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12024/02Not Rated$0.00
Front coverLeinil Francis Yu
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Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rm:See Features

Text with art/photosJed MacKay talks Blood HuntPepe Larraz, Marte Gracia2
Pin-up/PosterJanuary 2024; Cover of Scarlet Witch TPB By Steve Orlando #1: The Last Door (half page size), Mighty Marvel Masterworks GN-TPB: The Avengers #2: The Old Order Changeth (small size), Vision and the Scarlet Witch TPB: The Saga of Wanda and Vision #1 (small size)Russell Dauterman2
Pin-up/PosterFebruary 2024; Cover of Miracleman TPB: The Original Epic #1 (half page size), Miracleman TPB By Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham: The Silver Age #1 (small size), Miracleman TPB By Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham #1 (small size)Alan Davis2
Pin-up/PosterMarch 2024; Cover of Marvels TPB: The Remastered Edition #1 (half page size)Alex Ross2
Pin-up/PosterApril 2024; Cover of Daredevil Omnibus (HC) By Chip Zdarsky #1 (half page size), Mighty Marvel Masterworks GN-TPB: Daredevil #1: While the City Sleeps (small size), Daredevil TPB: Born Again #1 (small size)Julian Totino Tedesco2
Pin-up/PosterMay 2024; Covers of Secret Wars TPB (I) #1 (half page size), Spider-Man Omnibus (HC): The Complete Black Costume Saga #1 (half page size)Alex Ross, Ronald Frenz2
Pin-up/PosterJune 2024; Covers of Black Widow TPB By Kelly Thompson (I) #1: The Ties That Bind (half page size), Black Widow TPB: The Saga of Yelena Belova #1 (half page size)Adam Hughes, J.G. Jones2
Pin-up/PosterJuly 2024; Cover of Captain America TPB By J. Michael Straczynski #1: Stand (half page size), Captain America Omnibus (HC) By Ed Brubaker #1 (small size), Captain America TPB: The Saga of Sam Wilson TPB #1 (small size)Jesús Saiz2
Pin-up/PosterAugust 2024; Cover of Wolverine TPB: Old Man Logan #1 (half page size), Wolverine TPB: Weapon X Deluxe Edition #1 (small size), Wolverine TPB By Chris Claremont and Frank Miller Deluxe Edition #1 (small size), Wolverine Epic Collection TPB #1: Madripoor Nights (small size)Steve McNiven2
Pin-up/PosterSeptember 2024; Covers of Hawkeye Omnibus (HC) By Matt Fraction and David Aja #1 (half page size), Hawkeye Epic Collection TPB #1: The Avenging Archer (small size), Hawkeye GN-TPB: Private Eye #1 (small size)David Aja2
Pin-up/PosterOctober 2024; Covers of Fantastic Four Omnibus (HC) By John Byrne #1 (half page size), Fantastic Four Omnibus (HC) By John Byrne #2 (small size)John Byrne2
Pin-up/PosterNovember 2024; Covers of Uncanny X-Men Epic Collection TPB #19: Mutant Genesis (half page size), House of X/Powers of X TPB #1 (small size), Generation X Epic Collection TPB #1: Back to School (small size)Whilce Portacio2
Pin-up/PosterDecember 2024; Covers of Guardians of the Galaxy Epic Collection TPB #1: Earth Shall Overcome (half page size), Guardians of the Galaxy Omnibus (HC) By Brian Michael Bendis #1 (small size), Guardians of the Galaxy Epic Collection TPB: Modern Era #1: Somebody's Got to Do It (small size)?2

Marvel Meow (2024)

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12024/03All Ages$5.99
Front coverNao Fuji
UPC: 7-59606-20884-5-00111 / Marvel Preview
Variant cover(s)

Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-20884-5-00121Doaly1$5.99
Variant coverUPC: 7-59606-20884-5-00131Chrissie Zullo1$5.99
Cr:W-Nao Fuji   P/L-Nao Fuji   I/F-Nao Fuji   L-[N.A.]   C-Nao Fuji   Ed-Caitlin O'Connell   E-i-C-Chester B. Cebulski   Dsgn-Stacie Zucker   Prod-Annie Cheng   Associate Manager Digital-Annie Cheng   Senior Manager Digital-Tim Smith 3
Rm:Reprints Marvel Meow (Infinity Comic)

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game (HC): X-Men Expansion (2024)

12024/09 $49.99
Front coverFrancesco Manna, Jesus Aburtov
ISBN: 978-1-302-94858-0
Cr:W-Matt Forbeck?

Marvel-Verse GN-TPB: Daredevil (2024)

Front coverRichard F. Buckler
ISBN: 978-1-302-95452-9
Ti:The origin of Daredevil?
Cr:W-Bob Budiansky   P/L-M.C. Wyman   I/F-Ralph Cabrera   L-John Costanza   C-Bob Sharen   Ed-Joe Andreani   E-i-C-Bob Harras   Special Thanks-Stan Lee
Ch:Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)
Rp:Reprint from Uncanny Origins #13
Ti:Duel with Daredevil!?
Cr:W-Todd DeZago, Stephen J. Ditko, Stan Lee   P/L-Shane Davis   I/F-Lary Stucker   L-David Sharpe   C-Hi-Fi Design
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Age Spider-Man #15
Ti:A safe place?
Cr:W-Danny Fingeroth   P/L-Stephen J. Ditko   I/F-Dan Bulanadi   L-Joe Rosen   C-Christie Scheele   Ed-Ralph Macchio   E-i-C-James Charles Shooter
Rp:Reprint from Daredevil (I) #235
Cr:W-Mark Waid   P/L-Christopher Samnee   I/F-Christopher Samnee   L-Joe Caramagna, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Javier Rodríguez   AsiEd-Elizabeth Pyle   Ed-Stephen Wacker   E-i-C-Axel Alonso   ChiCreOff-Joe Quesada   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pub-Dan Buckley
Rp:Reprint from Daredevil (IV) #30
Cr:W-Charles Soule   P/L-Vanesa R. Del Rey   I/F-Vanesa R. Del Rey   L-Clayton Cowles, Virtual Calligraphy   C-Matheus Lopes   AsiEd-Chris Robinson   Ed-Mark Paniccia   E-i-C-Axel Alonso   ChiCreOff-Joe Quesada   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pub-Dan Buckley
Rp:Reprint from Daredevil Annual (IV) #1



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