Wizard: X-Men Turn Thirty (Wizard Publication) (1993)

11993/08Not Rated$4.95
BkCr:AsiEd-Dan Reilly   AsoEd-Marc Wilkofsky   ManEd-Bob Seligman   Ed-Brian Cunningham   EdSpecProj-Mercedes Cabo   CreaCon-Patrick McCallum   Dsgn-Bradley Fountain, Matt Tierney   Pres-Gareb S. Shamus   Pub-Gareb S. Shamus
Rm:Celebrating the X-Men 30th anniversary, See Features
Gatefold coverAndy Kubert, Mark McNabb
Silver foil enhanced
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

FrontispieceThe original five X-Men?1
Text with art/photosA letter from the publisherGareb S. Shamus1
Text with art/photosX marks the spot - The beginnings of the mutant universe at Marvel ComicsStan Lee, Patrick Daniel O'Neill2
Text with art/photosThe future is now - A look at the X-Men as they head into their fourth decadePatrick Daniel O'Neill, Rob Samsel, Greg McElhatton11
Text with art/photosComics' master mechanic - John ByrneWilliam A. Christensen, Mark Seifert2
Text with art/photosFrom the Professor to a Bishop - A look at the X-Men's members, and their varied backgroundsChristopher P. Griffen5
Pin-up/PosterPin-up with this issue's cover artAndy Kubert, Mark McNabb2
Text with art/photosFrom gofer to comic great - Chris ClaremontWilliam A. Christensen, Mark Seifert4
Text with art/photosThe X-cellent art of the X-Men - A look at the men who have given pen-and-ink form to the mutants over the years (Jack Kirby, Werner Roth, Don Heck, Neal Adams, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Paul Smith, John Romita Jr., Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert)Patrick Daniel O'Neill5
Text with art/photosHow a typhoon blew in success - Dave CockrumClifford Lawrence Meth3
Text with art/photosX-mates and X-menaces - Some have wanted to kill the X-Men with love, and others have just wanted to kill themChristoffer Giffen9
Text with art/photosPoor dead Doug, and other mutant memories - Louise SimonsonPaul J. Grant4
Text with art/photosScorching the screenAndy Mangels3
Text with art/photos'60s mutant mania: The original teamPatrick Daniel O'Neill4
Text with art/photosOf genetics and mutatingJoel Rea4
Text with art/photosCatapult to stardom - Jim Lee, Rob Liefield, Whilce PortacioBrian Cunningham2
Text with art/photosHitting the right chord - An analysis of the reason why the X-Men have made it to the top of the heapPatrick Daniel O'Neill2
Text with art/photosMutant bits: The X-Men C.B.I.Q. (Kurt says "Ach! Das sind wirklich Gehirn Necker! Bratwurst!" (Oh! That are real brain teasers! Frying sausage!) - Brain teasers in German are "Kopfnüsse" (head nuts) and no-one in Germany says "Bratwurst" except he/she orders one to eat it.)?2
Text with art/photosPrices of the atom: The X-price guide (Market value of the X-comics as of July, 1993; there are many small cover reprints)?6
Text with art/photosLife with mutants / Mutants that never quite made it to the X-Men / Rejected slogans for Wolverine (The mutants the did not make it: X-X, Continuityborg, PlainJaneborg, Dark&Brooding Guy, Lie-X-Feld)?1

Wizard Ace Edition: Marvel Comics (Wizard Publication) (1997)

Front coverGlenn Fabry1
Cr:W-Carl Burgos   P/L-Carl Burgos   I/F-Carl Burgos   L-Carl Burgos   C-[N.G.]
Ch:Human Torch (Jim Hammond) (GoldAge)
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Comics #1
Cr:W-Bill Everett   P/L-Bill Everett   I/F-Bill Everett   L-Bill Everett   C-[N.G.]
Rm:A shorter version of this story was included in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1
Ch:Sub-Mariner (Namor MacKenzie)
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Comics #1
Ti:[King of Fang and Claw] 1/512
Cr:W-Ben Thompson   P/L-Ben Thompson   I/F-Ben Thompson   L-[N.G.]   C-[N.G.]   Base-Bob Byrd
Rm:Adaptation of chapters 1 to 9
Ch:Ka-Zar (David Rand) (GoldAge)
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Comics #1

Wizard: Marvel's Heroes Return (Wizard Publication) (1997)

UPC: 0-73361-64578-4

11997/10Not Rated$3.99
BkCr:ArtAsi-Phil Colligan, Mike Fasolo   AsoEd-Matthew Saunders   CopyEd-Greg Orlando, Marc Wilkofsky   Ed-Douglas Goldstein   E-i-C-Patrick McCallum   RsrchAsi-Glenn Haight   Contributing Editor-Brian Cunningham, Andrew Kardon, Joe Yanarella   Research Editor-Lars Pearson, Bob Marshall   Administrative Assistant-Jennifer Cavallo   Design Manager-Steve Blockwell   Contributing Designers-Big Pig Production Inc., Ryan Dunlavey, Cindy Emmert, Arlene So, Voltage Design Co. Inc.   Design Interns-Andrew Guschl, Randi Rodin   Art Associate-Dan Reilly   Special Thanks-John Dakes, Bob Harras
Rm:Celebrating the return of Marvel's heroes to the 616 universe, See Features
Wrap-around coverSalvador Larroca, James Palmiotti, Liquid!2
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

FrontispieceTitle page (The heroes and the Celestials)?1
Text with art/photosEditor's letterDouglas Goldstein
Other art/photosPhoto of Bob HarrasCraig Blankenhorn1
Text with art/photosCaptain Marvel - An interview with Bob HarrasMarc Shapiro, Craig Blankenhorn2⅔
Infos and statsVital stats: Bob Harras?
Text with art/photosThe second coming - An interview with Peter DavidBrian Cunningham2⅔
Pin-up/PosterFranklin and the Heroes Reborn (Art from variant cover of Heroes Reborn The Return #1)Salvador Larroca, Tim Townsend, Liquid!1
Infos and statsVital Stats: Peter David, Salvador Larroca?
Text with art/photosFranklin mint (The crucial points in Franklin Richards (I)'s life)John B. Lacey
Text with art/photosClimbing Everest - The rise of Larroca (Including a photo of Larroca)Brian Cunningham
Text with art/photosPatriot games - Mark Waid and Ron Garney about the new Captain America seriesAndrew Kardon3⅓
Pin-up/PosterCaptain America (Steven Rogers) (From the cover of Captain America (I) #445)Ron Garney1
Text with art/photosCap's dream team: Thor (Thor Odinson), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Vision (I), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Hawkeye (Clinton Barton)Andrew Kardon
Text with art/photosCap's defining moments (Infinity Gauntlet (I) #1 - Cap stands up to Thanos; Marvel Fanfare (I) #18 - Cap saves the American flag: Captain America (I) #454 - Cap holds off an army)Andrew Kardon
Text with art/photosPhoto file: Captain America (Steven Rogers)Andrew Kardon
Text with art/photosThe fantastic voyage - Scott Lobdell and Alan Davis about the new Fantastic Four seriesMatthew Saunders3
Pin-up/PosterThe Fantastic Four (I) (Art from front cover of Fantastic Four (III) #1)Alan Davis, Liquid!1
Text with art/photosScott Lobdell on...Matthew Saunders
Text with art/photosThe FF's defining moments (Fantastic Four (I) #242-244 - the FF bet Galactus, then save him; Fantastic Four (I) #261-262 - the trial of Reed Richards; Fantastic Four (I) #267 - Sue and Reed lose their second child)Matthew Saunders
Text with art/photosPhoto file: Fantastic Four (I)Matthew Saunders1
Text with art/photosAvengers assemble! - Kurt Busiek and George Pérez about the new Avengers seriesScott Beatty3⅔
Pin-up/PosterThe Avengers' roster (Art from back cover of The Avengers Log #1)George Pérez1
Text with art/photosEarth's mightiest butler - Profile on Edwin Jarvis (I)Scott Beatty
Text with art/photosRecommended reading (Avengers (I) #272-277 - the Avengers besieged; Daredevil (I) #233 - the Avengers save Hell's Kitchen; The Incredible Hulk (II) #300 - the Avengers face the Incredible Hulk)Andrew Kardon
Text with art/photosThe Iron Knight returns - Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen about the new Iron Man seriesMatthew Brady3⅓
Pin-up/PosterIron Man (Anthony Stark) (from Marvels (I) #0)Alex Ross1
Text with art/photosShell-Head's dream team (Captain America (Steven Rogers), Thor (Thor Odinson), Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Henry Pym (I), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Beast (Henry McCoy), Hawkeye (Clinton Barton), Binary (Carol Danvers))Matthew Brady
Text with art/photosShell-Head's defining moments (Iron Man (I) #225-230 - the Armor Wars saga; Iron Man (I) #150 - Iron Man and Dr. Doom go back in time; Tales of Suspense (I) #39 - Iron Man is born)Matthew Brady
Text with art/photosPhoto files: Iron Man (Anthony Stark)Matthew Brady
Text with art/photosAn ungodly situation - About why Thor is not getting a new seriesAndrew Kardon2
Pin-up/PosterPictures of Mjölnir (I) (From the cover of Thor (I) #494 and Journey into Mystery (I) #83)Mike Deodato Jr., Jack Kirby
Text with art/photosThor will return ...eventuallyJim McLauchlin
Text with art/photosThor's defining moments (Thor (I) #337-340 - introducing Beta Ray Bill; Avengers (I) #149-150 - Moondragon make Thor quit the Avengerfs; Thor (I) #359 - Thor defies Loki's and Lorelei's magic)Andrew Kardon
Text with art/photosPhoto file: Thor (Thor Odinson)Andrew Kardon½
Text with art/photosEarth's mightiest battle! A slugfest of the Avengers (winners are marked with *)
1) Hawkeye* vs. the Scarlet Witch
2) Hawkeye vs. the Vision*
3) The Vision vs. the Wasp*
4) The Wasp* vs. Giant-Man
5) The Wasp vs. Iron Man*
6) Iron Man vs. Thor*
7) Thor vs. Captain America*
Scott Beatty5
Other art/photosThey're ba-aack! (Funny about non-so-mighty heroes returning to the MU)Brian Douglas Ahern2
Text with art/photosContest of Champions - The top 10 biggest Marvel battles of all time
10) Contest of Champions
9) Secret Wars (I)
8) The Korvac Saga (Avengers Legends TPB: The Korvac Saga #1)
7) The Evolutionary War
6) Onslaught (Onslaught Impact 1, Onslaught Impact 2)
5) Inferno (A)
4) Kree-Skrull War (The Kree/Skrull War starring the Avengers)
3) The Age of Apocalypse (X-Men TPB: The Complete Age of Apocalypse)
2) The Surtur Saga (Thor Visionaries TPB: Walt Simonson)
1) Infinity Gauntlet (I)
Peter Sanderson11
Pin-up/PosterThanos (I)?1
Text with art/photosSeduction of good - Kurt Busiek about the new Thunderbolts seriesMatthew Brady1⅓
Pin-up/PosterThunderbolts (I) (Atlas (Eric Josten), Mach-I (Abner Jenkins), Moonstone (Karla Sofen), Songbird (Melissa Gold), Citizen V (Helmut Zemo), Techno (Norbert Paul Ebersol)) (Art from the cover of Thunderbolts (I) #1)Mark Bagley, Vince Russell1
Text with art/photosStealing ThunderKurt Busiek½
Text with art/photosWolves in sheep's spandex: The Thunderbolts roster?¼
Text with art/photosHarbingers of doom (A guide to the arch-villains)Jim McLauchlin, Matthew Senreich6
Text with art/photosThe Marvel Universe glossary - Everything a Marvel fan needs to know from A to ZPeter Sanderson6
Text with art/photosUnforgiven (How Heroes Return effects the X-teams)Matthew Brady3
Text with art/photosUniversal ramifications (A guide to the rest of the MU after Heroes Return)?
Text with art/photosNort of the border (Alpha Flight (I))Jim McLauchlin½
Text with art/photosThe devil, you say (Daredevil (Matthew Murdock))Matthew Senreich½
Text with art/photosDefending the universe (Defenders (I))Matthew Senreich½
Text with art/photosSorcerer Supreme, take 5 (Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange))Matthew Senreich½
Text with art/photosGreen genes (Hulk (Robert Banner))Jim McLauchlin½
Text with art/photosJungle book (Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder))Matthew Senreich½
Text with art/photosSurfer's safari (Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd))Jim McLauchlin½
Text with art/photosWhile you were away... - The Heroes' guide to the year they missedDouglas Goldstein1

Wizard: Spider-Man Special (Wizard Publication) (1998)

11998 $3.99
BkCr:AsoEd-Matthew Saunders   CopyEd-Trent D. McNeeley, Greg Orlando   Ed-Douglas Goldstein   E-i-C-Patrick McCallum   RsrchAsi-Phil Calligan, Peter Flood, André Shell   Dsgn-Cynthia Emmert, Arlene So, James A. Walker   Contributing Editor-Brian Cunningham, Andrew Kardon, Joe Yanarella   Staff Writer-Jim McLauchlin, Matthew Senreich   Administrative Assistant-Cassie Lapusnack   Contributor-Scott Brick, Eliot Brown, Andy Mangels, Tom Root, Peter Sanderson, Patrick Sauriol, Paul Schiraldi, Craig Shutt, Karl Williams   Special Thanks-Jeremy Stewart   Design Manager-Steve Blackwell   Contributing Designers-Chris Duncan   Production Assistant-Tesslyn Pandarakalam   Research Editor-Dan Reilly   Wizard Entertainment President Publisher-Gareb S. Shamus   Wizard Entertainment Executive VP-Fred Pierce   Wizard Entertainment Director of Business Development-Martha Donato   Wizard Entertainment Production Director-Darren Sanchez
Rm:See Features
Front coverJohn Romita Jr., Liquid!1
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

Pin-up/PosterSpider-ManJohn Byrne1
Text with art/photosEditor's letterDouglas Goldstein½
Text with art/photosTable of contents?1
Text with art/photosSpider-Facts: Top 10 things you need to know about the Amazing Spider-ManMatthew Saunders2
Text with art/photosMack Daddy: Interview with Howard Mackie; Vital Stats: Howard Mackie; Drawing the Lines with John Romita Jr.; Web Support (Howard Mackie's 10 favorite supporting Spidey characters and why)Andrew Kardon6
Text with art/photosTwice told tales: Chapter One. John Byrne works his revamp magic on Spidey's early history; Bios of John Byrne; Revamp A-Go-Go (Villains showing up in Spider-Man: Chapter One)Craig Shutt6
Text with art/photosSpider-Man 101: Test your Spidey knowledge; Fashion Sense, Tingling! (Take a peek at how Hollywood's costumed Spidey over the years); Arachnophobia! (Meet the World's Top Ten most bizzare Spiders); Top Secret? (Spider-Man, everyone knows who you are)Scott Brick10
Text with art/photosSpin City: Webspinners. Spidey does his time warp in his new anthology title; Untold Tales by Spider-Man writers Gerry Conway, Peter David, David Michelinie, Roger Stern, Marv Wolfman;Matthew Saunders4
Text with art/photosSling Blaze: Slingers. Even though Spidey's given up his four "Identity Crisis" personas, the heroes live on; Bios of the Slingers (Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet, Hornet) and Black MarvelKarl Williams4
Text with art/photosDressed for success. Spidey's web-shooters and gadgetsEliot R. Brown2
Text with art/photosSpidey takes Manhattan. Visit your favorite Marvel hauntsJim McLauchlin8
Text with art/photosLively 'Hood. Spidey's bestest buds and baddes baddies; Faces of Death (Green Goblins arch-foes); Goblin Timeline; Girlfrenzy (The Women in Peter Parker's Life); Girlfriend TimelineScott Brick10
Text with art/photosCameron's Web. Spidey's titanic filmPatrick Sauriol2
Text with art/photosSimply Amazing. The Top 10 greatest Spider-Man stories ever toldAndrew Kardon6
Text with art/photosSpider-Ham: Check out these embarrassing low-lights in the life of Spider-ManAndrew Kardon4
Text with art/photosFashion Sense: What's red and blue with webs all over? History of Peter Parker's wardrobeScott Brick6
Text with art/photosA Memo from Osborn ChemicalsDouglas Goldstein1

Wizard's X-Men Special (I) (Wizard Publication) (1998)

Front cover?1

The Avengers (Wizard Mini-Comic) (Wizard Publication) (1999)

Front cover?1
Ti:When Ultron attacks!8
Cr:W-Sandy Connors   P/L-David Tata   I/F-Gregory Adams   L-Chris Dickey   C-Paul Mounts
Rm:Story produced for inclusion in packages with the Avengers action figures
Rp:Reprinted in ...

Wizard's Avengers Special (Wizard Publication) (1999)

UPC: 0-73361-64578-4

11999Not Rated$3.99
BkCr:AsoEd-Matthew Saunders   CopyEd-Carmelo Caylo   Ed-Douglas Goldstein   E-i-C-Patrick McCallum   Contributing Editor-Brian Cunningham, Andrew Kardon, Joe Yanarella   Administrative Assistant-Casey Hicks   Contributors-Mike Atiyeh, Scott Brick, Eliot Brown, Brimstone, James Busbee, Phil Jimenez, Todd Klein, Andy Mangels, Northeast Graphics, Greg Orlando, Peter Sanderson, Patrick Sauriol, Paul Schiraldi, Mike Searle   Special Thanks-Tom Brevoort, Kurt Busiek, George Pérez
Rm:A spotlight on Marvel's mightiest heroes as the team supreme prepares to face its greatest threat; See Features
Front coverGeorge Pérez, Liquid!1
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]

Text with art/photosEarth's mightiest (Editorial)Douglas Goldstein½
Pin-up/PosterAvengers (I) (Vision (I), Firestar (Angelica Jones), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Thor (Thor Odinson), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Captain America (Steven Rogers), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff))?1
TextAvengers assemble! - The top 10 things you absolutely need to know about the AvengersBrian Cunningham1
Other art/photosPhoto of Kurt Busiek and George PérezRick Frishman, Brian Smith1
Text with art/photosHeroes at large - An interview with Kurt Busiek and George PérezAndrew Kardon
Infos and statsVital stats on Kurt BusiekAndrew Kardon½
Infos and statsVital stats on George PérezAndrew Kardon½
TextFanboys - It's just a popularity contestAndrew Kardon½
Pin-up/PosterStatue of the Avengers' founding members (Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Giant-Man (Henry Pym), Hulk (Robert Banner), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Captain America (Steven Rogers), Thor (Thor Odinson))George Pérez1
Text with art/photosAge of heroes - A look-back on a 36+ years historyBrian Cunningham4
TextWho's been an Avenger?Brian Cunningham1
Pin-up/PosterCaptain America (Steven Rogers) (Like the back cover of The Avengers Log #1, but Cap's still working)George Pérez1
Text with art/photosThe dream team: Captain America (Steven Rogers), Firestar (Angelica Jones), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Thor (Thor Odinson), Vision (I), Wonder Man (Simon Williams)Scott Brick5
Pin-up/PosterAvengers (I) (from #1½, Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Giant-Man (Henry Pym), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), Hulk (Robert Banner), Thor (Thor Odinson))Bruce Timm1
TextFirst look: Avengers (I) #1½ / At a glance - Roger Stern and Bruce Timm about the one-shotGreg Orlando1
Pin-up/PosterWonder Man (Simon Williams) (Anima) (from animated series)?1
TextAvengers animate! - About the first animated Avengers seriesPatrick Sauriol2
Text with art/photosRoll call - Animation's mightiest Avengers lineupPatrick Sauriol½
Text with art/photosHollywood heroes - A guide to the Avenger's solo TV/film adventuresAndy Mangels½
Text with art/photosAvenge this! Presenting the Avengers top 25 coolest moments of all time
25) Captain America out-smarts Henry Gyrich's bureaucratic nonsense (Avengers (I) #186)
24) Hulk leaves the Avengers (Avengers (I) #2)
23) Vision nearly kills a Skrull because they kidnapped the Scarlet Witch (Avengers (I) #96)
22) Magneto reveals that he is the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (The Vision and the Scarlet Witch (I) #4)
21) Hawkeye kisses Deathbird (Avengers (I) #189)
20) Vision sheds tears as he is invited to join the Avengers (Avengers (I) #58)
19) The Avengers thaw out Captain America (Avengers (I) #4)
18) The Scarlet Witch pulls Wonder Man back from death (Avengers (III) #2)
17) Henry Gyrich limits the active members to seven (Avengers (I) #181)
16) The Masters of Evil beat up Hercules (Avengers (I) #274)
15) Iron Man enters and leaves the Black Dome surrounding Central City (Fantastic Four (I) #293)
14) Vision drops like a meteor on Nefaria (Avengers (I) #166)
13) The Scarlet Witch drops a cliff on Wonder Man (West Coast Avengers (II) #45)
12) Tony Stark's and Janet Van Dyne's secret affair breaks when he reveals to her that he is Iron Man (Avengers (I) #224)
11) The Hulk tears apart Tigra (Last Avengers Story #1)
10) Captain America despairs after the Masters of Evil have destroyed all his reminders of his life (Avengers (I) #277)
9) Henry Pym beats Egghead (Avengers (I) #229)
8) The Avengers split over the reaction to the detonation of the Nega-Bomb (Avengers (I) #347)
7) Vision disassembled by the government (West Coast Avengers (II) #43)
6) The Avengers fight a mindless, rampaging Hulk (The Incredible Hulk (II) #300)
5) Korvac massacres the Avengers (Avengers (I) #177)
4) The Masters of Evil beat up the helpless Jarvis (Avengers (I) #275, 276)
3) Yellowjacket realizes that he has hurt the Wasp in an attempt to get on the good side of the Avengers again (Avengers (I) #213)
2) Thor arrives in time to give Count Nefaria a good pummelling (Avengers (I) #165)
1) The Avengers help Daredevil to beat up Nuke and to save Hell's Kitchen (Daredevil (I) #233)
Matthew Saunders5⅜
Text with art/photosThe crying game (When Avengers shed tears)Matthew Saunders
Text with art/photosShamed faced - The Avengers top 10 not-so-mighty moments
1) The Avengers have to take the bus (Avengers (I) #176)
2) David Letterman saves the Avengers (Avengers (I) #239)
3) The Elf Queen whacks Iron Man with steel grating (Avengers (I) #212)
4) D-Man stinks - a lot (Avengers (III) #1)
5) The Ghost Rider catches a free ride on Mjölnir (Avengers (I) #214)
6) The Absorbing Man absorbs Cap's shield (Avengers (I) #184)
7) The Molecule Man whips up an Iron Man leisure suit (Avengers (I) #216)
8) Hercules' shorts are shredded by the Blood Brothers (Avengers (I) #252)
9) Kitty Pride disables Iron Man's armor with her phasing powers (X-Men Annual (II) #7)
10) Cap throws his shield into one of Magik's teleportation discs (The New Mutants (I) #40)
Matthew Saunders
Infos and statsUltron unlimited (Manual of Ultron (I))Eliot R. Brown2
Text story with art/photosInside... Avengers Mansion (Jarvis gives a free tour)Douglas Goldstein, Phil Jimenez5
Text with art/photosAvengers 101 (101 mighty facts)Peter Sanderson
Text with art/photosBy the numbers - The characters (How often were certain things done by any member?)Scott Brick
Text with art/photosBy the numbers - The plot (How often did certain actions appear in the issues?)Scott Brick
TextBy the numbers - Avengers assemble! (How often did the members appear?)Scott Brick
TextBy the numbers - Creators assemble! (How often did writers/pencilers/inkers work on the stories?)Scott Brick½
TextThe dating game (The Avenger's romantic couples)Peter Sanderson
TextAvengin' anthems - Musical tributes to Earth's mighties heroesCarmelo Caylo
TextIn fashion - The Wasp's best and worst costumes (-)Scott Brick½
Pin-up/PosterArt from cover of Captain America (I) #454Ron Garney1
Text with art/photosAmerican dreamer (Mark Waid on Captain America)Andrew Kardon2
Text with art/photosLast man standing (Three times when Cap tried to talk down the baddie and got his butt kicked)Andrew Kardon½
Text with art/photosIt's revolutionary, baby! (Comparing Captain America with Austin Powers)?½
Pin-up/PosterIron Man (Anthony Stark)?1
Text with art/photosFirst Knight (Kurt Busiek on Iron Man)Mike Searle2
Text with art/photosLife support - Iron Man's armor: Boon or bane?Mike Searle
Text with art/photosThe armor of tomorrowMike Searle
Pin-up/PosterThor (Thor Odinson)John Romita Jr.1
Text with art/photosHammer time (Dan Jurgens on Thor)Matthew Saunders2
Text story with art/photosMyth conceptions - Comics and legends differMatthew Saunders
Text with art/photosRagnarok-in' (Thor's biggest battles)Matthew Saunders
Pin-up/PosterArt from cover of Thunderbolts (I) #31Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna1
Text with art/photosSeparate assembliesScott Brick4
Text with art/photosA-Next for dummies (Member list)Scott Brick
TextRap sheet (Avengers with criminal records)PS, Douglas Goldstein
TextDomination complicationsJames Busbee¼

Wizard's X-Men Special (II) (Wizard Publication) (1999)

Front cover?1

Wizard's X-Men Spectacular (Wizard Publication) (2001)

Front cover?1

Wizard's X-Men Special (IV) (Wizard Publication) (2003)

Front cover?1

Spider-Man Masterpiece Edition (Wizard Publication) (2004)

Front coverMike Mayhew1
Rm:Collecting the 10 best Spider-Man stories ever



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