Darick W. Robertson, Joe Bennett, J.G. Jones, Jeffery Scott Campbell, Chris Batista, Casey Jones, Ross Andru, Arthur Adams, Gil Kane, Mike Wieringo, Gregg Schigiel189
?Power Ratings?1

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.5: Marvel Knights

Front cover?
ISBN: 978-0-785-11385-0 / Marvel Preview

Marvel Encyclopedia (HC) vol.6: Fantastic Four

Front coverSteve McNiven
ISBN: 978-0-785-11480-2 / Marvel PreviewMarvel Preview
Cr:W-Jeff Christiansen, Kit Kiefer

Thor and Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica (2009)

UPC: 7-59606-06716-9

BkCr:W-Paul Cornell, Anthony Flamini, Greg Pak, Frederick Van Lente   P/L-Eliot R. Brown, Mario Gully, Ben Oliver, Pablo Raimondi, Kevin Sharpe, Gus Vazquez   C-Thomas Mason, John Rauch, Tom Smith, Christopher Sotomayor   EdIntAsi-Alex Starbuck   AsiEd-John Denning, Cory Levine   CopyEd-Brian Overton   Ed-Jeff Youngquist   EdSpecProj-Mark D. Beazley, Jennifer Grünwald   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   Dsgn-Rudolfo Muraguchi   Prod-Romie Jeffers   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pub-Dan Buckley   Special Thanks-Dan Abnett, Chris Allo, Tom Brevoort, Joe Casey, Jeff Christiansen, Mike Fichera, Richard Green, Michael Hoskin, Sean McQuaid, Fabian Nicieza, Mike O'Sullivan, Jeff Parker, Markus Raymond, Jacob Roguemont, Gabriel Shechter, Frank Tieri, Stuart Vandal   Senior Vice President of Sales-David Gabriel
Rm:See Features
Front coverMico Suayan, Frank G. D'Armata
UPC: 7-59606-06716-9-00111 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

Infos and statsGaea?½
Infos and statsDemogorge?½
Infos and statsCouncil of godheadsRafa Sandoval1
Infos and statsThe Aboriginal godsBen Oliver1
Infos and statsThe Ahau (Mayan gods)Ben Oliver1
Infos and statsThe Akua (Polynesian gods)Gus Vazquez1
Infos and statsThe Amatsu-Kami (Japanese gods)Mario Gully1
Infos and statsIzanagi?½
Infos and statsMikaboshi?½
Infos and statsThe Annunaki (Mesopotamian gods)Mario Gully1
Infos and statsBa'al?½
Infos and statsInanna?½
Infos and statsLilith?½
Infos and statsMarduk?½
Infos and statsThe Apu (Inca gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsThe Aesir (North-European gods) (And yes, I know the issue calls them Asgardians - but that is totally wrong. Asgard means "The fortress of the Aesir", so Asgardian is like calling an Englishman Englandian.)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsBalder?½
Infos and statsBor?½
Infos and statsThe Enchantress?½
Infos and statsHeimdall?½
Infos and statsHela?½
Infos and statsLoki?½
Infos and statsOdin?½
Infos and statsSif?½
Infos and statsThor?½
Infos and statsValkyrie (Brunnhilde)?½
Infos and statsThe Warriors Three: Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg?1
Infos and statsThe Daevas (Hindu gods)Pablo Raimondi1
Infos and statsThe Dievas (Russian and Slavic gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsThe Diwatas (Philippine gods)Ben Oliver1
Infos and statsThe EternalsKevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsThe DeviantsKevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsAjak?½
Infos and statsThe Forgotten One?½
Infos and statsIkaris?½
Infos and statsMakkari?½
Infos and statsThe Heliopolitans (Egyptian gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsHorus?½
Infos and statsKhonshu?½
Infos and statsLion God?½
Infos and statsPanther God?½
Infos and statsSeth?½
Infos and statsThoth?½
Infos and statsThe Inua (Inuit and Eskimo gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsSedna?½
Infos and statsSnowbird?½
Infos and statsThe Jumala (Finnish gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsThe Manidoog (Native American gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsManitou?½
Infos and statsOwayodata?½
Infos and statsThe Olympians (Greek and Roman god)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsAchelous?½
Infos and statsAphrodite?½
Infos and statsApollo?½
Infos and statsAres?½
Infos and statsAthena?½
Infos and statsCronus?½
Infos and statsDionysus?½
Infos and statsHephaestus?½
Infos and statsHera?½
Infos and statsHercules?½
Infos and statsHermes?½
Infos and statsHippolyta?½
Infos and statsThe Huntsman?½
Infos and statsNeptune?½
Infos and statsPhobos?½
Infos and statsPluto?½
Infos and statsTyphon?½
Infos and statsUranus?½
Infos and statsVenus (siren)?½
Infos and statsZeus?½
Infos and statsThe Tenger (Mongolian or Turkic gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsThe Téteoh (Aztek gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsQuetzalcoatl?½
Infos and statsTezcatlipoca?½
Infos and statsThe Tuatha de Danaan (Celtic gods)Mario Gully1
Infos and statsThe Fomorians (Celtic gods)Kevin Sharpe1
Infos and statsOtherworldEliot R. Brown2
Infos and statsBran the Blessed?½
Infos and statsCaber?½
Infos and statsCúchulain?½
Infos and statsThe Dagda?½
Infos and statsThe Green Knight?½
Infos and statsGwynn?½
Infos and statsLady of the Lake?½
Infos and statsLeir?½
Infos and statsNuada?½
Infos and statsOberon?½
Infos and statsThe Red Lord?½
Infos and statsY Ddraig Goch?½
Infos and statsThe Vodú (West African gods)Pablo Raimondi1
Infos and statsAnansi?½
Infos and statsDamballah?½
Infos and statsSagbata?½
Infos and statsShango?½
Infos and statsThe Xian (Taoist gods)Gus Vazquez1
Infos and statsShou-Hsing?½
Infos and statsYu Huang?½
Infos and statsThe Yazatas (Persian gods)Kevin Sharpe1
TextFirst appearance appendix?½



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