Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) (Earth-1610)

Gender: ♀
Alternate version of: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

Ultimate Secrets 1.FT

Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin)
Spider-Woman (May Parker)

A.K.A.: Mayday
Gender: ♀
Alternate version of: Spider-Girl (May Parker) (Earth-982)

Spider-Island 1 - 5
Spider-Island: Warzones! TPB 1

Spider-Woman (Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy) (Earth-65)
Spider-Woman (Witter)
Spider-Woman (IX) (Earth-20051)
Spider-Woman Skrull (Princess Veranke)

Gender: ♀
Alias of: Veranke
Clone/Copy/Impersonator of: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
Individual of: Skrulls (I)

Spidey (Peter Parker) (Earth-99062)

Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Member of: Avengers (XI) (Earth-99062)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth-99062 (Mini Marvels)

Exiles (I) 91
Giant Size Mini-Marvels: Starring Spidey 1
Heroes for Hire (II) 7
Hulk (III) 7
Hulk Omnibus (HC) By Loeb and McGuinness 1
Hulk-Sized Mini-Hulks 1
King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special 1
Marvel Adventures The Avengers 10
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Rock, Paper, Scissors 1
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Secret Invasion 1
Mini Marvels GN-TPB: Ultimate Collection 1
Spider-Man Family (II) 1
Spider-Man and Power Pack 1 - 4
Spidey and the Mini Marvels Halloween 2003 Ashcan 1
Spidey and the Mini-Marvels 1
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange 1
Stan Lee Meets (HC) 1
What If... This Was the Fantastic Four? A Tribute to Mike Wieringo • Hero Initiative: Mike Wieringo (Hero Initiative) 1
Wolverine and Power Pack 1
X-Men: First Class 6

Avengers (III) 21.FT, 23.FT - 24.FT, 40.FT
Bishop The Last X-Man 2.FT - 3.FT, 5.FT, 11.FT
Black Panther (III) 12.FT - 13.FT, 15.FT, 17.FT
Blade: Vampire Hunter 1.FT, 3.FT
Blaze of Glory 2.FT
The Buzz 2.FT
Cable (I) 76.FT
Captain America (III) 20.FT, 24.FT
Domination Factor: Avengers 1.2.FT, 2.4.FT, 3.6.FT
Giant Size Mini-Marvels: Starring Spidey 1.FT
Hulk (II) 9.FT, 11.FT
Incredible Hulk (III) 17.FT, 26.FT
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Rock, Paper, Scissors 1.FT
Mini Marvels Digest TPB: Secret Invasion 1.FT
Spider-Girl (I) 11.FT, 15.FT, 17.FT
Uncanny X-Men (I) • X-Men (I) 376.FT - 377.FT
X-Men (II) • New X-Men (I) • X-Men Legacy (I) 94.FT - 95.FT, 97.FT, 103.FT

Spidey (I)
Spike (Darian Elliott)

Inhabitant of: Sakaar

Spin Ring
Spindrifter (Marandi Sjörokker)

Gender: ♀
Member of: Freedom Force (II)

Spinneret (Mary Jane Parker) (Earth-18119)

Gender: ♀
Individual of: Solons

Spiral (Rita Wayword) (MojoV)
Spirit of '76 (William Nasland)
Spirit of Vengeance (Wileaydus Autolycus) (Earth-691)
Spirits of Vengeance (I)
Spirits of Vengeance (II)
Spitfire (Lady Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton)
Spitfire (II) (Earth-148611)
Spitfire (III)

Member of: Lilin

Spittle Man (WhatThe)

Gender: ♂
Spoof of: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Whattheverse

What the -- ?! 14

Splash Morgan (Comedy)

Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Comedyverse

Comedy Comics (I) 9

Split-Second Squad

Gender: ♀
Member of: Rising Sons

Spoor (Marshall Graves)

Gender: ♂
Member of: Acolytes


Individual of: Fomalhauti

Spot (Dr. Jonathan Ohnn)
Spot (II) (Earth-1610)

Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

Spragg the Living Hill
Sprite (Katherine Pryde)
Sprite (I)
Spymaster (Sinclair Abbot)
Spymaster (Nathan Lemon)
Spymaster (I)
Spyral (Earth-982)

Gender: ♂
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth-982 (M2)

Spider-Girl (I) 100.FT

Squadron City (Earth-712)
Squadron Sinister (I)
Squadron Sinister (II) (Alt)

Member(s): Warrior Woman (II)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Unknown Universe/Dimension/Timeline

Squadron Supreme (I) (Earth-712)

Headquarter(s): Squadron City (Earth-712)
Member(s): American Eagle (James Dore Jr.) (Earth-712), Amphibian (Kingsley Rice) (Earth-712), Ape X (Xina) (Earth-712), Arcanna (Arcanna Jones) (Earth-712), Black Archer (Wyatt McDonald) (Earth-712), Blue Eagle (James Dore Jr.) (Earth-712), Cap'n Hawk (James Dore Jr.) (Earth-712), Doctor Decibel (Anton Decibel) (Earth-712), Doctor Spectrum (Joseph Ledger) (Earth-712), Foxfire (Olivia Underwood) (Earth-712), Golden Archer (Wyatt McDonald) (Earth-712), Hawkeye (Wyatt McDonald) (Earth-712), Haywire (Harold Danforth) (Earth-712), Hyperion (Mark Milton) (Earth-712), Inertia (Edith Freiberg) (Earth-712), Lady Lark (Linda Lewis) (Earth-712), Lamprey (Donald McGuiggin) (Earth-712), Moonglow (Melissa Hanover) (Earth-712), Moonglow (Arcanna Jones) (Earth-712), Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) (Earth-712), Nighthawk (Neal Richmond) (Earth-712), Nuke (Albert Gaines) (Earth-712), Power Princess (Zarda Shelton) (Earth-712), Quagmire (Jerome Meyers) (Earth-712), Redstone (Michael Redstone) (Earth-712), Shape (Raleigh Lund) (Earth-712), Skrullian Skymaster (Sk'ym'x) (Earth-712), Thermite (Sam Yurimoto) (Earth-712), Tom Thumb (Thomas Thompson) (Earth-712), Whizzer (Stanley Stewart) (Earth-712)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme)

Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1.FT
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 2.FT
Essential The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 3.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 10.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 1.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 12.FT
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 28.FT
Supreme Power - Special Edition 1.FT

Squadron Supreme (II) (Earth-31916)
Squadron Supreme (III)
Squid (Don Callahan)
Squidboy (Samuel Luc Paré)
Squire Justice

Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Justice (Vance Astrovik)
Member of: Morgana Le Fey's Alternate Avengers

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)