X (misc.)

Gambit and the X-Ternals (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Calibre (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Universe (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Nation 20991996
X-Patrol (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1996
Exciting X-Patrol (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1997
X-Tinction Agenda2015
X-Campus TPB2011
X-Women TPB2013
X-Tinction Agenda: Warzones! TPB2016

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X of Swords

X of Swords: Creation2020
X of Swords Handbook2020
X of Swords: Stasis2020
X of Swords: Destruction2021
X of Swords (HC)2021


Captain Universe/X-232006
X-23: Target X2007
X-23 (II)2010
X-23 (III)2010-2012
X-23 (IV)2018-2019
Marvel Must Haves: NYX #1-32005
Marvel Must Haves: NYX #4-52005
NYX/X-23 (HC)2005
X-23 TPB: Innocence Lost2006
X-23 TPB: Target X2007
Daken/X-23 Premiere (HC): Collision2011
X-23: Innocence Lost Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
X-23: Killing Dream Must Haves2011
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.1: The Killing Dream2011
X-23 TPB (I) vol.1: The Killing Dream2011
Daken/X-23 TPB: Collision2012
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.2: Chaos Theory2012
X-23 Premiere (HC) vol.3: Don't Look Back2012
X-23 TPB (I) vol.2: Chaos Theory2012
X-23 TPB (I) vol.3: Don't Look Back2013
X-23 TPB: The Complete Collection2016-2017
True Believers: All-New Wolverine (Laura Kinney)2017
True Believers: Wolverine - X-23 (Laura Kinney)2017
X-23 TPB (II) vol.1: Family Album2019
X-23 TPB (II) vol.2: X-Assassin2019

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All-New Wolverine series
X-23 (Laura Kinney) as member of X-Force


Pint-Sized X-Babies1998
X-Babies: Murderama1998
X-Babies Reborn2000
A-Babies vs. X-Babies2012
X-Babies Classic GN-TPB2010
X-Babies GN-TPB: Stars Reborn2010

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Little Marvel series


X-Factor (I)1986-1998
X-Factor Annual1986-1994
Fallen Angels1987
X-Factor: Prisoner of Love1990
Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadowgames1994
Factor X (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Factor (II)2002
X-Factor (III)2006-2009
X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead2008
X-Factor Special: Layla Miller2008
Nation X: X-Factor2010
X-Factor (IV)2010-2013
X-Factor Forever2010
X-Factor Forever Saga (Digital Comic)2010
All-New X-Factor2014-2015
X-Factor (V) (X-Factor IV)2020-2021
Essential X-Factor2006-2013
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Longest Night2006
X-Factor Visionaries TPB: Peter David2006-2008
Civil War TPB: X-Men Universe2007
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Life and Death Matters2007
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Many Lives of Madrox2007
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.1: The Longest Night2007
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.2: Life and Death Matters2007
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Heart of Ice2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Madrox - Multiple Choice2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): The Only Game in Town2008
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.3: Many Lives of Madrox2008
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.4: Heart of Ice2008
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Secret Invasion2009
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Time and a Half2009
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.5: Only Game in Town2009
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.6: Secret Invasion2009
X-Factor Forever TPB2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Invisible Woman has Vanished2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Overtime2010
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Second Coming2010
X-Factor TPB (II)2010
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.7: Time and a Half2010
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.8: Overtime2010
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.9: Invisible Woman Has Vanished2010
X-Factor (HC): Original Sins2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Happenings in Vegas2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Hard Labor2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Scar Tissue2011
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.10: Second Coming2011
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.11: Happenings in Vegas2011
X-Factor Premiere (HC): Super Unnatural2012
X-Factor Premiere (HC): They Keep Killing Madrox2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.12: Scar Tissue2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.13: Hard Labor2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.14: Super Unnatural2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.15: They Keep Killing Madrox2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.16: Together Again for the First Time2012
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.17: The Road to Redemption2013
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.18: Breaking Points2013
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.19: Short Stories2013
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.20: Hell on Earth War2013
All-New X-Factor TPB vol.1: Not Brand X2014
All-New X-Factor TPB vol.2: Change of Decay2014
X-Factor TPB (I) vol.21: The End of X-Factor2014
X-Factor TPB By Peter David: The Complete Collection2014
All-New X-Factor TPB vol.3: Axis2015
X-Factor TPB: Genesis and Apocalypse2016
X-Factor Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Genesis and Apocalypse2017
X-Factor Epic Collection TPB vol.7: All-New, All-Different X-Factor2019
X-Factor Epic Collection TPB vol.8: X-Aminations2019
X-Factor (Facsimile Edition)2019
X-Factor Epic Collection TPB vol.3: Angel of Death2021
X-Factor TPB By Leah Williams2021

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Iceman solo series
Longshot solo series
Madrox solo series
Mystique solo series
Phoenix (Jean Grey) solo series
Quicksilver solo series
Sabretooth solo series
Strong Guy solo series


X-Force (I)1991-2002
X-Force Annual (I)1992-1994
X-Force/Cable Annual '951995
X-Force/Cable Annual '961996
X-Force/Youngblood (Image Comics / Marvel)1996
X-Patrol (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1996
Youngblood/X-Force (Image Comics / Marvel)1996
Exciting X-Patrol (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1997
X-Force/Cable Annual '971997
X-Force/Champions Annual '981998
X-Force Annual '991999
X-Force (II)2004-2005
X-Force: Shatterstar (I)2005
X-Force (III)2008-2010
X-Force Special: Ain't No Dog2008
X-Force/Cable: Messiah War2009
Uncanny X-Force (I)2010-2013
X-Force Annual (II)2010
X-Force: Sex and Violence2010
Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force2011
Cable and X-Force2013-2014
Cable and X-Force Classic TPB2013
Fantomex Max2013-2014
Uncanny X-Force (II)2013-2014
Deadpool vs. X-Force2014
X-Force (IV) (X-Force VI)2014-2015
Shatterstar (II)2018-2019
X-Force (V)2019
X-Force (VI)2020-2021
X-Force Megazine1996
X-Force (I) Rough Cut2000
X-Force TPB (I)2001
X-Force TPB: Big Guns2004
X-Force and Cable TPB: The Legend Returns2005
X-Force TPB: Shatterstar2005
Counter X TPB2008-2009
X-Force: Legacy of Vengeance2008
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.1: Angels and Demons2008
Marvel Must Haves: X-Force #1-32009
X-Force/Cable (HC): Messiah War2009
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.2: Old Ghosts2009
X-Force TPB (II) vol.1: Angels and Demons2009
X-Force TPB (II) vol.2: Old Ghosts2009
Hulk Premiere (HC) vol.4: Hulk vs. X-Force2010
Hulk TPB (I) vol.4: Hulk vs. X-Force2010
X-Force/Cable TPB: Messiah War2010
X-Force (HC)2010-2012
X-Force Premiere (HC) vol.3: Not Forgotten2010
X-Force TPB (II) vol.3: Not Forgotten2010
Uncanny X-Force: The Apocalypse Solution Must Have2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Apocalypse Solution2011
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Deathlok Nation2011
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.1: The Apocalypse Solution2011
X-Force: Angels and Demons Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
X-Force Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): Cable and the New Mutants2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): A Force to be Reckoned With2011
X-Force Premiere (HC): Under the Gun2011
X-Force: Sex and Violence (HC)2011
X-Force TPB: The Apocalypse Solution2011
X-Force TPB: Sex and Violence2011
Counter X: X-Force TPB - Rage War2012
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Force / The Deep2012
Fear Itself TPB: Uncanny X-Force / The Deep2012
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): The Dark Angel Saga2012
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Final Execution2012-2013
Uncanny X-Force Premiere (HC): Otherworld2012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.2: Deathlok Nation2012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.3: The Dark Angel Saga Book 12012
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.4: The Dark Angel Saga Book 22012
X-Force Premiere (HC): Assault on Graymalkin2012
X-Force Premiere (HC): Child's Play2012
X-Force Premiere (HC): Toy Soldiers2012
X-Force TPB: Necrosha2012
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.1: Wanted2013
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.2: Dead or Alive2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.1: Let It Bleed2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.5: Otherworld2013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.6: Final Execution Book 12013
Uncanny X-Force TPB (I) vol.7: Final Execution Book 22013
X-Force Omnibus (HC)2013
X-Force Premiere (HC): Phalanx Covenant2013
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.3: This Won't End Well2014
Cable and X-Force TPB vol.4: Vendettas2014
Fantomex Max TPB2014
New Mutants/X-Force TPB: Demon Bear2014
Uncanny X-Force Omnibus (HC) By Rick Remender2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.2: And Then There Were Three2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB (II) vol.3: The Great Corruption2014
Uncanny X-Force TPB By Rick Remender: The Complete Collection2014-2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.1: Dirty/Tricks2014
X-Force TPB By Craig Kyle and Chris Yost: The Complete Collection2014
Deadpool vs. X-Force TPB2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.2: Hide/Fear2015
X-Force TPB (III) vol.3: Ends/Means2015
Deadpool and X-Force Omnibus (HC)2017
True Believers: X-Force2017
X-Force Epic Collection TPB vol.1: Under the Gun2017
Cable and X-Force TPB: Onslaught Rising2018
Cable and X-Force Omnibus (HC)2019
Cable and X-Force TPB: Onslaught!2019
Shatterstar TPB: Reality Star2019
X-Force TPB (IV) vol.1: Sins of the Past2019
X-Force TPB (IV) vol.2: The Counterfeit King2019
X-Force Director's Cut Edition2020
X-Force Epic Collection TPB vol.2: X-Cutioner's Song2020
X-Force TPB By Benjamin Percy2020-2021

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X-23 solo series


X-Man Annual '961996
X-Man: All Saints' Day1997
X-Man Annual '971997
X-Man/Incredible Hulk Annual '981998
The Avengers Vs The X-Men2012
Ultimate X-Man1995
X-Man TPB: The Man Who Fell to Earth2012
Counter-X: X-Man TPB: Fearful Symmetries2013
X-Man TPB: Dance With the Devil2013

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Age of Apocalypse series
Age of X-Man
X-Man (Nate Grey) as member of the New Mutants

All-New X-Men

All-New X-Men (I)2013-2015
All-New X-Men Special2013
All-New Marvel Now! All-New X-Men2014
All-New X-Men Annual (I)2015
All-New X-Men (II)2016-2017
All-New X-Men Annual (II)2017
All-New X-Men (Monsters Unleashed One Shot)2017
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.1: Yesterday's X-Men2013
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.2: Here to Stay2013
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.3: Out of Their Depth2013
All-New X-Men (HC)2014-2016
All-New X-Men/Indestructible Hulk/Superior Spider-Man TPB: The Arms of the Octopus2014
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.4: All-Different2014
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.5: One Down2014
All-New X-Men TPB vol.1: Yesterday's X-Men2014
All-New X-Men TPB vol.2: Here To Stay2014
All-New X-Men TPB vol.3: Out of Their Depth2014
Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men Premiere (HC): The Trial of Jean Grey2014
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.6: The Ultimate Adventure2015
All-New X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.7: The Utopians2015
All-New X-Men TPB vol.4: All-Different2015
All-New X-Men TPB vol.5: One Down2015
Guardians of the Galaxy / All-New X-Men TPB: The Trial of Jean Grey2015
All-New X-Men TPB vol.6: The Ultimate Adventure2016
All-New X-Men TPB vol.7: The Utopians2016
All-New X-Men TPB: Inevitable vol.1: Ghosts of Clyclops2016
All-New X-Men TPB: Inevitable vol.2: Apocalypse Wars2016
All-New X-Men TPB: Inevitable vol.3: Hell Hath So Much Fury2017
All-New X-Men TPB: Inevitable vol.4: IVX2017

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Astonishing X-Men

Astonishing X-Men (I) (Age of Apocalypse)1995
Astonishing X-Men (II)1999
Astonishing X-Men (III)2004-2013
Astonishing X-Men Saga2006
Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes2008-2009
Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook2008
Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men2008
Astonishing X-Men/Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet Sketchbook2009
What If? Astonishing X-Men2010
Astonishing X-Men (HC): Gifted (Prose Novel)2012
Astonishing X-Men Annual (I)2013
Astonishing X-Men PB: Gifted (Prose Novel)2013
Astonishing X-Men (IV)2017-2019
Astonishing X-Men Annual (II)2018
Astonishing X-Men TPB: Deathwish2000
Astonishing X-Men Director's Cut2004
Marvel Must Haves: Astonishing X-Men 1-32004
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.1: Gifted2005
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.2: Dangerous2005
Astonishing X-Men (HC)2006-2009
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.3: Torn2007
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.4: Unstoppable2008
Astonishing X-Men Omnibus (HC) By Joss Whedon and John Cassaday2009
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Ghost Boxes2009
Marvel Saga TPB: Astonishing X-Men, Squadron Supreme, Runaways2009
Astonishing X-Men GN-HC: Gifted (with Motion Comic DVD)2010
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Exogenetic2010
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.5: Ghost Box2010
Astonishing X-Men Marvel's Greatest Comics2011
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.6: Exogenetic2011
Astonishing X-Men (HC): Northstar2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Children of the Brood2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Exalted2012
Astonishing X-Men Premiere (HC): Monstrous2012
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.7: Monstrous2012
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.8: Children of the Brood2012
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.9: Exalted2012
Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection TPB By Joss Whedon and John Cassaday2012
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.10: Northstar2013
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.11: Weaponized2013
Astonishing X-Men TPB (I) vol.12: Unmasked2014
True Believers: Astonishing X-Men2017
Astonishing X-Men TPB By Charles Soule vol.1: Life of X2018
Astonishing X-Men TPB By Charles Soule vol.2: A Man Called X2018
Astonishing X-Men TPB By Matthew Rosenberg vol.1: Until Our Hearts Stop2019
Astonishing X-Men TPB: Companion2020
Astonishing X-Men (HC): Gifted (Marvel Select)2021

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Other X-Men series

New X-Men

New X-Men (I)1991-2012
New X-Men Annual 20012001
New X-Men (HC)2002-2004
New X-Men TPB vol.1: E is for Extinction2002
New X-Men TPB vol.2: Imperial2002
Marvel Must Haves: New X-Men #114-1162003
New X-Men TPB vol.3: New Worlds2003
New X-Men TPB vol.4: Riot at Xaviers2003
New X-Men TPB vol.5: Assault on Weapon Plus2003
New X-Men TPB vol.6: Planet X2004
New X-Men TPB vol.7: Here Comes Tomorrow2004
New X-Men Omnibus (HC)2007
New X-Men TPB By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection2008-2009
New X-Men Marvel's Greatest Comics2010
New X-Men GN-TPB By Grant Morrison2011-2012
New X-Men TPB: Childhood's End - The Complete Collection2019
New X-Men TPB Companion2019

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Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men (I)1963-2011
Uncanny X-Men Annual (I)1970-1994
Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans (DC Comics / Marvel)1982
Uncanny X-Men Annual '951995
The Uncanny X-Men Annual '961996
The Uncanny X-Men Annual '971997
Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual '981998
Uncanny X-Men Annual '991999
Uncanny X-Men Annual 20002001
Uncanny X-Men Annual 20012001
Uncanny X-Men Annual (II)2006-2011
Marvel Spotlight: Uncanny X-Men 500 Issues Celebration2008
Uncanny X-Men 500 Issues Poster Book2008
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus2009
Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia2009
Uncanny X-Men: First Class2009-2010
Uncanny X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special2009
Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age2010
Uncanny X-Men (II)2012
Uncanny X-Men (III)2013-2015
Uncanny X-Men Special2014
Uncanny X-Men Annual (III)2015
Uncanny X-Men (IV)2016
Uncanny X-Men (V)2016-2017
Uncanny X-Men Annual (IV)2017
Secrets of Uncanny X-Men2019
Uncanny X-Men (VI)2019
Uncanny X-Men 3D2019
Uncanny X-Men Annual (V)2019
Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End2019
War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men2019
The Uncanny X-Men Winter Special (Marvel UK)1982
The Uncanny X-Men TPB1984
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men (HC)1989-1993
Uncanny X-Men TPB: From the Ashes1990
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Days of Future Past1992
Spider-Man and the Uncanny X-Men TPB1996
Essential Uncanny X-Men1999-2009
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Poptopia2001
Uncanny X-Men Wizard Ace Edition (Wizard Publication)2002
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.1: Hope2003
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.2: Dominant Species2003
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.3: Holy War2003
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men 2nd Edition (HC)2004-2020
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.4: The Draco2004
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.5: She Lies With Angels2004
Uncanny X-Men TPB (I) vol.6: Bright New Mourning2004
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age TPB vol.1: The End of History2005
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age TPB vol.2: The Cruelest Cut2005
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age TPB vol.3: On Ice2005
House of M TPB: Uncanny X-Men2006
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age TPB vol.4: End of Greys2006
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age TPB vol.5: First Foursaken2006
The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus (HC)2006-2016
Uncanny X-Men (HC): Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire2007
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Divided We Stand2008
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Extremists2008
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire2008
Uncanny X-Men (HC): Manifest Destiny2009
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Lovelorn2009
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Manifest Destiny2009
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Sisterhood2009
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men TPB2010-2012
Uncanny X-Men: First Class GN-TPB: Hated and Feared2010
Uncanny X-Men: First Class GN-TPB: Knights of Hykon2010
Uncanny X-Men GN-TPB: Official Index to the Marvel Universe2011
Uncanny X-Men TPB: 535-5392011
Uncanny X-Men TPB: The Birth of Generation Hope2011
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Breaking Point2011
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Quarantine2011
Fear Itself Premiere (HC): Uncanny X-Men2012
Fear Itself TPB: Uncanny X-Men2012
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) By Kieron Gillen2012-2013
Uncanny X-Men TPB By Kieron Gillen2012-2013
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.1: Revolution2013
Uncanny X-Men TPB By Matt Fraction: The Complete Collection2013
Uncanny X-Men / Iron Man / Nova TPB: No End in Sight (Sam Alexander)2014
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.2: Broken2014
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.3: The Good, the Bad, the Inhuman2014
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.4: Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2014
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.1: Revolution2014
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.2: Broken2014
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.5: The Omega Mutant2015
Uncanny X-Men Premiere (HC) vol.6: Storyville2015
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.3: The Good, the Bad, the Inhuman2015
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.4: Vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.2015
Uncanny X-Men (HC)2016
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.5: The Omega Mutant2016
Uncanny X-Men TPB (II) vol.6: Storyville2016
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Superior vol.1: Survival of the Fittest2016
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Superior vol.2: Apocalypse Wars2016
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Superior vol.3: Waking From the Dream2017
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Superior vol.4: IVX2017
Uncanny X-Men TPB: Cyclops and Wolverine2019
Uncanny X-Men TPB By Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection2019-2020
Uncanny X-Men TPB: X-Men Disassembled2019
War of the Realms TPB Uncanny X-Men2019
Uncanny X-Men (HC): X-Men Disassembled2020
Uncanny X-Men: The Variant Covers (Digital Exclusive Comic)2020

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X-Men (I)1963-2011
X-Men Annual (I)1970-1994
Giant-Size X-Men1975-2005
Obnoxio the Clown vs. X-Men1983
Uncanny X-Men At the State Fair of Texas1983
Heroes for Hope starring X-Men1985
X-Men/Alpha Flight (I)1985-1986
Fantastic Four vs. X-Men1987
The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (I)1987-1988
The X-Men vs. the Avengers1987
X-Men Animation Special Graphic Novel1990
X-Men (II)1991-2012
X-Men Legacy (I)1991-2012
Excalibur vs. the X-Men Special Edition1992
X-Men Annual (II)1992-1994
X-Men Look and Find (Book)1992
X-Men Poster Magazine1992
Stryfe's Strike File1993
Wizard: X-Men Turn Thirty (Wizard Publication)1993
X-Men Anniversary Magazine (A Marvel Age Special)1993
The X-Men Collector's Edition (Premium Giveaway) (Pizza Hut / Marvel)1993
The X-Men Premium Edition (Limited Edition) (Toys'R'Us / Marvel)1993
X-Men Survival Guide to the Mansion1993
X-Men Unlimited (I)1993-2003
Marvel X-Men Collection1994
The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (II)1994
X-Men Ashcan (Age of Apocalypse)1994
X-Men Ashcan Edition1994
X-Men: Missing Mutant Mystery - The Coming of Triplikill1994
X-Men: The Ultra Collection1994-1995
X-Men: The Wedding Album1994
All New Exiles vs. the X-Men (Malibu Comics / Marvel)1995
Amazing X-Men (Age of Apocalypse)1995
Professor Xavier and the X-Men1995-1997
X-Men Alpha (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Men Annual '951995
X-Men Books of Askani1995
X-Men Chronicles (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Men Omega (Age of Apocalypse)1995
X-Men Prime (I)1995
X-Men Ultra III Preview1995
X-Men: Year of the Mutants Collectors' Preview1995
Hot Shots: X-Men1996
JLX (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1996
Onslaught: X-Men1996
Star Trek/X-Men (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1996
Xavier Institute Alumni Yearbook1996
X-Men Annual '961996
X-Men: ClanDestine1996
X-Men: Road to Onslaught1996
X-Men vs. the Brood1996
JLX Unleashed (Amalgam (DC/Marvel))1997
Psylocke/Archangel Crimson Dawn1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men The Golden Age (Image Comics / Marvel)1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Modern Age (Image Comics / Marvel)1997
WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Silver Age (Image Comics / Marvel)1997
X-Men Annual '971997
Star Trek/X-Men: 2nd Contact (Paramount Comics / Marvel)1998
Wizards Presents Cerebro's Guide to the X-Men (Wizard Publication)1998
Wizard's X-Men Special (I) (Wizard Publication)1998
X-Men ½ (Wizard Publication)1998
X-Men/Alpha Flight (II)1998
X-Men Chromium Classics: Death of the Phoenix1998
X-Men/Dr. Doom Annual '981998
X-Men: Liberators1998-1999
X-Men: The Manga1998-1999
X-Men/WildC.A.T.S.: The Dark Age (Image Comics / Marvel)1998
Team X 20001999
Wizard's X-Men Special (II) (Wizard Publication)1999
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Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men/Dark Ages)2020
Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men/Dark Ages)2020
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X-Men TPB: Worlds Apart2010
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X-Men (HC): X-Tinction Agenda2011
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X-Men Premiere (HC): Fallen Angels2011
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X-Men (HC): Schism2012
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X-Men Premiere (HC): FF2012
X-Men Premiere (HC): Season One2012
X-Men Premiere (HC): War Machines2012
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X-Men TPB: Age of X2012
X-Men TPB: FF2012
X-Men TPB: First to Last2012
X-Men TPB: Prelude to Schism2012
X-Men TPB: Schism2012
X-Men TPB: War Machines2012
X-Men TPB: The Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix2012
X-Men TPB: With Great Power2012
X-Men: X-Club TPB2012
First X-Men Premiere (HC)2013
First X-Men TPB2013
What If? TPB: AVX2013
X-Men TPB: Blank Generation2013
X-Men TPB: The Curse is Broken2013
X-Men TPB: The Fall of the Mutants (II)2013
X-Men TPB: Fallen Angels2013
X-Men TPB: Ghosts2013
X-Men TPB: Reckless Abandonment2013
X-Men TPB: X-Corps2013
X-Men TPB: X-Termination2013
X-Women TPB2013
Young Marvel TPB: Little X-Men, Little Avengers, Big Trouble2013
Amazing X-Men TPB vol.1: The Quest For Nightcrawler2014
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X-Men (HC): Battle of the Atom2014
X-Men (HC): Days of Future Past2014
X-Men (HC): Phalanx Covenant2014
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X-Men TPB vol.2: Muertas2014
X-Men TPB vol.3: Bloodline2014
X-Men TPB: The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix2014
X-Men TPB: Battle of the Atom2014
X-Men TPB: The Road to Onslaught2014-2015
X-Men TPB: A Skinning of Souls2014
X-Men vs. Hulk TPB2014
Amazing X-Men TPB vol.2: World War Wendigo2015
Amazing X-Men TPB vol.3: Once and Future Juggernaut2015
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Giant-Size X-Men 40th Anniversary (HC)2015
Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men (HC): The Black Vortex2015
Spider-Man and the X-Men TPB2015
X-Men '92 (I)2015
X-Men/Avengers: Onslaught Omnibus (HC)2015
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X-Men (HC): Inferno Prologue2015
X-Men TPB vol.4: Exogenous2015
X-Men TPB vol.5: Burning World2015
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse vol.1: Alpha2015
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse vol.2: Reign2015
X-Men TPB: The Hunt for Professor X2015
Civil War Premiere (HC): X-Men2016
Civil War TPB: X-Men (II)2016
Extraordinary X-Men TPB vol.1: X-Haven2016
Extraordinary X-Men TPB vol.2: Apocalypse Wars2016
Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men TPB: The Black Vortex2016
X-Men '92 TPB vol.1: The World is a Vampire2016
X-Men '92: Warzones! TPB2016
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.12: The Gift2016
X-Men: Gambit and Rogue TPB2016
X-Men (HC): Apocalypse Wars2016
X-Men Origins TPB: Gambit2016
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse vol.3: Omega2016
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse vol.4: Dawn2016
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse Twilight2016
X-Men TPB: Bishop's Crossing2016
X-Men TPB: Inferno (II)2016
X-Men TPB: Mutant Genesis 2.02016
X-Men TPB: The Rise of Apocalypse2016
X-Men TPB: The Trial of Gambit2016
X-Men TPB: Worst X-Man Ever2016
X-Men: Years of Future Past TPB2016
Avengers and X-Men TPB: Axis2017
Death of X TPB2017
Extraordinary X-Men TPB vol.3: Kingdoms Fall2017
Extraordinary X-Men TPB vol.4: IVX2017
Inhumans vs X-Men (HC)2017
True Believers: Giant-Size X-Men2017
True Believers: Wolverine and the X-Men2017
True Believers: X-Men2017
True Believers: X-Men Blue2017
True Believers: X-Men Gold2017
X-Men '92 TPB vol.2: Lilapalooza2017
X-Men/Alpha Flight TPB2017
X-Men Classic Omnibus (HC)2017
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.2: Lonely Are the Hunted2017
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.5: Second Genesis2017
X-Men Origins TPB: Firestar2017
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.1: Strangest2017
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.1: Back to Basics2017
X-Men TPB: Inferno Crossovers2017
Inhumans vs. X-Men TPB2018
Venom and X-Men TPB: Poison-X (Edward Brock)2018
X-Men: Cyclops and Phoenix TPB: Past and Future2018
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.3: The Sentinels Live2018
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.19: Mutant Genesis2018
X-Men (HC): Legionquest2018
X-Men (HC): The Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix2018
X-Men Omnibus (HC): Revolution by Chris Claremont2018
X-Men: Phoenix TPB In Darkness By Grant Morrison2018
X-Men Red TPB vol.1: The Hate Machine2018
X-Men TPB: Age of Apocalypse - Termination2018
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.0: Reunion2018
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.2: Toil and Trouble2018
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.3: Cross Time Capers2018
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.4: Cry Havok2018
X-Men TPB: Blue vol.5: Surviving Experience2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.0: Homecoming2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.2: Evil Empires2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.3: Mojo Worldwide2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.4: The Negative Zone War2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.5: Cruel and Unusual2018
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.6: ‘Til Death Do Us Part2018
X-Men TPB: Grand Design2018
X-Men TPB: Grand Design - Second Genesis2018
X-Men TPB: Legion - Shadow King Rising2018
X-Men TPB: The Magneto War2018
Adventures of the X-Men GN-TPB vol.12019
Adventures of the X-Men GN-TPB vol.2: Rites of Passage2019
Extermination TPB2019
Giant-Size X-Men (Facsimile Edition)2019
Marvel Tales: X-Men2019
Mr. and Mrs. X TPB vol.1: Love and Marriage2019
Mr. and Mrs. X TPB vol.2: Gambit and Rogue Forever2019
True Believers: X-Men - Apocalypse2019
True Believers: X-Men - Betsy Braddock2019
True Believers: X-Men - Bishop2019
True Believers: X-Men - Jubilee2019
True Believers: X-Men - Karima Shapandar, Omega Sentinel2019
True Believers: X-Men - Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost2019
True Believers: X-Men - Kwannon2019
True Believers: X-Men - Moira MacTaggert2019
True Believers: X-Men - Pyro2019
True Believers: X-Men - Rictor2019
Uncanny X-Men (Facsimile Edition)2019-2021
X-Men Classic TPB The Complete Collection2019-2020
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.4: It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn2019
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.17: Dissolution and Rebirth2019
X-Men First Class (Infinite Comic)2019
X-Men (HC): Eve of Destruction2019
X-Men (HC) By Roy Thomas and Neal Adams Gallery Edition2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: Dark Phoenix Saga2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: Fall of the Mutants2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: Inferno2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: Mutant Massacre2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: X-Cutioner's Song2019
X-Men Milestones TPB: X-Tinction Agenda2019
X-Men Omnibus (HC): Mutant Massacre2019
X-Men Red TPB vol.2: Waging Peace2019
X-Men Reload TPB By Chris Claremont vol.1: The End of History2019
X-Men TPB: Black2019
X-Men TPB: Gold vol.7: Godwar2019
X-Men TPB: Grand Design - X-Tinction2019
X-Men TPB: Marauders2019
X-Men TPB: Onslaught Aftermath2019
X-Men TPB By Peter Milligan vol.1: Dangerous Liaisons2019
X-Men TPB: Trial of the Juggernaut2019
X-Men TPB: Unstoppable2019
X-Men XXL (HC) By Jim Lee2019
Adventures of the X-Men GN-TPB vol.3: Tooth and Claw2020
Empyre TPB: X-Men2020
Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute to Wein and Cockrum2020
Legends of Marvel TPB: X-Men2020
True Believers: X-Men - Cypher2020
True Believers: X-Men - Empath2020
True Believers: X-Men - Greycrow2020
True Believers: X-Men - Havok2020
True Believers: X-Men - Magik2020
True Believers: X-Men - Mister Sinister2020
True Believers: X-Men - Nanny and Orphan Maker2020
True Believers: X-Men - Saturnyne2020
True Believers: X-Men - Soulsword2020
True Believers: X-Men - Wild Child2020
X-Men/Avengers TPB: Onslaught2020
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.6: Proteus2020
X-Men Facsimile Edition2020
X-Men/Fantastic Four (II) Director's Cut2020
X-Men/Fantastic Four TPB: 4X2020
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Extended Cut2020
X-Men (HC): Children of the Atom Box Set Slipcase2020
X-Men (HC): God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut Gallery Edition2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Age of X2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Fatal Attractions2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Messiah Complex2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Messiah War2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Necrosha2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Onslaught2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Operation Zero Tolerance2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Phalanx Covenant2020
X-Men Milestones TPB: Second Coming2020
X-Men Omnibus (HC): Grand Design2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Bronze Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.1: All-New and All-Different2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Bronze Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.2: Magneto Triumphant2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Bronze Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.3: The Fate of the Phoenix2020
X-Men Premiere (HC) Companion2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): The Lost Years2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Silver Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.1: Gifted Youngsters2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Silver Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.2: Divided We Fall2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Silver Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.3: The Torch is Passed2020
X-Men Premiere (HC): Silver Age (Slipcase Edition) vol.4: Twilight of the Mutants2020
X-Men Reload TPB By Chris Claremont vol.2: House of M2020
X-Men: Shattershot (HC)2020
X-Men: Starjammers TPB By Dave Cockrum2020
X-Men TPB By Jonathan Hickman2020
X-Men TPB: Reloaded2020
X-Men TPB: Summers and Winter2020
X-Men vs. Apocalypse Omnibus (HC): The Twelve2020
Giant-Size X-Men (HC): Tribute to Wein and Cockrum Gallery Edition2021
Giant-Size X-Men TPB By Jonathan Hickman2021
X-Men Epic Collection TPB vol.7: The Fate of the Phoenix2021
X-Men Evolution GN-TPB2021
X-Men Omnibus (HC): Inferno2021

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Avengers and X-Men: Axis series
Beast (Henry McCoy) solo series
Bishop solo series
Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) solo series
Cyclops solo series
Dark X-Men series
Dazzler solo series
Emma Frost solo series
Gambit solo series
Generation Hope series
Havok solo series
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Iceman solo series
Jubilee solo series
Lockheed as member of the Pet Avengers
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Marvel Milestone Editions
Marvel Movie Adaptations and Supplements
New X-Men Academy X series
New X-Men series
New X-Men solo series
Nightcrawler solo series
Phoenix (Jaen Grey, Rachel Summers) solo series
Professor X (Charles Xavier) as member of the Illuminati
Psylocke solo series
Rogue solo series
Shadowcat solo series
Spider-Man/Marrow one shot
Starjammers solo series
Storm solo series
Target X-Men ...
Ultimate X-Men series
Uncanny X-Men series
Wolverine (James Howlett) solo series
Wolverine and the X-Men series
X-Men 2099 series
X-Men Adventures (TV)
X-Men Curse of the Mutants series
X-Men The End
X-Men First Class
X-Men Forever
X-Men Giveaways
X-Men Icons
X-Men Legacy series
X-Men Noir series
X-Men Origins
X-Treme X-Men series

X-Men Adventures

X-Men Adventures (TV) (I)1992-1994
X-Men Adventures (TV) (II)1994-1995
X-Men Adventures (TV) (III)1995-1996
Adventures of the X-Men (TV)1996-1997
X-Men Adventures (TV) TPB1994
X-Men Adventures (TV) TPB: Captive Heart/Slave Island1994
X-Men Adventures (TV) TPB: The Irresistible Force/The Muir Island Saga1994
X-Men Adventures Digest TPB2018

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X-Men Black

X-Men: Black - Emma Frost2018
X-Men: Black - Juggernaut2018
X-Men: Black - Magneto2018
X-Men: Black - Mojo2018
X-Men: Black - Mystique2018

X-Men Curse of the Mutants

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Blade2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Smoke and Blood2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Storm and Gambit2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men vs. Vampires2010
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Spotlight2011
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga2010
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants2011
X-Men Premiere (HC): Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires2011
X-Men TPB: Curse of the Mutants2011
X-Men TPB: Curse of the Mutants - Mutants vs. Vampires2011

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X-Men First Class

X-Men: First Class2006-2007
X-Men: First Class (II)2007-2008
X-Men: First Class Special2007
X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special2008
Uncanny X-Men: First Class2009-2010
Uncanny X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special2009
X-Men: First Class Finals2009
Target X-Men: First Class - New Beginnings (Target / Marvel)2007
X-Men (HC): First Class2007
X-Men: First Class - New Beginnings (Giant-Size Marvel)2008
X-Men: First Class - Tomorrow's Brightest (Giant-Size Marvel) (Canceled)2008
X-Men: First Class TPB - Mutant Mayhem2008
X-Men: First Class TPB - Tomorrow's Brightest2008
X-Men: First Class TPB - Band of Brothers2009
X-Men: First Class TPB - Finals2009
X-Men: First Class TPB - Wonder Years2009
Uncanny X-Men: First Class GN-TPB: Hated and Feared2010
Uncanny X-Men: First Class GN-TPB: Knights of Hykon2010
X-Men: First Class GN-TPB2011
X-Men: First Class GN-TPB Class Portraits2011
X-Men: First Class Magazine2011

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First Class series

X-Men Forever

X-Men Forever (I)2001
X-Men Forever (II)2009-2010
X-Men Forever (III)2010-2011
X-Men Forever Annual2010
X-Men Forever Giant-Size2010
X-Men Forever Alpha2009
X-Men Forever Digital Preview (Digital Comic)2009
X-Men Forever TPB vol.12009
X-Men Forever TPB vol.2: The Secret History of the Sentinels2010
X-Men Forever TPB vol.3: Come to Mother... Russia!2010
X-Men Forever TPB vol.4: Devil in a White Dress2010
X-Men Forever TPB vol.5: Once More... Into the Breach2010
X-Men Forever 3 TPB vol.1: Back in Action2011
X-Men Forever 3 TPB vol.2: Scream a Little Scream2011
X-Men Forever 3 TPB vol.3: Perfect World2011
X-Men Forever TPB vol.62011

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X-Men Icons

Iceman (II)2001-2002
Icons: Cyclops2001-2002
Rogue (II)2001
Nightcrawler (II)2002

X-Men Legacy

X-Men Legacy Annual2009
X-Men Legacy (II)2013-2014
X-Men Legacy (III)2014
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Divided He Stands2008
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Salvage2009
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Sins of the Father2009
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Divided He Stands2009
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Sins of the Father2009
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Emplate2010
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Emplate2010
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Salvage2010
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Aftermath2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Collision2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Lost Legions2011
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Collision2011
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Back to School2012
X-Men: Legacy Premiere (HC): Five Miles South of the Universe2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Aftermath2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Five Miles South of the Universe2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Lost Legions2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Necrosha2012
Avengers vs. X-Men TPB: X-Men Legacy2013
X-Men Legacy TPB vol.1: Prodigal2013
X-Men Legacy TPB vol.2: Invasive Exotics2013
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Back to School2013
X-Men Legacy TPB vol.3: Revenants2014
X-Men Legacy TPB vol.4: For We Are Many2014
X-Men Legacy Omnibus (HC): Legion2017

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X-Men Noir

X-Men Noir2009
X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain2010
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC)2009
X-Men Noir TPB2009
X-Men Noir Premiere (HC): Mark of Cain2010
X-Men Noir GN-TPB: Mark of Cain2011
Marvel Noir TPB: Wolverine and The X-Men2013

X-Men Origins

X-Men Origins: Beast2008
X-Men Origins: Colossus2008
X-Men Origins: Jean Grey2008
X-Men Origins: Gambit2009
X-Men Origins: Sabretooth2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine2009
X-Men Origins: Cyclops2010
X-Men Origins: Deadpool2010
X-Men Origins: Emma Frost2010
X-Men Origins: Iceman2010
X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler2010
X-Men Origins (HC)2009-2011
X-Men Origins TPB2010-2011
X-Men Origins TPB: The Complete Collection2018
X-Men TPB: Uncanny Origins2018

X-Men The End

X-Men: The End (I)2004-2005
X-Men: The End Book One: Dreamers and Demons2004-2005
X-Men: The End (II) - Heroes and Martyrs2005
X-Men: The End (III) - Men and X-Men2006
X-Men: The End TPB vol.1: Dreamers and Demons2005
X-Men: The End TPB vol.2: Heroes and Martyrs2005
X-Men: The End TPB vol.3: Men And X-Men2006
X-Men: The End Trilogy TPB2009

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End Series

X-Treme X-Men

X-Treme X-Men (I)2001-2004
X-Treme X-Men Annual 20012001
X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land2001-2002
X-Treme X-Men X-Posé2003
X-Treme X-Men (II)2012-2013
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.1: Destiny2002
X-Treme X-Men TPB: Savage Land2002
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.2: Invasion2003
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.3: Schism2003
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.4: Mekanix2003
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.5: God Loves, Man Kills2003
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.6: Intifada2004
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.7: Storm - The Arena2004
X-Treme X-Men TPB (I) vol.8: Prisoner of Fire2004
X-Treme X-Men TPB (II) vol.1: Xavier Must Die!2013
X-Treme X-Men TPB (II) vol.2: You Can't Go Home Again2013

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X-Men 2099

X-Men 20991993-1996
X-Men 2099 Special1995
X-Men 2099: Oasis1996
Timestorm: 2009/2099: X-Men One-Shot2009
X-Men 2099 TPB2009

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X-Necrosha: The Gathering2010
New Mutants Premiere (HC): Necrosha2010
New Mutants TPB vol.2: Necrosha2010
X-Necrosha (HC)2010
X-Necrosha TPB2011
X-Force TPB: Necrosha2012
X-Men: Legacy TPB: Necrosha2012


Bishop Xavier Security Enforcer1998


X-Force (I)1991-2002
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl2006
Giant-Size X-Statix2019
X-Force (HC): Famous, Mutant and Mortal2003
X-Force TPB: The Final Chapter2003
X-Statix TPB vol.1: Good Omens2003
X-Statix TPB vol.2: Good Guys and Bad Guys2003
X-Statix TPB vol.3: Back from the Dead2004
X-Statix TPB vol.4: X-Statix vs. the Avengers2005
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl TPB2006
X-Statix Omnibus (HC)2012
X-Statix TPB: The Complete Collection2020

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