Book Specific Translations E

Book specific translations

Eternals (IV) #2

Original languageEnglish
Motorwerke (plurals in German are often not with a 's'!)Motor plant, motor works
StossBrunt, push, barge, impact
Ziff-Engel"Ziff" has no special meaning, but could be a name. "Engel" is "angel".
ZuffenhausenI do not think that there is a real town with this name. "Zuffen" holds no meaning for me, "Hausen" means "town, home place".

Excalibur (I) #4

Original languageEnglish
Geht es dir gut?Are you well?
Wo bist du?Where are you?

Excalibur (I) #37, 38, 39

Original languageEnglish
DoppelgängerDoppelganger ("double walker")
Es schmesht mir gut! (corr: Es schmeckt mir gut!)I like it's taste! (Now, what is that supposed to mean as reply to Kurt's question? "Okay by me" is "(Ich bin) einverstanden" or "In Ordnung"!)
Ja, wohl naturilich, mein Herr (correct: Jawohl, natürlich, mein Herr. As Kurt and Wanda are on a first-name-basis "Ja, natürlich" would be sufficient)Yes, naturally, sir.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Fraulein? (more polite would be "..., mein Fräulein?" but as Kurt and Wanda are on a first-name-basis "Sprichst du Deutsch?" would be sufficient)Do you speak German, miss?
Wollen Sie tanzen mit meinen Freund? (Corr: Wollen Sie mit meinem Freund tanzen? or: Willst du mit meinem Freund tanzen?)Would you like to dance with my friend?

Excalibur (III) #7

Original languageEnglish

Excalibur: XX Crossing • Excalibur vs. the X-Men Special Edition #1

Original languageEnglish

Exiles (I) #41

Original languageEnglish
Gute Nacht.Good night.
Liebschen (should be: Liebchen)Darling

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