Thor (Jane Foster)
Thor (Drago Ktor)
Thor (Eric Kevin Masterson)
Thor (Thor Odinson)

A.K.A.: Donar; God of Thunder
Created by: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby
Gender: ♂
Alias: Donald Blake (I), Sigurd Jarlson
Alternate version(s): Donar, Iron Hammer (Stark Odinson) (InfWarp), King Thor (Thor Odinson), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Alt), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Anima), Thor (Thor Odinson) (CinemaU), Thor (Thor Odinson) (CtrEarth2), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-13122), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-1610), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-20051), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-91119), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-982), Thor (Thor Odinson) (Earth-99062), Thorangutan (Earth-8101), Thorion (Earth-9602), Thunderfrog, Young Thor (Thor Odinson)
Clone(s)/Copies/Impersonator(s): Ragnarok (II)
Individual of: Aesir (I)
Member of: Avengers (I)
Owner(s) of: Mjölnir
Parent(s): Gaea, Odin (I)
Sibling(s): Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)
Spoof(s): Mighty Sore (WhatThe)

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Avengers Premiere (HC): The Contest 1
Avengers Premiere (HC): First to Last 1
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Avengers TPB: Legion of the Unliving 1
Avengers TPB: No More Bullying 1
Avengers TPB: Ultron Forever 1
Avengers: Ultron Forever 1
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Thor (Thor Odinson) (20XX)

Gender: ♂
Member of: Avengers of 20XX (20XX)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: 20XX Timeline

Thor (Thor Odinson) (Alt)
Thor (Thor Odinson) (Anima)

A.K.A.: Donar; God of Thunder
Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Thor (Thor Odinson)
Member of: Avengers (XII) (Anima)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Marvel Animaverse

Thor (Thor Odinson) (CinemaU)
Thor (Thor Odinson) (CtrEarth2)

A.K.A.: Donar; God of Thunder
Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Thor (Thor Odinson)
Clone(s)/Copies/Impersonator(s): Thor (IV) (CtrEarth2)
Member of: Avengers (V) (CtrEarth2)
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Counter-Earth (II)