Pacific Overloards
Pacific Overlords
Karen Page
Paibok the Power Skrull
Painkiller Jane

Created by: James Palmiotti, Joe Quesada
Gender: ♀

Painter of 1000 Perils
Pal 'n' Drumm

Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Grooverse

Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer 89, 101

Pale Riders (AgeOfApo)

Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Christine Palmer

Gender: ♂
Individual of: Eternals of Earth

Panther Cub

Gender: ♂
Member of: Remnants
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Counter-Earth II

Panther God
Papa Hagg

Gender: ♂

Defenders: Strange Heroes 1.FT

Papa Shorty
Paper Doll

Individual of: Kree

Paragon I

Gender: ♂
Alias: Her
Created by: Enclave

Paragon II

Cooper Roth
Gender: ♂
Member of: Initiative Field Team Nebraksa


Member of: Resistants


Gender: ♂

Avengers: Roll Call 1.FT


Member of: Lilin

Parker Ben

Benjamin Parker (Uncle Ben)
Gender: ♂
Alias of: Benjamin Parker
Alternate version(s): Spider-Ben

Benjamin Parker
Benjamin Parker (Earth-6078)
Benjamin Parker (Ultimate)
Benjamin Parker

Gender: ♂
Alias: Kid Carnage
Parent(s): Peter Benjamin Parker (M2), Mary Jane Watson (M2)
Sibling(s): Parker May II
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth M2 (Earth-982)

Amazing Spider-Girl 10 - 12

Parker Industries
Mary Parker
Mary Jane Parker

Gender: ♀
Alias of: Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Parker (M2)
May Parker

Gender: ♀
Alias of: May Reilly

The Amazing Spider-Man (III) 545.FT

May Parker (Ultimate)
Parker May II
Peter Benjamin Parker

Gender: ♂
Alias: Petey Parker, Spider-Man I
Alternate version(s): Peter Benjamin Parker (Alt), Peter Parker (Earth X), Peter Benjamin Parker (M2), Peter Benjamin Parker (Ultimate)
Beloved: Elisabeth Brant, Felicia Hardy
Clone(s)/Copies/Impersonator(s): Kaine, Kane, Ben Reilly
Foster Parent(s): Benjamin Parker, May Reilly
Member of: Daily Bugle Staff
Parent(s): Mary Parker, Richard Parker
Spouse(s): Mary Jane Watson

100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man 1
Amazing Fantasy (II) 15
The Amazing Spider-Man (I) 372
The Amazing Spider-Man (III) 600
Amazing Spider-Man Family 1 - 7
Avengers: The Initiative 7
Avengers: The Initiative Premiere (HC) 2
Avengers: The Initiative TPB 2
Avengers: The Initiative TPB: The Complete Collection 1
Marvel 100th Anniversary TPB 1
Spider-Man: Brand New Day - Extra!! • Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! 1
Spider-Man Firsts TPB 1
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Died in Your Arms Tonight 1
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): Family Ties 1
Spider-Man Premiere (HC): The Short Halloween 1
Spider-Man TPB: Brand New Day: The Complete Collection 4
Spider-Man TPB: Died in Your Arms Tonight 1
Spider-Man TPB: Family Ties 1
What If? (I) 15
What If? Classic TPB 3
What If? Classic TPB The Complete Collection 2

The Amazing Spider-Man (III) 532 - 533, 542 - 543
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus (HC) By J. Michael Straczynski 2
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man Decisions 1
Civil War Premiere (HC): Spider-Man 1
The Sensational Spider-Man (II) 40 - 41

Civil War (I) 1
Marvel's Captain America TPB: Civil War (Movie Prelude) 1

The Amazing Spider-Man (I) 20.FT
The Amazing Spider-Man (III) 600.FT
The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (I) 1.FT, 4.FT - 5.FT, 13.FT, 15.FT - 16.FT, 22.FT, 24.FT, 28.FT
Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man 2.FT
Essential Spider-Man 1.FT, 4.FT, 9.FT - 11.FT
Marvel: Portraits of a Universe • Marvel: Portraits 2.FT
Marvel Special Edition Featuring The Spectacular Spider-Man 1.FT
Marvels X 2.FT
Peter Parker Spider-Man (II) 1.FT
Spider-Man Comics Weekly (Marvel UK) 12.FT
Spider-Man: Swing Shift Director's Cut 1.FT
Spider-Man: Unmasked 1.FT
Spider-Man Winter Special (Marvel UK) 1.FT
Web of Spider-Man Annual 3.FT - 4.FT
What If? (II) 3.FT
Wizard Presents The Legacy of Spider-Man Special Edition (Wizard Publication) 1.FT

Peter Benjamin Parker (Alt)

Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Peter Benjamin Parker

Peter Parker (Earth X)

Gender: ♂
Alternate version of: Peter Benjamin Parker
Universe/Dimension/Timeline: Earth X (Earth-9997)

X-Universe 1.FT

Peter Benjamin Parker (M2)
Peter Benjamin Parker (Ultimate)
Richard Parker
Teresa Elisabeth Parker

Gender: ♀

Spider-Geddon Handbook 1.FT

Carolyn Parmenter

Gender: ♀
Member of: Hulkbusters II

Paste-Pot Pete

James Howlett
Alias of: Wolverine I

Wolverine Encyclopedia 2.FT

Patriot I
Patriot II