Marvel Atlas TPB (2008)

Front coverStaz Johnson
ISBN: 978-0-785-12998-1 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Atlas #1
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprint from Marvel Atlas #2

Cover galleryMarvel Atlas #1Staz Johnson, Christopher Sotomayor1
PreviewPreview of cover art of Marvel Atlas #2Staz Johnson1
TextIntroductionJack Kirby1
Infos and statsWorld map?2
Infos and statsAustria?1
Infos and statsBelgium?1
Infos and statsBelgriunRonald Frenz1
Infos and statsCarneliaBarry Kitson, Mark Bagley1
Infos and statsCarpasiaShawn McManus1
Infos and statsFranceMichael McKone2
Infos and statsGermanyJohn Romita Jr., Mark Brooks3
Infos and statsGreece?2
Infos and statsHungaryAllen Milgrom1
Infos and statsIreland?1
Infos and statsItaly?1
Infos and statsLatveriaJack Kirby3
Infos and statsMorvania?1
Infos and statsNorway?1
Infos and statsPolandKaare Kyle Andrews1
Infos and statsRomaniaHoward Chaykin1
Infos and statsRumekistanDavid Ross1
Infos and statsSloreniaSteven Epting2
Infos and statsSpain?1
Infos and statsSwedenCharlie Adams1
Infos and statsSwitzerlandRon Wilson1
Infos and statsSymkariaMark Bagley, Manuel García, John M. Burns2
Infos and statsTransiaAlexander Maleev2
Infos and statsTurkeyThomas Grummett1
Infos and statsUnited Kingdom?4
Infos and statsVorozheika?1
Infos and statsAfghanistanClayton Henry1
Infos and statsCambodiaMark Bagley1
Infos and statsChinaSalvador Larroca2
Infos and statsIndia?1
Infos and statsJapan?3
Infos and statsKoreaMichael Ryan1
Infos and statsMadripoorKlaus Janson2
Infos and statsRussiaJoe Corroney3
Infos and statsSin-CongDon Heck, Daniel Panosian1
Infos and statsSingaporeGreg Tocchini1
Infos and statsVietnamTom Mandrake1
Infos and statsAustralia?1
Infos and statsNew Zealand?1
Infos and statsLemuria?1
Infos and statsLemuria (Deviant)Jack Kirby2
Infos and statsProvidenceDavid Ross1
Cover galleryMarvel Atlas #2Staz Johnson, Christopher Sotomayor1
Infos and statsCanada?3
Infos and statsMexico?1
Infos and statsUnited States of America?6
Infos and statsBoca Caliente?1
Infos and statsCubaJorge Pereira Lucas1
Infos and statsHaitiJohnny T. Craig1
Infos and statsCosta Salvador?1
Infos and statsCosta VerdeDon Heck, George Pérez1
Infos and statsDelvadia?1
Infos and statsSanto RicoJack Kirby1
Infos and statsTerra Verde?1
Infos and statsArgentinaMichael D. Allred1
Infos and statsBastronaMichael D. Allred1
Infos and statsBoliviaSal Buscema1
Infos and statsBosqueverde?1
Infos and statsBrazil?2
Infos and statsEstrellaJackson Guice1
Infos and statsMedisuela?1
Infos and statsPeruJack Kirby1
Infos and statsSan DiabloJack Kirby1
Infos and statsSan GustoJack Kirby1
Infos and statsSanto MarcoJack Kirby1
Infos and statsTierra VerdeJohn Byrne1
Infos and statsVenezuelaKeron Grant1
Infos and statsAlgeriaLarry Lieber1
Infos and statsAzania?1
Infos and statsBurunda?1
Infos and statsCanaanWalter McDaniel1
Infos and statsCongoRoger Cruz1
Infos and statsEgypt?1
Infos and statsGenoshaLeinil Francis Yu2
Infos and statsHalwanJohn Byrne1
Infos and statsImayaGabriel Gecko1
Infos and statsKenyaRobert Q. Sale1
Infos and statsMbangawiAlan Davis1
Infos and statsNarobiaJack Kirby1
Infos and statsRudyardaJohn Buscema1
Infos and statsSouth AfricaMichael Ryan1
Infos and statsTanzaniaAaron Lopresti1
Infos and statsWakandaScot George Eaton3
Infos and statsAqiria?1
Infos and statsIraqStefano Caselli1
Infos and statsIsrael?1
Infos and statsMazikhandar?1
Infos and statsSaudi ArabiaLewis LaRosa1
Infos and statsTrans-Sabal?1
Infos and statsThe Aerie (Sky Island)?1
Infos and statsAtlantisEliot R. Brown, Jack Kirby, Cliff Richards3
Infos and statsSavage LandReilly Brown, Karl Kesel, John Byrne3
Infos and statsAppendix: Subterranea?½
Infos and statsAppendix: Other Nations?½

Marvel Pets Handbook (2009)

UPC: 7-59606-06863-0

BkCr:CvrDsgn-Spring Hoteling   W-Chris Biggs, Ronald Hugh Byrd Jr., Madison Carter, Jeff Christiansen, Michael Hoskin, Rob London, Sean McQuaid, Eric J. Moreels, Mark Robert O'English, Mike O'Sullivan, Markus Raymond, Jacob Rougemont, Gabriel Shechter, Stuart Vandal, David Wiltfong   ArtRecon-Gally Articola, Scott Elmer, Mike Fichera, Jason Lewis, Nelson Ribeiro, Courtney Via   SelCol-Tom Smith   EdIntAsi-Alex Starbuck   AsiEd-John Denning, Cory Levine   CopyEd-Brian Overton   Ed-Jeff Youngquist   EdSpecProj-Mark D. Beazley, Jennifer Grünwald   E-i-C-Joe Quesada   Prod-Jerron Quality Color, Nelson Ribeiro   ExecProd-Alan Fine   Pub-Dan Buckley   Coordinator-Michael Hoskin   Special Thanks-The guys at the Appendix (,, Tom Brevoort, Chris Allo, Art Adams, Joe Casey, Paul Cornell, Craig Dylke, Mike Fichera, Christos N. Gage, Jess Nevin, Pries Starlin, Jim Starlin   Dedicated to-The Official Pets of the Marvel Pets Authors (Michael: Dusky and Silver; Jeff: Willow, Rainman, Consuela, Elvis, Lamont, Shaniqua and Yolanda; Mike O': Lockheed and Pancake; Chris: Heba, Diamond, Tiger Lily, Phineas, Venus and Cija; David: Rizzo, Buffy and Shelby; Rob: Kippy and Patches; Gabriel: Jesse and Mocha; Jacob: Cricket; Markus: Schnurli; Sean: Lil, Book and Buffy; Eric: Pepe, Pikachu and Astro; Mark O': Molly and Heidi)   Senior Vice President of Sales-David Gabriel
Rm:See Features; Details  

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Frequently Asked Questions page – including data corrections and explanations, complete bibliographies and Power Grid legends:

Front coverKarl Kerschl
UPC: 7-59606-06863-0-00111 / Marvel Preview
Cr:W-[N.A.]   P/L-[N.A.]   I/F-[N.A.]   L-[N.A.]   C-[N.A.]
Rp:Reprinted in ...

Text with art/photosIntroduction - "Why?" A brief history of Marvel Pets (Ms Lion; Lightning the Super Dog)?1
Infos and statsAragorn
Reprinted in ...
John Buscema1
Infos and statsBrightwind (Darkwind, Brightwind possessed form)
Reprinted in ...
June Brigman, Mike Wieringo, Bret Blevins1
Infos and statsCerberus (with Cerberus in humanoid form)
Reprinted in ...
Mark Texeira, Jack Kirby1
Infos and statsCollector's Creatures (Collector's ship, Bruruthian Paramecium Rex, Jupiterian Sauro-Beast, Pearl of Great Price, Pterosaur, Snake Eyes, The Triplets, Vampire Bat, Venusian Retriever-Anemone, Venusian Shock-Flies)
Reprinted in ...
John Buscema, Steven Epting, Paul Neary, David Wenzel, Bob Brown2
Infos and statsCosmo
Reprinted in ...
Brad Walker1
Infos and statsDevil Dinosaur (Young Devil, Devil Dinosaur Celestially evolved)
Reprinted in ...
Jack Kirby, Eric Powell2
Infos and statsGarm
Reprinted in ...
Walter Simonson1
Infos and statsGiganto (Giganto feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #4, Albino Giganto feat. in Marvel Universe #7, Smaller Giganto feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #149, Tentacled Giganto feat. in The Amazing Spider-Man (I) #213, Blue Whale Giganto feat. in Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #1, Finned Giganto feat. in Marvel Comics Presents (II) #11, Earth-929 Giganto feat. in Spider-Man 2099 (I) #43)
Reprinted in ...
Jack Kirby, Jason Armstrong, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Romita Jr., Seth Fisher, Lee Weeks, Ronald Lim1
Infos and statsHellstorm's Demon-Steeds (Amon, Hecate, Set, Hegal, Malah, Zulum)
Reprinted in ...
James Mooney, Peter Gross, Berni Wrightson1
Infos and statsLobo (Skrull Imposter, Lobo Cub)
Reprinted in ...
John Buscema, Harvey Tolibao, Javier Saltares1
Infos and statsLockheed (Flock Ship)
Reprinted in ...
Alan Davis, Dave Hoover1
Infos and statsLockjaw
Reprinted in ...
John Byrne1
Infos and statsMole Man's Monsters (Brute that Walks feat. in Journey into Mystery (I) #65, Fin Fang Foom feat. in Strange Tales (I) #89, Giganto feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #1, Giganto's Mate feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #348, Technotroid feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #349, Giganto Off-Shoot feat. in Fantastic Four: First Family #3, Gigantus feat. in Journey into Mystery (I) #63, Goom feat. in Tales of Suspense (I) #15, Googam feat. in Tales of Suspense (I) #17, Kraa the Unhuman feat. in Tales of Suspense (I) #18, Krogarrian feat. in Tales to Astonish (I) #25, Rhedollante feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #347, Skreeal feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #347, Skreeal (Steeds) feat. in Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #3, Slugmon feat. in Marvel Comics Presents (I) #112, Tanakadon feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #347, Tricephalous feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #1, Ugu the Neolithic feat. in Fantastic Four (I) #1, Vandoom's Monster feat. in Tales to Astonish (I) #17, X the Thing that Lived feat. in Tales to Astonish (I) #20, Unidentified Monster feat. in Astonishing X-Men (III) #7)
Reprinted in ...
Jack Kirby, Walter Simonson, Arthur Adams, Chris Weston, Roger Langridge, Seth Fisher, Rita Fagani, Joe Quesada, John Cassaday3
Infos and statsOutcasts
Reprinted in ...
Allen Milgrom1
Infos and statsRed Ghost's Super-Apes (Alpha, Beta)
Reprinted in ...
John Byrne, George Tuska1
Infos and statsRedwing
Reprinted in ...
Ivan Reis1
Infos and statsToothgnasher and Toothgrinder
Reprinted in ...
Andrea Di Vito1
Infos and statsValinor
Reprinted in ...
Keith Pollard, M.C. Wyman1
Infos and statsVixen
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsZabu
Reprinted in ...
Brent Eric Anderson1
Infos and statsAnt-Man's Ants
(Pym's) Korr (deceased), Melanie, Nash (deceased), Nash XII (deceased)
(Lang's) Axel, Blixen, Emma, Gambit (deceased), Indy, James, Jezebel, Kenny G, Mara, Martha, Prince (deceased), Purdey, Silver, Silver Streak, Steed, Van Halen, Vixen (deceased), Whitmore
(both) thousands of others
Reprinted in ...
Bob Layton½
Infos and statsApe
Reprinted in ...
Herb Trimpe½
Infos and statsThe Beasts of Berlin
Reprinted in ...
Allen Milgrom, Richard Ayers½
Infos and statsBill and Don
Reprinted in ...
Kerry Gammill½
Infos and statsBlaze the Wonder Collie
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsCr'Reee
Reprinted in ...
David Cockrum½
Infos and statsCurrs
Reprinted in ...
Renato Arlem½
Infos and statsDeuce
Reprinted in ...
Cary Nord½
Infos and statsDiablo
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsDreamstalker
Reprinted in ...
Marie Severin½
Infos and statsDroog
Reprinted in ...
Herb Trimpe½
Infos and statsEbony (Ebony in demonic form)
Reprinted in ...
Jack Kirby½
Infos and statsFreki and Geri
Reprinted in ...
John Buscema½
Infos and statsThe Frogs of Central Park
Reprinted in ...
Walter Simonson½
Infos and statsHellcow
Reprinted in ...
Frank Brunner½
Infos and statsHellhorse (Elendil)
Reprinted in ...
George Tuska, Jack Kirby½
Infos and statsIna and Biri
Reprinted in ...
Jim Steranko½
Infos and statsKerberos
Reprinted in ...
Takeshi Miyazawa½
Infos and statsKraven the Hunter's Menagerie (Nickel)
Reprinted in ...
Stephen J. Ditko, John McCrea½
Infos and statsKrill
Reprinted in ...
Mike Deodato Jr.½
Infos and statsMan-Oo
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsMax
Reprinted in ...
Gary Kwapisz½
Infos and statsMonkey Joe
Reprinted in ...
Paul Pelletier½
Infos and statsMunin and Hugin
Reprinted in ...
Marko Djurdjević½
Infos and statsNiels
Reprinted in ...
Stephen J. Ditko½
Infos and statsNimo
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsOld Lace
Reprinted in ...
Michael Ryan½
Infos and statsPreyy (Preyy II)
Reprinted in ...
Sal Velluto, Patrick Zircher½
Infos and statsPrincess Python's Pythons
Reprinted in ...
Sal Buscema½
Infos and statsPuppy
Reprinted in ...
Salvador Larroca½
Infos and statsSaint
Reprinted in ...
Gene Colan½
Infos and statsSassafrass
Reprinted in ...
Don Perlin½
Infos and statsSleipnir
Reprinted in ...
Victor Olazaba½
Infos and statsStrider
Reprinted in ...
Pasqual Ferry½
Infos and statsTippy-Toe
Reprinted in ...
Matt Haley½
Infos and statsValkyrior Steeds
Reprinted in ...
Walter Simonson, Arthur Adams½
Infos and statsWatchdog
Reprinted in ...
John Romita Jr., Jae Lee½
Infos and statsZar
Reprinted in ...
Ben Thompson½
Infos and statsAppendix: Cowboy Horses of the Old West:
Arab - Steed of Ringo Kid; Ringo Kid Western #2
Arrow - Steed of Arizona Kid; Arizona Kid #1
Banshee - Steed of Phantom Rider; The Ghost Rider (Western Hero) #1
Black - Steed of Gunhawk Western; Western Gunfighters (I) #1
Blaze - Steed of Red Larabee; The Gunhawk #12
Blazer - Steed of Outlaw Kid; Outlaw Kid (I) #10
Chipper - Steed of Hurricane; Marvel Westerns: Western Legends #1
Cloud - Steed of Lobo; Tex Morgan #1
Eagle - Steed of Matt Slade; Matt Slade, Gunfighter #1
Eagle - Steed of Arrowhead; Arrowhead #1
Fury - Steed of Prairie Kid; Wild Western #12
Fury - Steed of Tex Taylor; Wild West #1
Fury - Steed of Red Hawkins; Wild Western #13
Lightning - Steed of Masked Rider; Marvel Comics #1
Lightning - Steed of Tex Morgan; Tex Morgan #1
Midnight - Steed of Blaze Carson; Blaze Carson #1
Nightwind - Steed of Apache Kid; Apache Kid #53
Nightwind - Steed of Rawhide Kid; The Rawhide Kid (I) #17
Satan/Chabod - Steed of Black Rider; All Western Winners #2
Spot - Steed of Texas Kid; Daring Mystery Comics #1
Steel - Steed of Kid Colt; Kid Colt (I) #1
Thunder - Steed of Outlaw Kid; Outlaw Kid (I) #1
Thunder - Steed of Texas Kid; Texas Kid #1
Thunder - Steed of Two-Gun Kid; Two-Gun Kid #60
Tin - Steed of Steam Rider; Amazing Fantasy (III) #20
Warrior - Steed of Rex Hart; Rex Hart #6
Whirlwind - Steed of Tex Dawson; Western Kid (I) #1
White Wing - Steed of Red Warrior; Red Warrior #1
Reprinted in ...
Infos and statsAppendix: Miscellaneous Pets:
Accolon: Eagle, pet of Morgan Le Fay; Iron Man (I) #150
Agamemnon: Dog (deceased), pet of Elektra Natchios; Elektra: Root of Evil #3
Amos: Cat, pet of Max Yadow; Thor (I) #309
Ananta: Snake, pet of Shanna; Rampaging Hulk (I) #9
Atlan: Dolphin (deceased), member of Conspiracy; Rampaging Hulk (I) #8
Balu: Tiger, pet of Trojak; Daring Mystery Comics #2
Bambi: Deer, possessed by Chondu the Mystic; The Defenders (I) #31
Barker: Dog, pet of Caryn Earle; Peter Parker Spider-Man (II) #30
Barko: Dog, member of Confederates of the Curious; The Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1
Barretta: Bird, pet of Tatiana Caban; NYX (I) #4
Benjamin: Cat, (Earth-148611), pet of Kathy Ling; Psi-Force #4
Bingo: Dog, pet of James MacKenzie; X-Men Unlimited (I) #48
Boromir: Horse, steed of Thundersword; Secret Wars II #1
Brad: Giant snake, servant of Amanda Sefton; Nightcrawler (III) #2
Butter Rum: Horse (deceased), pet of Angelica Jones; Firestar (I) #2
Casey: Dog, pet of Glenn Herdling; What If? (II) #31
Cat: Cat, pet of Shang-Chi; Master of Kung Fu (I) #38
Cat: Cat, pet of Night Raven; Night Raven House of Cards (Graphic Novel) (Marvel UK)
Cerberus: Wolf/Dog, pet of O.Z. Chase; Dazzler (I) #38
Charlie: Cat, pet of Howard the Duck; Howard the Duck (II) #1
Chewie: Cat (Earth-58163), pet of Carol Danvers; Ms. Marvel (II) #4
Chi-Chee: Chimpanzee, pet of Warlock; Warlock (IV) #1
Clea: Cat, pet of Vincent Stevens; Doctor Strange (II) #62
Cleopatra: Cat, pet of the Roman; Wolverine (II) #183
Colonel Pterodactylee: Miniature Pterodactyl, pet of Nightcrawler; Special Edition X-Men #1
Coyote: Cat, pet of James Proudstar; X-Force (I) #-1
Crowley: Cat (Earth-712), familiar of Arcanna Jones; Squadron Supreme (I) #1
Dawg: Dog (deceased), pet of Ezekial Tork; Man-Thing (I) #9
Dempsey: Dog (deaceased), pet of Herbert Wyndham; Thor (I) #135
Dr. Watson: Chimpanzee, pet of Terry Vance; Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #10
Drogs: Extraterrestrial mounts, steeds of Lunatik; Cosmic Powers Unlimited #3
Duke: Dog, pet of Barbara Norriss; The Defenders (I) #21
Exiter: Cat (deceased), familiar of Satana; The Haunt of Horror (I) #2
Felina: Giant cat, pet of Leanne; Ka-Zar the Savage #1
Figaro: Cat, pet of Sam Wilson; Captain America (I) #137
Figaro: Cat (Earth-148611), pet of Angie Tensen; Justice #26
Fluffy: Cat, pet of Randy Robertson; The Amazing Spider-Man (II) #27
Frankie: Dog, pet of "Joan the Mouse"; The Punisher (IV) #19
Fur-Person; Cat, pet of Samson Scythe; Captain America Annual (I) #5
Gorlion: Gorilla/Lion, pet of the Ancient One; Amazing Adventures (I) #1
Greymalkin: Cat, pet of Sarah Mumford; Hulk (I) #1
Gyre: Robot hawk (destroyed), pet of Lure; Gun Runner (Marvel UK) #4
Hank: Dog, pet of Shatter; Morlocks #2
Hamarkis: Eagle, pet of Ashake; The New Mutants (I) #32
Horus: Falcon (deceased), pet of Anubis the Jacakal; Moon Knight (I) #1
Igor: Cat: pet of Gary and Susan Daley; Tower of Shadows #4
Jade: Leopard (deceased), pet of Shanna; Marvel Comics Presents (I) #68
Jager: Dog, pet of Karl Lykos; X-Men (I) #60
Josie: Cat, pet of Pepper Potts; Iron Man: The Iron Age #1
Karia: Giant Lizard, steed of Arkon; Avengers (I) #358
Khan: Tiger (deceased), pet of Yi Yang; Hulk (I) #17
Kevin: Moldy cheese, pet of Peter Parker; Peter Parker Spider-Man (II) #21
Killraven's Serpent Horse: Earth-691; Amazing Adventures (I) #26
L-10: Robot Lion (Earth-1119), destroyed; Black Panther's pet; Exiles (II) #1
Lad: Dog, pet of Bruce Banner; The Incredible Hulk (II) #219
Lightning: Dog, pet of Tex Dawson; Western Kid (I) #1
Lord Hawk's Hawk: Robot Hawk; Captain Britain (I) (Marvel UK) #27
Luna: Cat, pet of Vincent Stevens; Dr. Strange Annual (I) #4
Lupe: Wolf, pet of Vortigen; Hulk (I) #6
Machino: Robot dog, pet of Anelle; Captain Marvel (I) #2
Maguire: Robot cat, pet of Mad Jack; Spectacular Spider-Man (I) #242
Matilda: Snake (deceased), pet of Venomm; Black Panther: Black Panther Panther's Prey #2
Max: Dog, pet of Cindy Lou; Thor (I) #444
Mikki: Chimpanzee, pet of Lorna; Lorna the Jungle Queen #1
Monstro: Giant Ape, former circus performer; Journey into Mystery (I) #54
Muffin: Dog, pet of Ray Coffin; Micronauts (I) #2
Nancy: Horse, pet of Two-Gun Kid; Marvel Tales (I) #100
Nebuchadnezzar: Rat, familiar of Cyrus Black; The Defenders (I) #6
Nightmare Owl: Demon owl, pet of Nightmare; Nightmare #2
Nosey: Ferret, pet of the Ferret; Marvel Mystery Comics (I) #4
Orion: Dog, pet of Truthsayer; Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins #16
Pallas: Owl, pet of Athena; Incredible Hercules #115
Parsival: Dog, pet of Howard the Duck; Howard the Duck (II) #1
Peanut: Dog (deceased), pet of Vic Martinelli; Iron Man (I) #146
Pet Vulture: Vulture, pet of Death's Head; Doctor Who (Marvel UK) #140
Phix: Cat, familiar of Ashake; The New Mutants (I) #32
Puggins: Dog, pet of Kathy Dare; Iron Man (I) #234
Pumpkin: Cat, pet of Angelica Jones; Firestar (I) #1
Rambo: Dog, pet of Rick Sheridan; Sleepwalker #1
Ranger: Horse, steed of Red Wolf; Marvel Super-Heroes (III) #2
Rangoo: Chimpanzee, pet of Tigerman; Daring Mystery Comics #6
Rex: Robot Dog (destroyed), pet of Ultron; Blackwulf #3
Ridge-Runner: Cougar (deceased), pet of Danielle Moonstar; Marvel Graphic Novel #4
Roger: Giant Snake, servant of Amanda Sefton; Nightcrawler (III) #2
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Fish (deceased), pets of She-Hulk; She-Hulk (I) #9
Rusty: Robot horse, steed of Shabby Allus; Captain Marvel (I) #42
Sabre: Dog (deceased), pet of Angela Cleaver; Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty
Scratch: Dog (Earth-5555), pet of Scavenger; Dragon's Claws (Marvel UK) #1
Shadow-Hound/Laelaps: Dog, pet of the Huntsman; Ka-Zar (II) #1
Sheba: Wolf, pet of Shanna; X-Men Unlimited (I) #48
Silverhoof: Horse, steed of Balder; Thor (I) #344
Sirius: Dog (deceased), pet of Douglas family; The Incredible Hulk (II) #294
Skeeter: Cat, pet of Tatiana Caban; NYX (I) #4
Snowstar: Dog, pet of Glazier; The Incredible Hulk (II) #262
Socrates: Dog, pet of Pepper Hogan; Iron Man (III) #2
Socrates: Dog, pet of Zuras; Eternals (III) #5
Splatt: Cat, pet of Roadkill; Doctor Strange (II) #38
Spot: Dog, pet of John Warren; Journey into Mystery (I) #57
Sturky: Artificial being, pet of Bereet; The Incredible Hulk (II) #269
Tabby: Cat, pet of Henry Pym; Tales to Astonish (I) #65
Tao: Cat, pet of Lin Sun; Deadly Hands of Kung Fu (I) #9
Teena: spider (deceased), pet of Black Talon; Young Allies Comics #2
Thunder: Horse, steed of Major Mapleleaf; Alpha Flight (III) #1
Trajah: Elephant, ally of Ka-Zar; Marvel Comics #1
Tula: Panther (deceased), pet of Dr. Agony; Captain America Comics #37
Ubbu: Imp, pet of Shazana; Strange Tales (I) #133
Yeager: Dog, pet of Hal Chandler; The Incredible Hulk (II) #251
Zoroaster: Spider (deceased), pet of Diabolique; Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins #10
Reprinted in ...



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