Marvel's Greatest Creators: Avengers - The Origin of Mantis! (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09296-3

Front coverRon Wilson, John Romita Sr.
Reprints cover of Avengers (I) #123 / UPC: 7-59606-09296-3-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Vengeance in Viet Nam! -or- An origin for Mantis!?
Cr:W-Steve Englehart   P/L-Bob Brown   I/F-Don Heck   L-John Costanza   C-Petra Goldberg   Ed-Roy Thomas
Rp:Reprint from Avengers (I) #123

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Hulk - The Wedding of Rick Jones (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09297-0

Front coverGary Frank, Cam Smith
Reprints cover of The Incredible Hulk (II) #418 / UPC: 7-59606-09297-0-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:We are gathered here?
Cr:W-Peter David   P/L-Gary Frank   I/F-Cam Smith   L-Joe Rosen   C-Glynis Oliver-Wein
Rm:More about the wedding of Marlo and Rick can be found in Incredible Hulk Ashcan Edition #1
Rp:Reprint from The Incredible Hulk (II) #418

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Invaders (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09298-7

Front coverJohn Romita Sr.
Reprints cover of The Invaders (I) #1 / UPC: 7-59606-09298-7-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:The Ring of the Nebulas! 1/2: From the Rhine... a girl of gold! / A Valkyrie rising! / Beyond the Siegfried Line!?
Cr:W-Roy Thomas   P/L-Frank Robbins   I/F-Vincent Colletta   L-John Costanza   C-Petra Goldberg
Rp:Reprint from The Invaders (I) #1

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Iron Fist - Colleen Wing (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09299-4

Front cover?
Reprints cover of Marvel Premiere #19 / UPC: 7-59606-09299-4-00111 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-Doug Moench   P/L-Larry Hama   I/F-Dick Giordano   L-Ray Holloway   C-Jan Brunner   Ed-Roy Thomas
Ch:Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai)
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Premiere #19

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Iron Fist - Misty Knight (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09300-7

Front cover?
Reprints cover of Marvel Premiere #21 / UPC: 7-59606-09300-7-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Daughters of the death-goddess?
Cr:W-Tony Isabella   P/L-Arvell Malcolm Jones   I/F-Vincent Colletta   L-Joe Rosen   C-Stan Goldberg   Ed-Len Wein
Ch:Iron Fist (Daniel Rand-K'ai)
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Premiere #21

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Luke Cage, Power Man - Piranha! (Luke Cage) (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09301-4

Front coverRichard F. Buckler, Klaus Janson
Reprints cover of Power Man #30 / UPC: 7-59606-09301-4-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Look what they've done to our lives ma!?
Cr:W-Donald F. McGregor   P/L-Richard F. Buckler, Arvell Malcolm Jones   I/F-Keith Pollard   L-Denise Wohl   C-Petra Goldberg   Ed-Marv Wolfman
Rm:Essential Luke Cage, Power Man #2 gives K. Pollard also for letters.
Rp:Reprint from Power Man #30

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Power Pack (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09302-1

Front coverJune Brigman, Bob Wiacek
Reprints cover of Power Pack (I) #1 / UPC: 7-59606-09302-1-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Power play?
Cr:W-Louise Simonson   P/L-June Brigman   I/F-Bob Wiacek   L-Joe Rosen   C-Glynis Oliver-Wein   Ed-Carl Potts   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Rp:Reprint from Power Pack (I) #1

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Silver Surfer - Rude Awakening (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09305-2

Front coverRonald Lim, Tom K. Christopher
Reprints cover of Silver Surfer (III) #51 / UPC: 7-59606-09305-2-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:The Infinity Gauntlet Crossover: Hunger!?
Cr:W-Ron Marz   P/L-Ronald Lim   I/F-Tom K. Christopher   L-Ken Bruzenak   C-Tom Vincent   AsiEd-John Lewandowski   Ed-Craig Anderson   E-i-C-Tom DeFalco
Rp:Reprint from Silver Surfer (III) #51

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Spider-Man - Kraven's Last Hunt (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09304-5

Front coverMichael J. Zeck, Robert McLeod
Reprints cover of Web of Spider-Man (I) #31 / UPC: 7-59606-09304-5-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Kraven's Last Hunt 1/6: The coffin?
Cr:W-Jean Marc DeMatteis   P/L-Michael J. Zeck   I/F-Robert McLeod   L-Richard Parker   C-Janet Jackson, Bob Sharen, Michael J. Zeck   Ed-James Salicrup   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Rp:Reprint from Web of Spider-Man (I) #31

Marvel's Greatest Creators: What If? - Spider-Girl (May Parker) (2019)

UPC: 7-59606-09303-8

Front coverRonald Frenz
Reprints cover of What If? (II) #105 / UPC: 7-59606-09303-8-00111 / Marvel Preview
Ti:Legacy... in black and white (What if Mary Jane had never lost the baby, and Spider-Man had a Spider-Girl?)?
Cr:W-Tom DeFalco, Ronald Frenz   P/L-Ronald Frenz   I/F-Bill Sienkiewicz   L-Christopher Eliopoulos, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matt Webb   AsiEd-Jason White   Ed-Kelly P. Corvese   E-i-C-Bob Harras
Ch:Spider-Girl (May Parker) (R-982)
Rp:Reprint from What If? (II) #105



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