Book Specific Translations F

Book specific translations

Fantastic Four (I) #157

Original languageEnglish
ZugzwangTo be forced to make a move

Fantastic Four (I) #292

Original languageEnglish
Ein amerikanischer (not: amerikaner) Soldat!An American soldier!
Ein GespenstA ghost
Ein PoltergeistA poltergeist, hobgoblin ("poltern" = rumble, "Geist" = spirit)
Schweinehund (not: Schweinhund)Filthy swine
Was ist los?What's happening?

Fantastic Four (IV) • The New Fantastic Four #555

Original languageEnglish
StephansdomJust allow me a small remark: The splash page shows St. Stephan's Cathedral in the centre of Vienna. To see the church in this way go to the nearer end of the Graben (old moat), you do not have to go someplace within any university of Vienna.

Fantastic Four (IV) • The New Fantastic Four #568

Original languageEnglish

Fantastic Four (IX) #1

Original languageEnglish
Danke schoen (schön)Thank you very much (literally: Fair thanks)

Fear Itself #7

Original languageEnglish
Hunderte Verwundete am GrenzübergangHundreds of wounded at the border crossing

Fear Itself: The Deep #1

Original languageEnglish
Page 4:Could be "Let me show you."
Page 6:Could be "You fled in fear!" (However, the same runes do not fit to issue #4.)

Fear Itself: The Home Front #2

Original languageEnglish
Ubertreter getötet werden! (That is Yoda-speak. Correct is: Eindringlinge werden getötet!)Trespassers will be killed!

Fin Fang Four #2

Original languageEnglish
Gut (not: goot - although it is pronounced like "goot")Good

Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men / Dark Ages) #1

Book specific translations



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